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10 games for fun dressing

10 games for fun dressing

Dressing your baby for a walk or just changing clothes is not an easy thing. He tries to wriggle out of his mother’s hands. The child is not going to put up with arbitrariness and wear this blue jacket!

He does not want to push the handle into the sleeve, because right now he just needs to grab that clothes brush that lies on the bedside table in the hallway. But we outwit him. Together with the games and rhymes, things will go faster.

1. “Dress up” rhymes

Putting on blouses, knickers and hats, tell the child the tops. Their cheerful rhythm and your smile will distract the baby from the unloved procedure.

You can even hum them like songs.

Aunt Agashka,
Sew me a shirt!
Need to dress up,
We are going to ride.

On my baby
We put on our pants.
Repeat the words for me:
“Leg – once and leg – two!”

Carcasses, tutushki,
Where are your ears?
Ears in a hat
Do not get paws.

2. We count the boots

And you can also wear shoes under the rhyme!

Seva has two legs – one, two. (Touch the baby’s legs one by one, tickle a little heels)
How much does she need a shoe? One, two. (Show baby shoes)
The shoes are the same
New Lacquer
With red socks,
With white laces. (Telling a poem, shod the baby)
Shoe, dress up,
To go on the road:
Top, top, top … (Put the baby on the legs, holding the armpits, and a little flush)

3. We sink and pat

Try to put eye-to-eye contact with the baby when dressing your baby. So you can more easily get interaction from him. Pushing the handles into the sleeves, say: “The handle is in the sleeve once, the second handle is two, and now let’s clap our hands — hurray!” Take the little ones’s hands in your hands and clap together.

Try to cause positive emotions in your child. And the next time, he may no longer resist dressing, because then you will clap your hands together, and this is fun!

In the same way, you can wear shoes: “Shoe the right leg! Shod!

Hooray! Shoe left foot!

Hooray! And now with our legs we chat, we chat, we sink! How fun! ”

4. All in the tunnel!

Why not imagine that the sleeves in the jacket and the trouser legs in the trousers are not at all the sleeves and the trousers, but the tunnels that the train is about to pass? Putting on your blouse, tell the kid: “Where is the tunnel?

Here is the tunnel! Where is our train? Here is our train!

How does the train travel through the tunnel? Like this!

Chukh-chukh-chukh! How is he buzzing? Tu-tu! ”A very young child, of course, will not understand the meaning of this game.

But he will be distracted from the unpleasant procedure of your “tu-tu” and “chukh-chukh”. But closer to the year he will become a full member of the fun and will dress with joy, repeating after mom: “Tu-Tu!”

5. Where is the little dog?

Before you start dressing, show the baby pictures on the clothes you are going to wear. “Oh, look, who is this here with us? Dog?

How does the dog say? Av-Av!

Hello, little dog! ”We continue to talk, distracting the baby, while we ourselves wear a blouse. Hello, doggy – and the blouse is already put on!

6. Together with a teddy bear

You can collect for a walk, not only the baby, but also a teddy bear. He should have clothes for the street: a warm jacket, boots, hat and scarf.

You dress the baby, and he – his teddy bear. All in business!

Most of all, kids do not like clothes that are worn over their heads. Perhaps this is due to the fact that for a while the crumb ceases to see the mother, and this frightens him.

Before you start wearing a T-shirt or sweater, tell the child: “Where is my baby? Here is my baby! Ku-ku! ”Try to make him smile and positive response.

When putting on clothes, keep saying: “Where is my baby? Where is he? Hid? “And as soon as the crumbs head crawls through the neck, happily exclaim:” Here is my baby!

Found! Ku-ku! ”

8. Puppet theater

Dressing a baby without a whim will help you … doll-glove. Put it on your hand and play a little with the baby, trying to distract him. A doll can sing a song, tell a poem, touch the baby’s cheek, make you smile, even tickle a little.

And then she will help to wear a blouse, pants, hat on the crumb. After all, dressing together with a chanterelle or bunny is much more interesting!

9. “I’m a ladybug, mu-mu-mu”

You can distract the kid while dressing with the help of such a simple and fun game. Put your fingers in a pinch and turn them into a humming “bee”. The bee can just fly over the baby, attracting his attention.

And it can either sit on the handle, then on the cheek, then on the tummy. At the same time, the mother says: “I am a bee, I’m living, I’m flying to the baby!

Zhu-Zhu-Zhu, sat on the pen baby. Ju-Ju-Ju, sat on the baby’s leg … ”You can“ stomp ”with your fingers on the handle, leg, baby’s tummy, saying:“ I am a cow, I’m talking to Masha! ”Fingers can be a kitty, and dog, and any other animals.

And even turn into a horned goat, which “forgets and forgets”.

The most interesting object for the little man is his mother’s face. And, while your hands are busy dressing the crumbs, your face will play the role of a “red herring”.

Bend over the baby lying on the back, catch his gaze, smile at him. Then change the facial expression: open your eyes wide, wrinkle your nose, inflate your cheeks and exhale noisily, stretch your lips, stick out your tongue and “tease” the baby … The mother is usually very amused by her mother’s grimaces. He looks carefully, and when he gets a little older, he laughs and also tries to make a facet in response.

Try to repeat the expression on the face of the crumb and the sounds he utters.

Try to use these games in practice and you will see that they really help.

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