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10 tricks to help you choose the right stroller

10 tricks to help you choose the right stroller

Before you start searching for a suitable model, think about which stroller is right for you. What to build on when choosing?

The size and spaciousness of the bed. If it is summer-spring, the larger the dimensions, the better: firstly, it will allow the crumbs to move freely with arms and legs, and secondly, the closer the sides of the cradle are to the baby, the warmer it is, which is not at all relevant in summer. If it is winter-autumn in the yard, then the cradle should provide the baby with protection from wind, cold and rain, and in this case, the warmed sidewalls located close by.

Do not rush to buy a compact model in your opinion. Repeat from the fact that the child should feel comfortable even in winter, when he is wearing a lot of clothes and he is in a voluminous envelope or blanket.

Stroller weight. After pregnancy and childbirth, the mother’s body is too weak to carry a heavy carriage.

How to determine the optimal weight? Before you buy, drive it, lift it up, as if you are trying to drive on the pavement, and you will immediately understand everything. When buying, empty carriages often seem light, and when a child is in full “uniform” in them, mom realizes that she can hardly control such a unit.

Therefore, even in the store you can put something heavy in the stroller. For example, a bag to imagine how much it will weigh when there is a baby and children’s things in it.

  • Super lightweight. These are mainly cane strollers weighing from 3.5 to 6 kg.
  • Lightweight. Weigh from 6 to 9 kg.
  • Heavy and more stable – 8−12 kg.

Upholstery For summer and spring walks, choose light colors — dark ones attract the sun’s rays.

Eco-leather is not suitable for summer – in such a cradle the baby will be unbearably hot. Remember, for a small child, natural breathable fabrics that do not cause allergic reactions and irritation are priorities.

Also, regardless of the season, the outer fabric must be water-repellent, and all parts of the upholstery must be removable for washing.

The presence of a double hood, the lower layer of which is made in the form of a grid, in order to provide additional ventilation for the child in hot weather.

Wheels. An important component of good permeability of the stroller and its stability. The most stable models – with wide or double wheels.

Strollers with small wheels hard to call on the sidewalk. Also the tire itself affects stability. Inflatables travel more smoothly and slip less than regular ones.

However, if you live in an urban setting, the difference in slip will not be very noticeable. But the chances to hit the sharp edge of the curb and puncture the rubber at the inflatable wheels more.

In addition, inflatable wheels periodically deflate, and they need to be pumped up. In the case of a house with an elevator, pay attention to the width of the wheelbase.

Measure your elevator (in the absence of freight) and record the “testimony” of the tape measure.

The presence of shock absorbers. It is desirable that the braking system was not separate on each wheel, but in the form of a strip located between the wheels.

In the event of a malfunction of one wheel, you will avoid damage to the entire brake system.

Reliable frame. The safety cage is provided in all models, except for “transformers”.

It is located under the fabric that covers the stroller body. Ideally, it should be ventilated and made of impact-resistant plastic, especially if you plan to make a winter promenade with your baby.

High landing gear. It will help reduce the impact of exhaust gases on the baby.

For city walks with poor ecology, this is the way out.

Type of “addition”. The majority of carriages develop by the principle of a cane or a book.

The first – compact and lightweight, the second – massive, but more stable. If you have to travel a lot, then pay attention that your chosen stroller easily folds and fits into the car.

Steering wheel. For the convenience of walking, it is important to adjust the “steering wheel” to your height, when the handle is adjustable in height or changes the slope “towards / away from you”.

Check with sellers about possible accessories and options! It can be a raincoat, a mosquito net, a mattress, a warm envelope, a spacious basket for toys, a bag for mother.

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