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10 popular questions about IVF

10 popular questions about IVF

When conceiving by IVF, 2 embryos are usually placed in the uterus. In this case, fraternal twins are born. Children will be like siblings.

They may also be heterosexual. Identical twins can only be born in one case: if one of the eggs begins to divide into the uterus after replanting.

It is impossible to predict and manage this process. In any case, this is a very rare situation.

To understand why this is happening, scientists still can not. To say that the probability of having identical twins with IVF is higher than with the natural method of conception is also impossible.

Statistics do not confirm this.

Siamese called identical twins, fused together. Scientists suggest that the reason for such a deviation from the norm is the later splitting of the embryo into two.

The later this happens, the higher the risk of Siamese twins being born. But this is very rare – one case per 10 million births.

These twins were not separated in the mother’s belly and remain coalesced after birth. The appearance of Siamese twins does not depend on the method of conception.

It can not be foreseen. But the probability of their birth is negligible.

IVF does not increase this probability.

10 popular questions about IVF

Women born as a result of IVF, often fear that their children will lose the ability to conceive naturally. These fears have already been refuted by the practice: the daughter of a woman who was the first in the open spaces of the USSR to do IVF, she became pregnant a few years ago and gave birth naturally. Also, naturally, the very first “eco-girl” on Earth, Lisa Brown, became pregnant.

Other “eco-children” also give birth to grandchildren conceived naturally. Nevertheless, the “eco-children” may have problems of the reproductive sphere, but their causes and frequency of occurrence are the same as in children conceived naturally.

Hereditary diseases that cause infertility are transmitted regardless of the method of conception, and inflammatory diseases, hormonal disorders and genetic or immune incompatibility of the spouses are not inherited. So there is no relationship between IVF and the risk of infertility in children.

IVF does not increase the risk of having a child with developmental disabilities. On the contrary, this medical procedure is often performed by women who have relatives in the family with hereditary diseases or have had births of children with developmental disabilities.

Preimplantation diagnosis allows you to select embryos without chromosomal and genetic abnormalities. In addition, for replanting, the embryologist selects the most “beautiful” embryos.

But since this does not reduce the risk of the birth of a baby with genetic abnormalities to zero, expectant mothers are advised to consult with a geneticist and to undergo prenatal diagnosis during pregnancy.

10 popular questions about IVF

The laying of the genetic material of the future baby occurs after the sperm fertilizes the egg. After the fusion of the egg and sperm from the embryo, a double set of chromosomes is formed with a new combination of the genetic information of the parents.

As you can see, everything that is necessary for the transfer of genetic information from parents to a child is contained in the germ cells of the parents and is transmitted at the time of fertilization. The presence or absence of parents at the time of fertilization does not affect the transmission of genetic information.

Under laboratory conditions, the same thing happens as in the future mother’s body. In vitro fertilization does not affect the genetics of the future baby.

You can not lie at all, but immediately get up and go do your usual things. A drop of nutrient medium containing embryos is located between the walls of the uterus that are closely adjacent to each other; it cannot fall out or flow out.

And yet, doctors advise, at least until obtaining blood test results for hCG, to slightly reduce physical activity: not to lift weights, not to get involved in fitness and running.

Not. If a woman for some reason cannot bear the child and give birth to it, she resorts to surrogate motherhood.

For this, it goes through the IVF procedure. But IVF and surrogacy are not the same thing. In surrogate motherhood, the mother’s egg cell is fertilized by the father’s spermatozoon in the laboratory, but the embryo is planted by an outside healthy woman, who, in agreement with the married couple, carries the child for a fee.

But this is quite a rare case. In the absolute majority of cases, a child conceived with the help of IVF is bred by his future biological mother – the same woman from whom they took an egg cell for conception in a test tube.

And this is not a surrogate motherhood.

10 popular questions about IVF

Yes. There is no connection between the conception method and the mode of delivery. IVF is not an indication for cesarean section.

It all depends on the future mother’s state of health, the course of pregnancy, the characteristics of the intrauterine development of the baby. Another thing is that after IVF cesarean section occurs a little more often than during natural conception.

But this circumstance is connected not with the method of conception, but with the health of the woman. Typically, women who have certain health problems, including women of many ages, resort to conception in vitro.

And finally, after IVF, twins are often born. With multiple pregnancies, a caesarean section is done more often than with a normal one.

Much depends on the attitude of the future mother. If a woman, having undergone long-term treatment for infertility, is simply afraid to give birth on her own and is afraid for a child, doctors will not insist on natural childbirth.

There is no general rule. Usually try again in 1-2 cycles.

In women under 38 years of pregnancy most often occurs with 3-4 attempts. There are no restrictions on the number of attempts, but the doctors, before recommending repeated attempts, take into account the age of the woman, the causes of infertility and many other circumstances.

The absolute majority of women after unsuccessful IVF period come on time. Delays happen for a variety of reasons. For example, some women even after a blood test for HCG showed no pregnancy, they are still hoping for something and continue to take hormones.

Someone before the IVF cycle was irregular or long. A woman just needs to be patient and wait. A delay of 8-10 days does not mean an unseen pregnancy.

And this circumstance does not affect the success of the next IVF attempts. A woman should also be aware that the first menstrual period after an unsuccessful IVF may be slightly longer or more abundant than usual, go with clots, with or without pain. After all, the stimulation of ovulation is also reflected in the state of the endometrium, besides, the woman, in preparation for IVF, takes hormones to maintain a “lush” endometrium.

But the next menstruation should be quite normal. If this does not happen, be sure to consult with the doctor who led the protocol.

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