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10 exercises for shy kids

10 exercises for shy kids

Shy and reticent children react very painfully to any changes in their lives, they are afraid of strangers and a new environment. A closed child most often does not know what to do, and does not want to communicate, because he has no need for surrounding people.

A shy baby knows what to do, wants it, but can not apply their knowledge.

Shy children in a team try to be inconspicuous, they are obedient and diligently fulfill the requests of a familiar adult. They are often led by more active peers, subject to their influence.

Many adults consider them well-mannered and obedient, while internally such a child is very constrained and has discomfort in dealing with strangers.

The fear of the new, the fear of drawing attention to oneself, block the development of both the emotional and intellectual spheres of the child’s personality. Such children have a poor playing activity, since even the simplest everyday task of them is impossible to approach another, ask for a toy, and agree to play together.

Despite the outward non-emotionality, shy children experience the same storm of feelings as other children who have no problems with communication. But they can not show them, respond externally.

This contributes to the fact that children “boil” inside and often turn this negative energy on themselves, which stimulates the development of auto-aggressive and neurotic manifestations (tics, tingling, intrusive movements, etc.). Shyness is dangerous because at an older age it prevents the establishment of contacts, the achievement of success in the personal and professional sphere.

Anxiety enters the symptom complex of shyness: it develops in children when they have an internal conflict provoked by the exaggerated demands of adults, their desire to put the child in a position dependent on themselves, the lack of a unified system of requirements, the presence of anxiety in adults themselves.

To shy child emancipated and began to be less shy, at home, especially with you alone or in the company of the closest people, you can train the skills of acting skills or team games.

1. Exercise “Guess the emotion”

The leader shows some emotion with mimicry, and the players call it and try to reproduce it. Whoever does this first gets one point.

Start with easily guessed emotions: surprise, fear, joy, anger, sadness. Show them must be exaggerated, even caricatured.

Gradually expand the range of feelings, enter different shades of emotions, say, irritation, outrage, rage. Older children can be given a task not only to guess the emotion, but also to play a little sketch (either with the use of dolls, or live with the corresponding plot.

Usually shy children shy of their faces. And even more so they are ashamed to build grimaces on people. And this exercise will be perceived by them as ugly.

Therefore, you should take an active role and set an example for your child. In addition, since shy children are usually happy to be in the role of artists (of course, when they are convinced that they are doing it), you can imagine mimic, pantomimic, and so on. Exercises as a useful actor training. First play together.

Then, when he will already be able to cope with the tasks easily, involve his friends into the game.

10 exercises for shy kids

2. Exercise “Live illustration”

The poems of Agnes Barto are perfect for this game. One player reads a poem, and the other with facial expressions and gestures illustrates the events and emotions described. Teach your child to gradually pick up and transmit subtle shades of feelings.

Babies are more suitable rhymes like Bear, Bullhead, Ball. Older children – Insult, Lyubochka, Sonia, On the way to class and many others.

The most common outdoor game aimed at the development of mobility, collectivism and display of courage in a child. The driver must “lit up” (touch) the evader and take him by the hand. So a chain is formed.

Now, the two of them are catching up with another child, and so, gradually, the chain becomes longer. When the chain becomes long enough, their task is to take the next evader into the ring.

All this requires coordination of joint actions in the chain.

4. The game “Where we were – we will not say, and what we did – we will show”

The task of this popular children’s game is to show any action without words. If you have a lot of guys, you can split into two teams. One shows, the other guesses.

Then they switch places.

5. Catch the ball exercise

The players take turns throwing the ball to each other and call any dignity of the child to whom the ball is thrown. It is very important that during the game each child is able to hear good, pleasant words about himself.

The game develops self-confidence and confidence in other people.

6. Exercise “Conversation with a deaf grandmother”

The child seems to be talking to a deaf grandmother. She speaks, and he speaks with her with gestures, because grandmother does not hear anything. For example, where are my grandmother’s glasses, that they are broken, because someone by negligence sat on them.

In this game, as in the previous one, there can be a great variety of options. It all depends on your collective imagination.

Or there is a similar exercise “Through glass”, when a child allegedly communicates with someone through soundproof glass and must convey a message to him without words, to the pantomime. For example: You forgot to wear a hat, and it is very cold outside, Let’s go swimming.

The water is warm today, bring a glass of water, I want to drink, etc.

7. Exercise “Spiny beast”

The teacher shows the children a drawing of a mysterious animal, made on a large sheet. The whole beast is pounded by toothpicks stuck in a poster.

The teacher explains that this is a very evil and terrible beast. He became like this because he has a lot of thorns on him, so everyone is afraid of him and do not want to play with him.

The teacher asks the children to help this animal get rid of their anger and irritation.

The task of the children is to regret the beast, to reward him with good character traits. As soon as the child says a good word about this animal, the teacher pulls out one thorn from it and breaks it.

Gradually the number of thorns on the beast decreases, it takes on a completely kind and pretty look, the children all come up with a name together.

It is desirable that the number of thorns be greater than the number of children, so that each child can contribute to the process of reincarnation of the beast from the evil and prickly to the good and fluffy.

8. Exercise “Different gait”

Offer the shy child to be like:

– the baby, who recently stood up and makes his first steps,

– artist on stage.

9. The game “Ball”

You only need a ball of thread. Children sit in a semicircle. The presenter becomes in the center and, having wound the thread around his finger, throws the child a ball, asking at the same time about something (what is your name, what do you like, what are you afraid of).

The child catches the ball, winds the thread around his finger, answers the question and asks a question, passing the ball to the next player. If the child finds it difficult to answer, he returns the tangle to the leader.

This game helps children see the general connections between them, and the teacher can determine which of the children has difficulty in communicating. When all participants are connected by a thread, the presenter should fix their attention on the fact that all people are somewhat similar and this similarity is quite easy to find.

And it’s always more fun when there are friends.

10. Exercise “Tell me a poem”

The child tries, without words, using a pantomime, to tell a well-known poem or fairy tale. The rest of the children try to guess what he is depicting.

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