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10 popular snack foods that you get fat

10 popular snack foods that you get fat

There are a number of products that we consider, if not useful, then at least harmless to the figure, and therefore practically ideal for snacking. However, they can become a trap and lead to weight gain. But since “it is not difficult to deceive me, I am glad to be deceived myself,” we continue to eat them and – to gain weight.

What are these products?

The nuts contain a lot of fat, and most of them – more than 50%. This means that many loved nuts are very high in calories. Despite the fact that in most nuts – the right fats and useful antioxidants to get the benefit, not extra calories (read – kilograms), you need to eat them carefully.

For example, only three Brazil nuts contain more than 200% of the recommended daily allowance of selenium, as well as 7.8 g of fat and 76.4 kcal. And in one tablespoon – attention! – uncooked peanuts hide 4.5 g of fat and 52.5 kcal.

It turns out that a really healthy snack is no more than 2-4 fragrant nucleoli (by the way, the most useful ones: walnuts and cedar, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios)! Of course, to satisfy the wolf’s hunger in this way will not work – they are too small, crunchy and tasty.

By automatically sending nuts in your mouth for nuts, you are likely to eat them a lot more than planned.

Alternative: add a few chopped nuts to muesli or oatmeal for breakfast – so your body will only benefit from them, not calories.

Possess high specific energy. It is better to eat the whole fruit – it is not only less high-calorie, but also more nutritious, because there are no fibers in the juice.

One glass of freshly squeezed juice contains about 104 kcal, whereas one orange contains half as much. Champion in calories – freshly squeezed pineapple juice (103 kcal in one glass).

In general, nutritionists believe that freshly squeezed drinks from vegetables: cabbage, beet, turnip, radish, spinach are not only fantastic in calories (25-30 Kcal in one glass), but also contribute to the normalization of digestion, as well as lower cholesterol in the blood.

Alternative: if you like fresh juices, dilute them with water at a ratio of 1: 1 and limit yourself to one glass per day.

10 popular snack foods that you get fat

And in one teaspoon of olive oil, and in one teaspoon of butter contains the same amount of fat – 5 grams. Yes, fat in olive oil is more “healthy”, but only for this reason you should not use it in unreasonable quantities and pour it wherever you go. Why?

Yes, because in one teaspoon of olive oil – 41 kcal! How much do we use it for dressing vegetable salad?

At least 2 tablespoons. Count yourself.

Alternative: use olive oil for salad dressing, mixing it in a 1: 1 ratio with balsamic (or any other favorite) vinegar.

Yes, undoubtedly, this is a healthy snack, rich in proteins, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids, but only if the fish “swims” in a jar with fresh or salt water (or in its own juice). It is quite another thing when it comes to tuna or pink salmon in oil.

One small can of fish in oil is equivalent to three tablespoons of fat (and often not very “good”).

Alternative: read the labels on canned salmon jars: canned food should contain omega-3 acids – a source of “healthy” fat. And, of course, no oil!

Muesli bars today produce a wide variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. And this is quite a useful snack.

But we recommend those that are made from wholemeal flour, filled with dried fruit! The best option – a bar with an energy value of less than 143 kcal, fat content – less than 5 grams and sugar – less than 9 grams.

They may just be masked cupcakes. When buying (or making yourself) muffins with fruit and bran, remember that they should have the size of cupcakes (with a small cup), but not more!

Alternative: here is a more healthy recipe for traditional muffin: replace half of the flour indicated in the recipe with raw bran, add more fruit, use skimmed milk, and instead of butter – light polyunsaturated margarine.

Fans of chips can soothe you that they are very thin chips and even not as salty as usual, but only “slightly”. They are usually sold in boxes, look like almost transparent plates, and the “haze” of their surface (compared to conventional chips in bags) creates the impression that there is very little oil in them. Alas, it is deceptive!

Even 50 grams of super-thin chips contain about three teaspoons of fat.

Alternative: chips – a dangerous thing for those who are closely watching their weight. It is useless to look for an equivalent replacement for them – it simply does not exist. Therefore do not suffer in vain and find something more healthy for a snack.

For example, try rice crackers with low-fat cottage cheese or straws of carrots (or celery) with a low-fat dip.

10 popular snack foods that you get fat

… does not mean “lean.” If you see the cherished word “baked” on the label, simply check the fat content per 100 g of product and compare it with other similar edible products.

For example, the fat content of both fried and “baked” crackers can exceed 25% – that is a lot!

Alternative: instead of “baked” crackers (or pies!), Try crisped rice crackers, rye crisps, and similar products with a fat content of less than 5%.

“Caesar” is loved by many of us as a useful substitute for the classic and tasty, but such harmful “Olivier”. One “but”: if lettuce leaves are present in the dish, this does not mean that you eat healthy food.

Classical French dressing, parmesan, fried croutons, and sometimes fat bacon in the moment turn “Caesar” into the enemy for your figure.

Alternative: when cooking Caesar salad, make croutons from coarsely ground bread (dry them in the oven, and do not fry), do not use ready store dressing (when cooking at home, add a minimum of olive oil to it), get around the salad decoration with bacon, shrimps and cedar nuts. And smaller Parmesan cheese – the “king of cheeses” is also very high in calories!

Most sweets are crazy in calories, but because of their sugar content, not fat! Therefore, there is no talk about the “energy value” of the product.

However, if you really really want to eat candy, read the labels and compare the number of calories.

Alternatively, when a sweet craving is irresistible (and you know that today you don’t need it), it’s best to drink a glass of sweetened water, eat a grain loaf with honey or frozen yogurt, chew sugarless gum.

A popular snack among young girls and women (and children, of course, also). Sweet, satisfying, and it seems that he is so small, well, what kind of food is it?

And, starting for dinner, you can safely say “I have eaten almost nothing today, just a pair of glazed cheese curds.” Meanwhile, in one curd cheese contains half the daily intake of fat intake (for a person weighing 65 kg). Thus, having eaten a couple of cheeses during the working day, you fully or almost completely complied with the standard on fats.

So, everything that was eaten in addition to cheese, brought new percentages of your fat “deposits”. Is it necessary to explain that cheap vegetable fats are used in the production of glazed cheese curds?

Alternative: low-fat granulated curd. If you want a sweet one, add a teaspoon of low-calorie jam to it. For incorrigible fans of the taste of cheese with chocolate, a soft low-fat cottage cheese mixed with a teaspoon of ready-made powder for making baby cocoa and a teaspoon of sugar can be an alternative.

Just do not get carried away.

10 popular snack foods that you get fat

Over, to change your need to constantly chew will have to work.

First, analyze your habits. It is necessary to understand exactly when and in what situation you are drawn to a snack. You find yourself thinking that you want to chew when:

  • are reading;
  • watch tv;
  • work at a computer (at home or in the office);
  • in the car while standing in traffic;
  • just walking around the house (for example, talking on the phone).

Secondly, you need to remember exactly when you eat. Here are possible options:

  • you eat full meals or grab something all day, because it’s normal to eat just no time;
  • eat when you feel a special stress or fantastic fatigue;
  • snack when cooking for others (for example, lunch or dinner for the whole family).

We summarize: to avoid mistakes, slowly but surely leading to a set of extra pounds, you will need to change something in your eating habits!

1. Do not wait until you get very hungry, and plan regular meals (and, if necessary, regular snacks). Going to the office in the morning?

Think over the “menu” in advance, not relying on chance, or rather on the stalls, tents and grocery stores at the exit of the subway.

2. Always eat while sitting and at home in only one specific place (ideally, at the dinner table). One of the favorite dietitian appeals: never send anything in your mouth while standing, except a toothbrush!

3. When you eat – eat. With the exception of talking with your neighbors on the table, do not do anything else: do not read, do not watch TV, do not get distracted by phone calls, do not jump in to wash a dish, etc. Do not eat in a hurry, but chew and savor each piece.

Saturation will come faster, and you will not eat too much!

4. Do not cook in reserve, if you know that it will be difficult for you to resist the plate of supplements. And if someone is not enough – well, let him. Perhaps they do not really need it, and they will support you.

In the end, who had – he ate!

5. Stock up on food for a healthy snack. Your goal: make healthy choices the easiest choice. For example, maybe you should try putting a handful of grapes or sliced ​​fruit in an airtight container?

Now let’s talk about what snacks just do not need.

The big starts from the small: make simple and easily available product replacements in your daily diet, and after a couple of months, your body (and body!) Will tell you a lot of “thank you”!

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