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Which is better to choose an aquarium for beginners

The aquarium is a stylish and beautiful element of any interior. A part of the water world always pleases the eye, but you need to think about it not only as an element of decor, but also as a home for water pets. To fish was comfortable, you need to choose the right aquarium.

This will allow the fish to fully develop, as well as reduce the hassle of caring for him.

Aquarium is considered an excellent addition to any interior. Suitable for any room layout. Today, pet stores offer a huge selection of containers of various shapes and volumes.

It is also possible to order a tank with the necessary parameters or to execute it independently from improvised means.

Beginner fish lovers do not have to spend a lot of effort on the maintenance of a home pond. You just need to buy all the necessary equipment and connect it correctly.

Such an acquisition does not require important decisions. but you need to know exactly which aquarium is best for beginners..

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Choose an aquarium for fish, taking into account the following factors:

  • estimated number of future pets;
  • necessary state of the ecosystem;
  • compatibility of fish species.

You also need to take into account the filling of the tank with vegetation and decorations. This allows you to get along with incompatible species.

But the main factor when choosing is the form.

There are many types of forms: wall, corner, rectangular, someone prefers panoramic, there are complex, custom-made. Which aquarium to choose depends on the interior and personal preferences.

Wall models have long been a concern for both novices and experienced aquarists. The main reason was the narrow shape, which caused difficulties with care. Also in the wall tanks, not all fish took root.

Today, manufacturers have solved this problem by introducing new solutions in production. This has improved the living conditions of the fish.

Corner models are often chosen to save space in the room. They are usually deep and have a wide glass part. They are often used by designers to create a unique decor.

Ordinary people often choose a more standard form.

Rectangular containers are considered classics. It is a suitable form for all kinds of fish.

In this reservoir, you can create any ecosystem with different landscapes. This design requires much more space, but the result is justified.

According to professionals, the best aquariums for the home should have exactly this form, since they can even contain exotic species: piranhas, skates, discus.

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The main difference of the panoramic reservoir from others is curved glass. It can be round, angular or rectangular. Glass performs the function of the lens, allows for more detailed consideration of the fish.

The main disadvantage is its high cost.

Also tanks are classified by type of destination. It is worth considering when you need to choose the right aquarium.

A common aquarium is used for keeping various types of aquatic pets. Typically, fish for such tanks are selected based on compatibility.

People for whom this activity is a hobby, usually use general capacity.

Species target one specific species of fish. Often they are used for the maintenance of predators.

A typical example is discus (omnivorous fish).

Spawning aquarium is used exclusively for breeding fish. Typically, the volume of such reservoirs are quite small.

In them it is necessary to create conditions suitable for spawning. Most often they differ from conditions in common tanks.

Also, the spawning tank for fish is divided into incubator and nursery.

Quarantine artificial reservoir is designed for new fish. They are put there for a few days before being released into the mainstream.

Also, this type is intended for setting up sick individuals so that they do not infect healthy ones.

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The most common materials for the manufacture of home water are glass and acrylic. Each of them has its pros and cons.

They are transferred to the finished product. Acrylic aquarium has the following advantages:

  • low price;
  • very large variety of forms;
  • material strength;
  • significantly less weight of the product;
  • no leakage.

Its main disadvantage is very easy to scratch. When wiping the tank, you need to make sure that not a single grain of sand is caught.

Cheap acrylic becomes yellow with time. This applies only to low-cost models.

Household chemicals to clean the aquarium from acrylic is not recommended, as aggressive agents reduce the transparency of the material.

Glass in all respects inferior to acrylic material. The only advantage is that a cheap glass model will look better than an inexpensive acrylic.

When choosing is to give preference to aquariums made of acrylic glass. Strong seams can safely withstand 200 liters of water.

You can be sure that they do not leak and do not flood the neighbors.

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The main mistake of newbies is that they buy too small aquariums. Volumes most often choose from 5 to 25 liters.

With small volumes it is very difficult to establish a biological cleaning system.

At the initial stages it is not recommended to choose volumes less than 30 liters. But if this happened, then you need to be very careful about the settlement of such a reservoir – put there a few small fish.

If a small aquarium is donated immediately with pets, then you need to take care of their quick relocation to the reservoir of large volumes.

The optimal volume for beginners is 60-170 liters. If opportunities permit, it is worth buying an aquarium with a volume of 250 liters.

A large reservoir allows the ecosystem to become more stable. Also, it will eliminate the hassle of care. The best choice for beginners is an aquarium of 170 liters.

To eliminate system crashes, need to buy additional equipment: filters, heaters and coolers.

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