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When and how to change the water in the aquarium with fish

In an age of cosmic speeds and all-consuming stress, sometimes you want to retire and calm down a bit. In such circumstances, a fish tank will be very useful.

It’s not so pleasant to change the water and follow the pets, but such work disciplines and teaches to order, therefore the exotic corner in the apartment has much more advantages than disadvantages. Moreover, fish care is not such a burdensome thing as it may seem for the first time.

If the water in the aquarium is green, then it must be partially or completely replaced.

Novice fish owners should be aware that a complete replacement of water in an aquarium with fish is an extreme measure, which is used only in emergency cases. The situations in which it is necessary to resort to such a large-scale event are as follows:

  • unexpected outbreak of infection;
  • the appearance of a mucous film on the surface and walls;
  • strong general turbidity of the contents of the aquarium;
  • constant flowering of water;
  • urgent need for disinfection.

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If none of these situations arose, then a complete replacement of the fluid in the dwelling of the beautiful inhabitants will only harm them. However, a partial change of water in the aquarium often becomes necessary. There are two important reasons for this:

  1. Nitrate levels. Over time, it rises. Older inhabitants get used to it, and for new ones it can become deadly. Therefore, metered habitat replacement can normalize this balance.

Complete replacement of water is a stress for the inhabitants of the aquarium, so this procedure is best carried out only in extreme cases.

  1. Acidity level Due to the ingress of new minerals into the old reservoir, acids are stabilized in the liquid, which creates a safe habitat for microorganisms and fish.

Beginners should remember that replacement is a stressful event for the inhabitants of a transparent house, so it should be done very carefully and strictly in accordance with the recommendations of experienced aquarists. The first two months to change the habitat is strictly prohibited, as this may adversely affect the fish.

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First of all, any person who decided to start a fish should carefully read what he has to do. To do this, find reliable information from people with extensive experience in breeding decorative pets.

Set the desired schedule, how often to change the water in the aquarium and when to make it a partial update. Typically, such feeding begins after two months from the initial launch of the fish.

First, they change the fifth part once a month, and after a year of operation – no more than 20% of the total volume once a week.

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The main preparatory operation before replacing the contents of the aquarium is the cleaning of the tap liquid from the chlorine content. To do this, it is poured into a separate container and defended within a week.

Seven days is enough to make the chlorine level acceptable.

Also at this stage, the glass and the ground are cleaned. It is made with the help of special tools.

Cleaning is best done regularly: full – once a year, and partial – before each feed with fresh water.

Cleaning glasses is desirable to do with each partial replacement of water.

The process of water replacement itself is simple. For its implementation will need:

  • half meter hose;
  • siphon with a pear for pumping water;
  • bucket for transportation;
  • tank with ball valve where the separated water is stored.

Preparation can take a lot of time and effort, but this process, done one-time, will then greatly facilitate the replacement of water in the aquarium, which will have to be performed many times.

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Complete replacement of water in an aquarium is a rare phenomenon among experienced aquarists, but partial is a regular process, which over time becomes as familiar as general cleaning in an apartment.

For a solid mastery of the basic rules. monitor compliance with such requirements:

  1. The first two months do not add or change liquid at all.
  2. Subsequent replacements should not exceed 20% of the total contents of the aquarium.
  3. Partial replacement once a month.
  4. After a year of operation, the substitution should be performed at least once every two weeks.
  5. Full replacement to do only in emergency cases.

Partial replacement of water in the aquarium should be carried out regularly as well as cleaning the apartment.

Replacing the contents of the glass tank for fish is not so difficult: first, the old water is discharged, and then the new one is added. It should be remembered about the small inhabitants of the glass pond.

For them, the replacement of water is a great stress, so it should be replaced as carefully as possible and every time the same so that the fish are accustomed to the much-needed procedure.

Aquariums are different in size. For example, those that are less than 200 liters are considered small, and over this same displacement – large. Therefore, how many times to change the water in the aquarium – most often you have to decide the owner.

One thing must always be remembered: regardless of whether a small aquarium or a large aquarium, it is better not to undertake this business without a good reason.

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