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12 simple ways to become more attractive to others.

12 simple ways to become more attractive to others.

1. Smile. Try to smile more often. When you smile on your face, you look more friendly and accessible.

In this case, people are nicer and more comfortable to deal with you. No matter what you feel – smile!

By the way, even if at first you just force yourself to smile, soon you will notice that your mood automatically improves.

2. Watch your hairstyle. Your hair is your crown!

So take care of them. Always keep your head clean and tidy.

Do not forget to get a haircut, it is important primarily for the health of your hair. Even if you want to have long curls, once a couple of months, level your tips.

Video: 100 years of attractiveness in 74 seconds. How the hairstyle and make-up standards have changed over the last 100 years:

3. Watch for hair on your face. Yes Yes!

Looking after a hairdress, many forget about hair on the face. And this is almost as important. Women need to tidy their eyebrows.

Men should not be lazy to shave, and those of them who wear a beard should definitely take care of it and regularly trim it.

4. Wear suitable clothing. Always take care of what you wear. Buy clothes that suit you.

Things out of size — too wide or too tight — make you look weird.

5. Look in the eyes of the interlocutor. If you maintain eye contact properly, the other person will feel important to you.

If you feel embarrassed and shy to look others in the eye, for a start, practice your loved ones. And then spread the rule to look into the eyes and strangers.

6. Move confidently. Stay confident when walking. Do you know how to achieve this?

Keep your body relaxed and your chin up. Look forward, not to your feet while moving.

Awesome video: standards of beauty in different countries of the world on the example of one model:

7. Smell good. No one likes those who smell bad. All your efforts to create attractiveness will fade like smoke if you smell bad.

Observe truths: take a shower every day, use deodorant, brush your teeth. If necessary, use means to destroy bad breath.

But do not overdo it using cologne or toilet water – your partner may be allergic to sharp odors.

8. Be relaxed. Do you always think about what others think of you? This habit must be fought.

Be calm, self-confident and openly communicate with people. In this case, communication will be easier.

Because nervousness repels.

9. Laugh yourself and make others laugh. No wonder that laughter is the best medicine.

When you laugh, people around you feel comfortable. In addition, laughter can make you look more attractive.

Most importantly, if you can make people laugh, you make them happy for even a minute. And then people will communicate with you with pleasure.

12 simple ways to become more attractive to others.

10. Behave openly. Watch the postures you are taking.

If in body language you radiate employment and closeness, then you will be avoided. If you often keep your arms and legs crossed, others will think that you probably don’t want to be disturbed.

But if you look easy and at ease, people will feel comfortable in contact with you.

11. Ask questions. Do not talk all the time about yourself. When you ask for something, people think that you are interested in them and feel important.

But do not confuse casual communication with gossip – do not ask inappropriate questions.

12. Wear bright clothes. Bright colors attract attention.

And while you look more confident. Just be careful not to wear colors that do not match the color of your skin or the atmosphere of the place where you are going.

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