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Extractor Hood Onna

Extractor Hood Onna Above all a functional piece, Onna’s design has been governed by the functional principles of avant-garde, as alegreindustrialTM is eager to maximise communication between the user and the product which has been created to satisfy the user’s needs.

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Essential Home Office Design Tips

Essential Home Office Design Tips There’s no getting away from it; we are living in a digital age. With roaming internet coverage, cloud storage and less and less need for cumbersome wiring, the working environment is becoming increasingly flexible and many people are choosing to work from home.

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Baobao Asian Restaurant Decor

Baobao Asian Restaurant Decor Located in Budapest, Hungary this amazingly comfortable Asian restaurant BAOBAO was designed by Adam Bajor and Peter Szendro. Two other artists who have released conceptual and graphic design – Eszter Laki, and hung lamps – Eva Szekely to maximize the Asian identity.

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