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10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

“The advice from the field of psychotherapy for those who are too worried about the baby doing everything as it should and quickly. If a child whom you have already begun to teach to the pot, wrote, for example, on the carpet, in no case do not scold him, but once and for all explain yourself this.

First, he still does not understand that this cannot be done and cannot be restrained in an elementary way. And, secondly, well, judge for yourself if you have seen normal adult men who would write to your pants ?! ”

10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

“When my daughter was jealous of her younger brother and asked me to take her hands away from him, I always carried out her request. Milana quickly calmed down, and after five minutes I took Marcel again. The main thing is that at such a moment there should be someone who will sit with the younger, so that he does not cry … “

10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

“A thousand times I was convinced that the saying is true:” We are not rich enough to buy cheap things. ” Moreover, you can not save on the child. And also, not bad when these things are time tested.

Here, for example, paints. When Polina turned 3 years old, and she began to paint consciously, bought her the best watercolor, St. Petersburg.

Yes, dear, but it’s very high quality – it’s just nice to paint, and, moreover, it washes away without problems, unlike Chinese and other paints. ”

10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

“In order to have fewer problems with food, the child should have a clear and consistent place where he eats. His chair, for example. And it is better that the baby sat in it only for eating.

And for games – something else. I sat on a chair – eat! “

10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

“Vlada doesn’t like pieces of carrot, onions and greens in the soup. In order not to abandon them, I grind vegetables in a blender and put them in broth.

Greens, on the contrary, boil with twigs, and then throw them away – and the vitamins remain in the soup. ”

10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

“Many large families practice“ dragging ”among children. And most importantly, correctly present the second-hand thing to the younger one. It is better to tell her “legend” in advance so that he wants to get the thing.

You can tell how an older brother dreamed about her for a long time, how he conquered a hill in her, how he went to some wonderful place … “And very soon you will get it already. You will take care of her too, since she is so magical? “

10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

“My cousin shared the secret of how to avoid jealousy among siblings. It is necessary that the eldest child thought that he is loved.

Exactly at the moment when the very first manifestation of jealousy is possible. And then this problem will disappear by itself. “

10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

“When my daughter did not want to eat porridge in the morning, I decided to offer her a choice: Herculean, buckwheat, or cottage cheese. Sometimes I agreed on the menu in the evening.

And it worked so well that after 3-4 days, she began to say: “Mommy, what you want, then I will eat.” And then I even came up with the saying: “What is, then I will eat!”

10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

“We were repairing behind the wall and when the drill began to work, Margo was frightened and literally froze with fear. We did not explain to the one-year-old child that this uncle was working with a drill, but said that a bee was buzzing behind the wall.

Such a big bee! That the daughter was completely satisfied, she stopped being afraid. ”

10 tips from celebrity parents on parenting

“Often, when, after squeezing my son in my arms, I put him in a bed, Danya woke up again. Then I began to lay him in the heated blanket in which he was in my arms.

And for some time she was leaning over the bed, breathing in his ear so that he would not find a change in his position. ”

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