Главная 7 Books for children: a list of Galina Yuzefovich

Books for children: a list of Galina Yuzefovich

Books for children: a list of the book reviewer Galina Yuzefovich

Books for children: a list of Galina Yuzefovich

Soon the spring break 2016, which means that it’s time to think about what to do with a child. The ideal option is to take it reading. In the Internet, there are many quality lists of books for children, select those works that are suitable for your child by age and interests.

So, if a child is interested in adult topics, for example, about money, understandable books on financial literacy for children are suitable for him. Such books for children are useful not only for those who are interested in finance information about what money is and how to handle them, it is necessary for all kids. Also, take a closer look at the lists of books from children, such compilations can be more close to the child, since they are also collected by the child.

And, of course, pay attention to the lists of books from professionals. For example, a selection of works from a literary critic, book reviewer and mother of two children Galina Yuzefovich.

  • Lafcadio, or Lion, who shot back mdash; Shel Silverstein
  • A blue bead. Hello, Caroline! mdash; ML Kruger
  • A small house in large forests mdash; Loga Ingles
  • Where the mountain speaks to the moon mdash; Grace Lin
  • Talking package mdash; Gerald Darrell
  • Grandmother! screams Frieder. Frieder and grandmother friends forever mdash; Gudrun Mebs
  • We are all from Bullerby. Adventures of Emil from Lenneberg. Madiken mdash; Astrid Lindgren
  • Uncle Fyodor, Dog and Cat. Warranty little men. Down the magical river mdash; Eduard Uspensky
  • Russian heroes mdash; Irina Karnaukhova
  • Clever dog Sonia (for children 3 +). Father Frost from Dedmorozovka. Whom mdash; Andrei Usachev
  • Zoki and Bada mdash; Irina and Leonid Tyukhtyaev
  • Dog Dog mdash; Daniel Pennak
  • Little Bab Yaga. Krabat Legends of the Old Mill. Small water mdash; Otfried Proysler
  • Dad, mom, grandmother, eight children and a truck. Anton’s small gift mdash; Anna-Katarine Westley
  • The Adventures of Jim Pugovka and the machinist Lucas mdash; Michael Ende