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Correction of nails, cosmetics and beauty

This topic was created in continuation of the topic about the drawings on the nails.

So, first you need to figure out what is nail correction?

Correction – This is a regular procedure that maintains a manicure in good condition. The correction also includes the treatment of the cuticle, trimming of nails that are too grown, nail rollers, possibly the design of the nail plate.

Allot three degrees of nail correction:

1. Small correction
It is the smallest intervention, eliminating small mechanical damage.

2. Average correction
It is a mandatory routine procedure, the regularity of 1 every 2-4 weeks.

3. Big correction
It is an emergency procedure necessary in case of material detachment, displacement or change in the shape of the nail.

Masters use special nail correction kits.

For example, this is what a professional acrylic set looks like:

It consists of: powder for design, acrylic powder, nail forms, brush, glue, glass for monomer, brush washing liquid, tips, nail files, primer, degreaser, cuticle oil, UV top coat, acetone-free liquid for removal varnish.

A separate set of acrylic powder, which includes powder, monomer, tips, nail forms:

Nail correction can be performed electric car. With skillful use, this tool is not dangerous for nails. With the help of the machine, you can file the surface of the nail, correct its length, process the nail from the bottom side. You can also make a hardware manicure, create a design or polish your nails.

Correction frequency depends on the growth rate of natural nails and care for them. On average, the correction is made once every 2-4 weeks. If the nails grow slowly, and you carefully handle the nails, the correction can be done every 4-5 weeks.

The condition of the nails depends on the state of the body. Special attention should be paid to the nails. during pregnancy, the recovery period after pregnancy, hormonal drugs or antibiotics, stress, with nail infection – fungus.

Nails after correction:

Correction reveals errors made during nail extension (if any occur). Therefore, initially choose an experienced professional, perhaps – on someone else’s recommendation.

When visiting the salon should pay attention to some important points:

one. Have you properly disinfected instruments, table surfaces, client hands, and wizard hands? This is a guarantee of protection against infection.

The photo shows a plastic sterilizer designed for disinfecting a manicure or pedicure instrument.

2 If during the buildup you feel pain – this is an alarming symptom, which you need to immediately inform the master. The source of pain is a strong pressure of the tool on the root of the nail, which provokes its damage and, accordingly, negatively affects the entire nail plate – its shape and growth in the future.

And now my a selection of different variations as extended nails, and after correction:

French twist of three powders:

Drawing with 3D acrylic paints:

Acrylic frnech using polymer clay:

Aquarium french using polymer clay:

Aquarium design with acrylic flower:

Snowflake Nails:

Useful tips for the care of artificial nails:

one. Nail polish remover must NOT contain acetone.

2 In no case are scissors or nippers used to adjust the shape. Only nail files, a grinder or polisher for artificial nails.

3 Avoid strong mechanical stress on the nails and sudden hand movements.
When working at the computer, make sure that the nails are at a right angle (90 ‘) to the keyboard.

four. After the nail extension and before the correction in the salon, it is necessary to use cosmetic oils to nourish and moisturize the cuticle, as well as a cream to slow the growth of the cuticle.

five. Artificial nails are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, so after visiting the sauna, the pool should be given nails time to cool and dry.

6 In time to make a correction, because natural nail grows and it is necessary to apply the material on the regrown part of the nail. Otherwise, the manicure will look messy and increase the likelihood of brittle nails.

7 Do not forget about the health of natural nails, eat more products containing calcium.

eight. Rest nails from building. On this account there are different opinions. But since the constant procedure of filing makes them more sensitive (by itself without causing harm), then, in my opinion, it is better to give nails to rest, the period and frequency of rest depend on the individual characteristics of the organism. Better at least once a year to remove the nails for 1-2 weeks.

Well, and a little bit of humor in the end. )

Beautiful and strong nails, dear participants Alimero! =)

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