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10 things to take to the beach

10 things to take to the beach

Ideally, it should protect not only the head from the sun, but also the eyes. So the best choice is a cap with a large visor. She should sit well on her head.

Otherwise, it will either be blown away by a gust of wind, or it will fall when the baby falls apart and will, like a clockwork, run, jump and jump. Also try to make the head-piece bright.

So you can easily distinguish your child in a crowd of other tots.

10 things to take to the beach

In summer for babies this accessory is a must. The most useful are gray or green lenses made of polycarbonate plastic. These colors retain the most natural colors and stress, the material is light and durable, does not scratch and almost does not distort the image.

For high-quality sunglasses always attached liners indicating the level of protection from ultraviolet radiation. For a baby, it is better to choose filters of the 3rd and 4th categories, since they are almost completely protected from ultraviolet radiation.

10 things to take to the beach

In fact, to swim kids up to 3-4 years old is best naked. But if this option is not acceptable for you, remove the bathing suit from the baby immediately after coming out of the water – otherwise wet clothing can provoke, as surprisingly, hypothermia.

In addition, in the wet swimsuit or panties in the game often sand is stuffed, which can cause irritation of children’s genitals.

10 things to take to the beach

They can be thrown after bathing so that the baby warms up. In addition, a T-shirt or dress will protect the delicate skin of the child from the sun’s rays.

After bathing, rinse the baby in the shower to wash off the salt, wipe it with a towel and change into a light T-shirt.

10 things to take to the beach

Protect delicate children’s feet on a pebble beach from sharp pebbles, and on sandy ones – from burning sand and debris (for example, glass fragments). Beach children’s shoes are made from special materials – it is incredibly light and dries quickly.

10 things to take to the beach

To avoid sunburn, delicate baby skin must be protected from the sun with the help of sunscreen. In the middle lane, it is enough to use products with a protective factor of 20-30 units, in the south the protection factor should be 40-50 units.

Many sunscreens begin to act immediately, because they need to be applied to the skin in advance. In addition, after each swim, it is advisable to put them on the skin again.

10 things to take to the beach

Best thirst quench ordinary boiled or mineral non-carbonated water. For children under 3 years old, it is better to take special bottled baby water.

For older children also suitable juices in small packages with a straw. Milk, sour milk drinks, fruit drinks and homemade compotes in the sun quickly sour, so you can take them with you only in the cooler bag. It is better to forget about sweet carbonated drinks.

It is impossible to quench their thirst, but it is possible to “kill” the appetite. As a result, the baby refuses lunch or snack, which does not benefit the crumbs.

10 things to take to the beach

So that the child does not get hungry, take with you juicy fruits, vegetables and berries. They must be held in advance at least 5 minutes under running water.

In addition, the berries that we eat raw, it is better to pour boiling water to avoid infection. For a snack you can take and drying with cookies. Do not be alarmed if the baby refuses to eat: loss of appetite in the first days at sea is normal.

As soon as the body adapts to new conditions, the baby will begin to eat with prey.

10 things to take to the beach

Do not forget to take with you to the beach a rubber or inflatable ball and a set for playing with sand – a bucket, tins and a spatula or a scoop. They will help to take the baby in between bathing.

In addition, all children love to build castles and whole cities of sand. Scoop or scoop in this case are simply irreplaceable.

10 things to take to the beach

These devices will help your child stay in the water. Children under 7 years old should be worn even if the child can swim.

But parents should clearly know that these are only swimming devices, but in no case rescue equipment. Because you can not let a child in the water alone.

Next to the bathing baby always have parents nearby.

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