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Natura Siberica Moisturizing Eye Make-Up Remover – review, cosmetics and beauty

Unlike applying makeup on the eyes, I don’t really like the process of removing it. It always takes a lot of time to wash the carcass. And if on weekdays, whatever one may say, one has to use mascara (and sometimes liner) to feel comfortable at work and at home, then at the weekend I still allow myself to relax and not paint at all.

Considering my dislike for the above procedure, I try to choose the most effective and convenient means of removing eye makeup. Of course, this happens through trial and error.

For example, by experiment I was able to establish that two-phase fluids were completely unsuitable for my eyes. Although manufacturers claim their super-efficiency. I am very annoyed by the oily layer in them.

This layer with oils leaves an unpleasant, greasy sensation on the skin, and strives to get into the eyes. And if it does, it is terribly annoying! Therefore, I said solid no to such two-phase liquids. The same story I have with the means in the form of milk or cream.

As a result, I came to the conclusion that I love just liquids in the form of lotions, similar to transparent water. Even decided on your favorite brand: Expert Eyes from Maybelline. I mentioned this eye makeup remover in my article about mascara from the same manufacturer.

But today it will not be about her, but about a completely different brand – Natura Siberica. The fact is that my beloved ordinary Expert Aiza disappeared from the stores, and was replaced by a new product – a two-phase liquid from Maybelline, which I resisted and did not buy it.

Instead, I went in search of something new, in anticipation of the next experiments. So I met Natura Siberica Moisturizing Eye Make-Up Remover.


The foam comes in a bottle with a dispenser, is a light, almost transparent liquid and has a neutral, very light odor.

Volume: 150 ml.

Cost: 145 r.

Honestly, when I chose this foam in a store, for some reason I did not see the price tag on the shelf under it. Carefully checked all the price tags next to it – it was definitely not on the foam. And the consultant was not there to help me.

I decided that she was worth 200-250 rubles, and went with her to the cashier. Therefore, 145 rubles punched as a result at the box office turned out to be a very pleasant surprise for me.

What the manufacturer promises:
Gentle moisturizing skin based on Rhodiola rosea, Dahurian lily and Kurim tea delicately and effectively removes makeup from sensitive skin of the eyes, requiring special care.

Its constituent Rhodiola Rosea stimulates the metabolism, improves the respiration of skin cells and restores its regenerative functions.

Dahur lily gently soothes and nourishes the cells with nutrient moisture.

Kurim tea improves blood circulation processes, effectively maintains the skin tone around the eyes and eliminates signs of fatigue.

Suitable for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic product, without parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

The foam is consumed very sparingly. One click on the dispenser is enough to remove makeup from 1 eye.

I squeeze the foam on a cotton pad, attach it to the eyelid and hold for a few seconds so that the mascara dissolves slightly.

Then wash off its remnants. And I finish the cleansing by washing as usual (with soap and water).

But, as it turned out, not everyone uses the tool according to the instructions. Having talked with a work colleague, I learned that she had been using the same skin for half a year.

And moreover, it applies it as an ordinary facial wash. That is, killing two birds with one stone – cleaning the face and washing the makeup off the eyes. So I have not tried, because I’m afraid that this does not wash off my mascara. I’m still in the traditional way – with cotton pads.

I can’t say if the foam is suitable for sensitive eyes (according to the information on the package). Since my eyes do not belong to those. But the fact that the eyes do not pinch when she accidentally falls into them is a fact.

Also I can not answer, whether the foam removes water resistant makeup, because I do not use it. I have mascara and everything else is normal, water soluble.

Advantages and disadvantages

– Effectively removes makeup.
– Does not irritate the eyes.
– It has a pleasant smell.
– Natural composition (at least, if you believe what the manufacturer says on the label).
– Cost effective to use.
– Affordable price (I’ve been using foam for a month now, and I think that I will have enough of it for at least another 4-5 months. That is, less than 30 rubles a month comes out).

– I am a little confused by the very form of the product – in the form of foam. It seems I am not a conservative and quickly get used to the new. But it seems to me that the foam and all these bubbles are still more appropriate for washing. Although some (like my colleague) use this skin precisely.

As you can see, the pros still outweigh the only negative. Therefore, I would have put the tool 4, or 5-. Will I buy a new bottle when this one is over? I don’t know yet. But so far I have not regretted having acquired it.

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