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Face Cream LOREAL Trio Active Ultra-Moisturizing, Cosmetics and Beauty

LOREAL Cream Trio Active I use only in the winter. When there is a strong wind and frost outside, my skin gets dry and rough. Therefore, it is necessary to help her cope with such natural conditions.

In the summer, my face does not require additional moisture, the skin is so moist.


The glass jar is painted white, with a volume of 50 ml.

The lid is easily unscrewed. In addition to it, there is another protective cap with a tiny handle. She covers the jar, prevents the spreading of the cream, if it happens to take it with you.

Description from the manufacturer

The manufacturer promises triple action cream:

1. Moisturize the skin throughout the day.

Within 24 hours, the skin will retain moisture and the optimal degree of hydration due to the compound glycerin obtained from sucrose.

2. Protects skin.

Vitamin E prevents the appearance of free radicals, and a UV filter protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays every day.

3. Gives skin glow.

The skin will shine. Its protective functions will be restored due to the maintenance of the Keramids and Vitamins B5 complex.

The result of the cream, promised by the manufacturer

Immediately after application, the skin is perfectly moisturized and protected from the aggressive influence of the external environment. She regains comfort, elasticity and radiance.

Application of the cream recommended by the manufacturer

The cream is designed for normal and mixed skin.
For morning and evening use.
Apply to cleansed skin.
Eye contact should be avoided.

Personal opinion

The smell of the cream is pleasant, fresh, very unobtrusive, not irritating and not harsh.

The structure is snow-white, the consistency of medium density, the touch is absolutely not greasy.

You can use the cream quite a bit, which speaks about its efficiency. Distributed over the skin and worn perfectly.

Moisturizing the skin for 24 hours can not check, because I put on the cream in the morning, and in the evening I remove all cosmetics from my face. I do not use cream for the night, I give my face a rest. But, throughout the day, my face is actually moisturized, remains smooth, soft and comfortable.

I put the cream in a very thin layer. It is absorbed not long, about 3 minutes. Then apply powder. The powder applied on top of this cream does not roll into lumps. If I do not use it, then the cream remains on the face inconspicuous and the skin does not shine.

Among the shortcomings I can name only the packaging: in order to take a portion of the cream, I have to use my fingers to climb into the jar and leave the bacteria there. I came out of this situation in the following way. I still have the eyebrow paint applicator. I take them cream with a jar and put on the skin, and then evenly distribute with my fingers.


The cream to my skin type is suitable, has a pleasant unobtrusive smell, economical and not expensive. The skin is moderately moisturized throughout the day.
I use the second year.

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