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Books for parents – what to read?

Books for parents what to read?

Books for parents - what to read?

For the future parents, written a huge number of books and manuals, but how to understand the flow of modern literature? What is really worth reading?

For future mothers and dads books that really inspire confidence in their actions, remove groundless worries and questions, describe and analyze motherhood without horror and embellishment are important.

We conducted a survey in the Forum for parents to understand what our dad’s moms are reading, and what they can advise future parents. As a result, we have found exactly those books that are read and reread over and over, handed over from hand to hand and are saved as the greatest value in the development and upbringing of children. So, get acquainted – a valuable list!

Pedagogy for all, Simon Lvovich Soloveichik.

This book, written by a Russian publicist, teacher and philosopher, deserves to be called a bestseller, or a handbook for parents at all times. A wonderful and most unusual book about upbringing and love for children, about the shortcomings of traditional education. In the mid-80s of the last century the book became a sensation, which was read and re-read, discussed and protected. What should we do to ensure that our children are doing well? The answer is simple: Children should not be brought up with children need to be friends. S. Soloveichik