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Review of cosmetics. Clean line: make-up remover milk, eye cream, hand cream, cosmetics and beauty.

I think about the cosmetics Pure line heard everyone. This brand is represented by the well-known Concern Kalina, which recently celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Over the years, the cosmetic factory has proven itself from a good side, and not only in the Russian market.

In this topic, I want to talk about the three tools of the Pure Line brand that I use now. It:

– makeup remover milk
– cream gel for eyelids
– cream care for hands

Makeup Remover Milk Clean Line

Like all products of the Pure Line, this milk is made using herbs – on the decoction of chamomile, celandine, nettle, St. John’s wort, yarrow. Separate emphasis is placed on the content of lingonberry extract. The volume of the bottle – 100 ml.

The action of the milk is based on a triple effect: cleansing, nutrition and freshness.

There is nothing difficult to apply – just apply the milk on a cotton pad and remove the makeup with light movements. Needless to wash the milk is no longer necessary.

Before this purchase, I always used not a milk, but a liquid for removing makeup. Make-up remover is usually almost transparent and easily absorbed into a cotton pad. Milk has a thicker consistency compared to liquid.

It’s possible that I’m used to the liquid, so it’s not so convenient for me to use the milk. At least, I don’t get a good mascara with them. Milk certainly falls into the eyes.

However, as for the shadows, camouflage pencil, powder, lipstick – the milk copes perfectly. The effect is mild, the smell is pleasant, fresh. True, after removing his lipstick is better not to sit down at the table. The smell from the lips interferes with the perception of the taste of dishes.

To remove the makeup milk requires a bit. But I didn’t manage to squeeze the right amount onto the disk right away. With a full vial, even an unsharp pressing leads to the fact that a large amount of milk is squeezed out.


removes make-up skin well

– acts gently without causing irritation

– suitable for all skin types

– contains herbs and vitamins

– economical to use

– low cost (50 rubles)


inconvenience when removing mascara

– when removing the lipstick leaves a smell on the lips, which interferes with eating


Due to the fact that I have to remove mascara with a liquid, it is inappropriate to buy this milk as the only means of removing makeup. However, the rest of this tool causes me only positive emotions.

My assessment of this milk – four.

Eye Gel Clean Line

This cream-gel for eyelids is included in a series of age-based cosmetics, destined to 25 years. Although I am 25, I still prefer to take up to 25.

Firstly, I do not use systematic face creams, only as needed. Secondly, I do not want any strong impact on my skin, especially in the sensitive area around the eyes.

The effect of this cream is based on a double effect: moisturizing and protection. The extract includes chamomile and parsley. Important for me, as for a person with poor eyesight, a mark on the tube is approved by ophthalmologists.

The volume on the tube is not specified. But I think about 25 ml. Cream white, the texture is not thick. Apply gently on the skin around the eyes with fingertips.

In the application indicated to use the cream-gel twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. But, as I said, I use it only as needed.

Most often, when I slept poorly or had a hard day before, which contributed to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Or when the overall condition of the skin deteriorates due to avitaminosis or the harmful effects of water, sun.

– soothes the skin, relieves irritation, redness

– no feeling of skin tightness

– protects against environmental hazards

– reduces dark circles under the eyes

– visually makes the eyes rested

– pleasant smell, giving a feeling of freshness

– low cost (50 rubles)


I did not find the minuses as such. Is that with serious problems, he is unlikely to cope

For those purposes with which I use it, it fits perfectly. Very pleasant when applied and after.

My score of cream-gel – five.

Hand Care Cream Clean Line

The main task of this cream is intensive moisturizing. The inscription on the tube promises the preservation of moisture in the skin for 24 hours. Cream for daily use, the nominal volume – 75 ml.

The first time when applying the cream on my hands, I was surprised to look at the inscription on the tube quickly absorbed. As it turned out, this cream has, as I call it, a cooling effect.

Putting the cream on the skin of the hands, there is a feeling that it is not absorbed at all. However, during the lubrication of the elbow cream, the cream begins to absorb, and after another 1-2 minutes, this feeling of cooling and moisture disappears.

The consistency is medium – the cream is not thick and not liquid. But I love better.

The smell, fortunately, is not sharp. But now the real influx of cosmetics from different companies with content in the composition of aloe juice. I have this smell already pretty fed up.


– well moisturizes the skin

– retains moisture in the skin for a long time

– gives the skin softness and tenderness

– low cost (30 rubles)

– often odorant

In assessing this cream, the minuses noted by me are the most subjective. The cooling effect in itself is not bad, but I prefer ordinary creams. And the smell is even more individual.

However, with its main task – intensive moisturizing, this cream care copes. But for me the smell is of great importance, so the next time I will buy another cream – also Clean Line, but with calendula or chamomile.

My rating of this cream is four.

Do you use makeup Pure Line?

water is given and the same, and after different shampoos, the different condition of the scalp. Here, incidentally, at the expense of Russian shampoos. Thanks to you, I tried Shampoo Preobrazheniye. This is to the fact that among Russian manufacturers, you can find a means for yourself.

but about the low budget. we live in the city the air is not so hot, we eat everything in a row – well, in particular, I)))) and I’m not 15 years old. because I want to put something on my face with something real action. products Mirra Lux smells of grass and oils .but that’s what there is a natural smell, and therefore expensive.
in cheaper cosmetics just can not put the same oil. and sometimes it doesn’t smell like lemon and nettles, namely, nettle and lemon fragrances, as they themselves are in small quantities in the product itself.
That is why I propose, of course, to divide what we use and why.

Mirra Lux and Pure Line declare themselves as natural remedies. but it smells differently. Mirra Lux is a more noble smell, the real smell of the field. That’s what I meant. And nettle smells differently in different products. Expensive = this is first and foremost quality. I meant it.

but for the eyes I liked the milk more) now the eye makeup remover Red line is in the eyes and I have irritation, redness, or not high-quality products or it doesn’t work for me personally. I don’t care what product means in the eyes. it is calculated, irritation should not be (((

I had milk for eyes. Black Pearls are delicate, soft. I still had Russian milk. I just don’t remember whether Pure Line or 100 beauty recipes, and if anything else, but I was a little thicker. I still like it thinner )))

Well, I hope Yulia will still write to us about other products of Russian manufacturers)) for example, about Agafya))) I have been trying for a long time. I’ll wait for more interesting tops from you

Yes, of course, at different times, the water may have a different quality. But agree strangely that as soon as I wash my head with shampoo from a Russian manufacturer, the quality drops sharply and dandruff and itching appear in the water, and after a day I reuse my head with shampoo The quality of the water is well, it’s just improving dramatically and there is no dandruff))) this situation was 10 years ago. Having tried several times, I then simply stopped washing with Russian. Now there is a lot of new and interesting things for Russian companies. I’ll try)) )

that’s exactly what I’m saying that nettle should not give a sharp smell, and for some it is exactly that present. I probably didn’t accurately express my thought – the expensive smell is not only a good perfume, but in some media the smell of essential oil is which I understand except direct cosmetic properties also serves as a conservative.

I don’t agree that the cost is not important. Of course, it’s too high for someone. But there are means that the impact is obvious. The difference between a clean line and Myrrh Suite I define is basically not by smell. The main thing is effect. warms the soul))
and one should understand that if various oils are declared on the package, well, this tool cannot cost 30 rubles. I respect the Clean Line for that. They don’t write expensive components in the somata. Accent on herbs. They have a certain niche and they are honest with their customers, which appeals to me.

Mirra Lux has more expensive oils in the composition, which is why their cost is more expensive, which is understandable.

I will wait for about 100 beauty recipes)))) I now have a facial wash for this company. It is very thick, therefore it is very economical. There is no usual foam. It’s like gel and hygienic lipstick, but I liked the Pure Line better, it is better absorbed. it feels like being on goodness, the rude part is, well, it’s my feeling))

This is of course!) I noted for myself the changes in water quality when I was the same shampoo.

Yes, now there is decent competition among our means, and with foreign ones. I want to believe that this will spur to the best result!

That cost is not important – I did not write) I talked about the fact that not always expensive tool guarantees quality and effect, and vice versa. But, of course, the price is one of the important indicators. When you want to choose some kind of means to get the maximum effect, and not just for prevention, then I also first of all think about the price.

Yes, of course, the composition depends on the price (but the price on the composition depends less, I think). Oils, too, have different cost after all. And in the case of oils, it is not the quality that determines the cost any more, but the difficulty and cost of the processing and delivery to us in Russia. Therefore, the difference in price may differ even tenfold …
Although, the value of oils is not very high anyway, because their concentrations are not great in cosmetics, especially with respect to essential oils, they can cause a burn (not to mention irritation) if you exceed the norm.

So, you direct me spontaneously to Mirra Lux)) We must once again see their products))) try something. From what you showed me from your means, I liked everything at first impression. But still, using and trying these different things) Although, I think the result would be no worse.

Good)) I do not use foam. I used to take both milk and foam. Then she began to notice that they were in standby mode on the shelf))) I did not try to hygienic the Clean Line, but I agree about 100 recipes, I also have this feeling. I still do not like shine. You already know, I’m not a fan of shiny lips))

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