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12 games under the Christmas tree

12 games under the Christmas tree

1. Snowman from semolina

Take a thick sheet of blue or blue paper. Use glue-pencil to draw three circles – a snowman. If you wish, you can draw snowflakes falling from the sky or add snow pens.

While the glue has not dried, take the semolina in the cup so that the baby can pick up a handful. Show that it is necessary to pour the cereal as if you were salting the soup or salad with three fingers. Then blow off the extra semolina.

On paper, a snowman will clearly appear.

You can draw him a bucket, eyes and a carrot. Point to each snowball and loudly and clearly name this figure “Circle!”. Ask the child to show the smallest circle and the largest one.

If the crumb is not yet familiar with these concepts, help him. And you can make another snowman, but on dark, black paper.

On the first page you will have a day, a bright time, on the second – a night.

2. Playing snowball at home

To make ten artificial snowballs you need ten sheets of paper, several packs of cotton wool, starch and plastic film. Make a cool solution of starch, wrinkle a sheet of paper into a tight lump (this can be done with a baby), wrap it with cotton wool and dip it in a ready-made solution. It remains only to dry the “snowballs” on the film or oilcloth near the battery.

As it dries, turn over the snowballs.

3. Gift Bag

Put cubes and balls into a fabric bag or soft bag. Seat toy animals on the couch.

Tell your baby that they are all waiting for gifts. Someone wants to get cubes, and someone wants balls.

Make sure that the crumb easily distinguishes one from the other in appearance. The condition of the game – you can not look into the bag, all the items you need to get to the touch.

For older children, you can use more complex shapes and even the smallest variety of toys.

4. We dress up a Christmas tree

Cut out small Christmas trees from green cardboard and invite the child to dress them up with “toys”. Give the crumbs red and yellow clay, naming the colors, and show how to separate the small pieces and attach them to the Christmas tree.

Cut them out of colored paper and ask your kid to stick pictures from old magazines or postcards. Talk about the items shown in the pictures.

6. Multicolored nuts

Paint your walnuts with your baby for home decoration and holiday games. To do this, mix gouache with white glue.

Give the child one bottle of paint so that he does not mix colors, and be sure to spread a newspaper or oilcloth.

12 games under the Christmas tree

7. New Year’s Concert

The orchestra for the New Year’s concert will consist of all members of the family and guests who want to have fun. The most important musician, of course, will be the baby.

Take rattles, whistles, spoons, a toy drum and everything that can be called even with a stretch of musical instrument.

Make Santa Claus holiday caps for you and your child. Just cut a circle out of paper, roll it into a cone and glue it.

Let the caps be of different size and color. Suggest the child to decorate the caps, sticking multicolored circles or triangles on its taste or having painted them with felt-tip pens.

Arrange the fitting of hats and fancy dresses. If you do not have masks, try to make them yourself too.

The lion mask is interesting to construct, for example, from a disposable paper plate. For the mane, circle the child’s handles on paper, cut a sufficient amount and stick around the plate.

Make cuts for the eyes, draw a nose and attach the elastic to the finished mask.

9. Performance for baby

Prepare a little surprise for your baby. Put on a simple homemade puppet show for him.

Look at what toys you can use and select a famous fairy tale or invent your own story.

10. Who is sitting under the Christmas tree?

Lay out three or four toys of the kid near the Christmas tree. Show them to the child, ask them to turn away or close their eyes and hide one under the Christmas tree.

Ask the child what toy has disappeared? For older children, take four or five toys, for those who are younger, you can not remove, but add a toy.

To show a new one, just appeared, is easier than to name the one that has disappeared.

11. House or den

Make your baby a small house of chairs and blankets. Let the crumb hide there when the blizzard begins or it gets cold.

Last year’s calendar, wall-mounted, desk with pictures or photos for each month and with a kind of table of contents on the last page in the form of duplicate small images of each month. Is there such? Do not throw away!

Cut out small pictures and let the crumb look for exactly the same big ones, leafing through the calendar.

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