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10 life hacks for a beginner dad

10 life hacks for a beginner dad

When you become a dad, you do not immediately realize that life has changed. In women, everything happens by itself, thanks to the maternal instinct! But men have more difficult.

After the birth, the child is strongly attached to the mother, and the father often has the feeling that this sweet couple resorts to his help, authority and advice only in the most extreme cases. But most of the dads, I confess to you, are sad about this a little. On the contrary, they revel in their increased importance, their doubling as a defender and earner, and sincerely believe that after such moral overloads they have every right to demand legal rest in the evenings and weekends.

Many newly-born dads go further and openly declare that staying at home with a baby is such a kind of rest, and an exceptionally pleasant one. If you are one of them, then being alone with a child at least once, you will understand that this is also a job and that mother sometimes works without a lunch break, not to mention sleepless nights.

Therefore, if you want a happy woman to be with you, let her have a chance to rest. Even so: they themselves offer her to unwind.

Let your faithful go to a fitness club, have a favorite hobby or listen to a fashionable lecture. And while you sit with the baby.

What scared it was? Calm down!

Believe the young dad: I know how to make things easier for you. Here are a few lifehacks that will help you not only survive in this situation, but also get out of it as a winner.

If the mother is breastfeeding, you will be left alone for a short time, maximum for a few hours. But even during this time you have to sweat a lot.

Be sure and do not even doubt: at least you will have to change the diaper several times and change the baby’s clothes. It seems to be nothing complicated, but if at this time you constantly call your spouse and ask for the hundredth time where the diapers are, where the nipple is missing, where to get clean clothes, it is unlikely that Mom will have time to rest or make her plans.

Therefore, before you let her go, you should foresee everything. Ask in a relaxed atmosphere (and not just before the exit, when the wife will fasten her boots):

1. Where to look for diapers and will they be enough for you until the next shopping trip?

2. Where is the spare home clothes and what does the child take for a walk? You can immediately pull out things and sort them into two piles.

3. Where is the dummy and is there a spare, in case one is lost and if the child does not fall asleep without it?

4. What are the best ways to reassure the child, for example, squeeze yourself and shake, give your favorite toy, etc.?

5. Check where the essential medicines and colic drops are.

Feel free to ask all these questions and do not forget to record everything. After all, at work, you also make a plan before a responsible event.

I am sure my wife will be happy to explain everything in detail. Or do you think she will not guess that the better you are prepared, the more often you can be left with the baby?

When a child grows up, new questions arise. So, please, read the entire list:

6. If you have to cook something, write down the recipe. Meals for babies are usually simple to prepare, but forgetting the details (how much milk to put, how much porridge to add per serving) is easy if you don’t do it all the time. I will tell you a secret that you will not only cook porridge.

We will have to simultaneously answer the questions of the small Pochemuch, get a bear from the chandelier, score a goal with one foot, sweep the scattered grits. But if you think over all the details, you will be more fun.

7. Cooking is just the beginning. The main task – to entertain the child, and at the same time and himself.

Believe, and it is possible! Make up the games yourself. Watch your little one explore this world and help him satisfy his curiosity.

Improvise or remember what you liked as a child, and then your child will always have fun with you, and he will await with such awe and joy those days when you will be alone.

8. As rarely as possible, use a weapon such as a television or tablet to distract a child. If you decide to take a break, do it together, at least with a book on the couch. Do not leave the baby to play alone, if he is not ready for this.

Today is your day, learn to appreciate these moments!

9. Let the child see and feel that you devote all your time to him. Read, tell stories, sculpt, dance, most importantly, try not to be distracted by your work.

And if you notice that at some point the child sat down to play independently, then this is the time to slowly go about your business.

10. When Mom comes back, it’s not necessary to make a hero out of yourself and tell you how easily you coped with everything. Ask her how she spent her time, and tell her how your day went.

In conclusion, I want to give some advice mom. So that dad would like to be alone with the child and give you rest more often:

  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. Staying one-on-one with the baby, dad will quickly feel how difficult it is for you, and this will bring you even closer together.
  • Praise your man, even if he makes mistakes, because he is an apprentice compared to you, and he still has a lot to learn.
  • Do not be angry if dad asks ten times where the diapers are and how much water you need to add to the infant formula. It is better to write down before leaving what is difficult for him to remember.
  • When dad comes back from work, tell him what you did all day with the baby and what new skills the baby has learned in his absence. The husband quickly realizes that although it is not easy, but to be close to the baby and watch how it grows and changes – real happiness. And the probability that the husband will begin to strive to spend as much time as possible with you will increase significantly.

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