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MAT B1 Form: What Is A Maternity Certificate – How To Get One

Contents When should I give my Maternity Certificate to my employer? Read next: 10 things you need to know about maternity pay Read next: Top maternity pay tips for self-employed mums-to-be Most popular articles in Planning maternity leave Maternity Pay: Clever Ways To Survive On Less Money MAT B1 form: What is a maternity certificate and how to get one A Mat B1 form - its your ticket to claim maternity pay from and benefits from your employer, but how exactly do you get your hands on it? Theres so much to think about once you find out youre pregnant ndash; its tempting to skip the boring bit and plunge straight into planning babygros and buggies, but you do need to make sure your maternity leave and pay is set up. This involves getting the correct form from your midwife or GP. A MAT B1 form, or Maternity Cetificate, is a form from the government that gives your employer medical evidence of your pregnancy and when your baby is due.

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