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10 games for the development of the senses

10 games for the development of the senses

Experts have shown that stimulation of the sense organs of the baby has a positive effect on the development of the brain. The more we pay attention to the development of the baby’s sight, hearing, and touch, the more neural connections will be formed in the brain.

And the better the child will develop as a whole. And help in this interesting games and activities.

The vision of the infant is imperfect, but it is in the first year of life that it develops most intensively. Simple games will be a good workout for small eyes.

Mirror. From about 3 months, babies are beginning to be interested in their reflection in the mirror.

Bring your baby to the big mirror often. Talk with your son or daughter, call and show parts of the body: “Where is Masha’s cheek?

Here is a cheek! Where is the tummy?

Here it is! ”You can build different grimaces, put on hats and scarves, show toys in the mirror. The kid will be watching all of this with interest.

Mysterious flashlight. In the evening, turn off the light in the room, seat the baby on your knees and turn on the flashlight.

Shine a flashlight on the wall, attracting the attention of the child. Alternately illuminate different items in the room, calling them.

If the kid likes the game, let him shine a flashlight and him.

Hide and seek with toys. In the eyes of the baby hide an interesting toy for him in various places: under a napkin, in a box, under a table, under a pillow. Let him seek, find and delight!

When the crumb learns to find the hidden toy, play a little differently. Take three opaque plastic cups and hide a small toy (or biscuit) under one of them in front of the baby’s eyes. Will the kid remember where the toy is?

In the same way, several toy boxes can be used for toy shears.

10 games for the development of the senses

Games with sounds will help in the development of a child’s hearing, attention, concentration.

Rattles. The most usual and usual rattles are the first musical instruments for the development of hearing. Try to pick up rattles so that the sounds that they make are diverse.

The kid will surely like bells of different pitch, a tambourine and a drum, musical toys with buttons and keys – in a word, everything the smallest musician can extract from.

“Hide and seek” with sounds. Hide behind the baby any “sounding” toy: a rattle, a rubber squeaker, a singing soft toy, etc.

When the toy makes a sound with your help, the baby will turn back on the sound and find the toy. Be sure to rejoice with him: “Hurray! Vanechka found a kitty!

Kitty meow meow! ”Then the game can be complicated by hiding the toy in a box or covering it with a diaper. And now the baby will be able to find the source of the sound?

Knock! Kids love to knock toys and other objects at hand, everything they can get to. Give them the opportunity to walk!

This may be a bench, wood, stone, asphalt, iron tank, cardboard box, etc. And you can knock with a rattle, a scoop, a toy hammer, a stick, a small plastic bottle.

Each surface and each instrument will sound different.

10 games for the development of the senses

Tactile sensations for the baby are incredibly important. With their help, children learn about the world around them, learn to distinguish objects, study their characteristics.

How to help touch develop better?

Soft or scratchy? A little man will be useful to get acquainted with different materials with texture.

To do this, often lay out naked baby on different home surfaces: a silk sheet, a “prickly” woolen blanket, a rough blanket, a fleece blanket, etc.

Be sure to comment everything, call the properties of objects. Spent the crumbs on the silk bedspread: “That’s how smooth!” Touched the fur: “Soft!” They put a palm to the brush: “Tough, prickly!” They touched a piece of ice from the refrigerator: “Ay! Cold! ”My hands with warm water:“ Te-e-film! ”

Who is not ticklish? Play with a crumb in a simple game that will help diversify tactile sensations.

It is best to play during the air bath, when the baby is naked and in a good mood. Take a feather in your hand and slightly tickle the baby’s tummy.

Then tick the knee, heel, pen, neck.

Use other soft materials: a piece of cotton wool, fur, a soft brush, a toy. Make sure that the sensations were pleasant to the baby. During the game, you can tell the cake:

Like this week
Two teteri flew in:
Walked, pinched,
Tickled, tickled,
We sat and sat and flew back.

It is pricked! Gently touch the rose or rosehip thorns with a small finger, say: “It is prickly!

Barbed! Kyl! ”Take the palm of the baby and touch the branch of the Christmas tree or pine.

Say: “Ay! Prickly Christmas tree! ”And pull back the pen. Do this several times, and the baby will begin to jerk the handle off with laughter, and later will begin to sentence: “Ay!”

Playing with the baby, do not forget that it makes sense only when the crumb is in a good mood. It is best to conduct classes in between sleeping half an hour after eating.

And stop the game if the baby starts to act up. After all, any learning should only be a joy!

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