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10 oddities of the baby, because of which you do not need to panic

10 oddities of the baby, because of which you do not need to panic

1. Accidental contact of the springs on the baby’s head

Despite the warnings of doctors, you should not be hysterical if you accidentally touched these soft spots on the head of a newborn. By the way, these places are called springs. And when you touch them, you don’t touch his brain.

And what do you touch then? The so-called membrane, consisting of dense connective tissue. Soft areas on the head are designed so that the child can move freely along the narrow birth canal.

Due to the flexibility of the skull, this tiny head has already gone through a rather traumatic journey without any harm, so your gentle touch will not hurt it. And the springs will sooner or later heal.

2. Pulsating in fontanelles

When a child screams or plays, on the front spring you can see the pulsation of cerebral vessels. Do not panic. Springflowers are located in those areas of the skull that have not yet grown together, and sometimes the veins and arteries can be seen through the soft membrane.

And pulsation is the normal development of a child’s circulatory system.

3. Blood in diapers of a newborn girl

During pregnancy, a surge in maternal estrogen levels can stimulate the uterus of an unborn baby. Therefore, during the first week of life, a small amount of bleeding is observed in some newborn girls.

There is nothing wrong with this hormonal surge.

10 oddities of the baby, because of which you do not need to panic

4. A small hollow in the baby’s chest

Relax – this is not a heart problem. According to experts, the sternum consists of three parts.

The recess, which is sometimes noticeable in some babies, is most likely an inverted lower part of the sternum. As the child grows, the growing muscles of the chest and abdomen will straighten this cavity.

But, perhaps, even before this, the breasts are leveling the layers of increasing fat.

5. Liquid stools after each feeding

Infants can defecate after each feeding, because breast milk is absorbed very quickly. By the way, newborns who are on artificial feeding may defecate less often.

As for the consistency of feces, there is nothing surprising in this – all babies are on a liquid diet.

6. Permanent hiccups

Experts can not come to the unequivocal opinion why newborns hiccups so often. Some people believe that this is due to the fact that the brain and the diaphragm – the abdominal muscle that controls breathing, is still somewhat uncoordinated.

However, regardless of the cause, hiccups are harmless and safe.

10 oddities of the baby, because of which you do not need to panic

Infants have an immature nervous system and are easily intimidated. Here are two reasons why they so often shed tears. In addition, crying is the only way a baby can communicate its needs and requirements.

So until a certain point you are doomed to see tears and listen to screams. As for the baby, do not worry – although it also looks distressed, the baby does not harm itself.

8. Rash or pimples on face

Thanks to maternal hormones still circulating in small organisms, acne often occurs in newborns. As a rule, the rash passes for some time – from 2 weeks to 2 months.

What to do? Just gently and gently wash the child.

Use your gels and creams against acne is not necessary.

9. Swollen chest

The same hormones that cause mini-menses in girls (see paragraph 3) can cause swelling of the mammary glands in newborns of both sexes. Amazing? Yes.

Temporarily? Exactly.

Is it exciting? In no case.

10. Endless sneezing

Toddlers have tiny noses. And even a tiny piece of stuck mucus, even a small nasal congestion can make a baby sneeze.

And so time after time. If sneezing is not accompanied by thick yellow mucus, which may signal that the baby has frozen, this condition of the newborn will simply outgrow in time.

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