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What you need for a home aquarium

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Finally you decided to start a home aquarium. Already imagine what kind of fish will live there, how beautifully you will decorate it, how peaceful the compressor will be bubbling. Or a filter?

What is there to murmur in the aquarium? In order not to be mistaken, not to miss anything and then not to redo everything anew, let’s see in order what should be present in the home aquarium.

There are various types of home aquariums, they differ from each other in shape, have a different volume and purpose:

  1. Spawning, incubation and nursery, these aquariums are needed for spawning, getting fry and the first 2-3 weeks of life.
  2. Quarantine, used in case of illness of some individuals.
  3. Decorative, designed for composite design.
  4. Mixed, the most common species in which live plants and fish are found at the same time, regardless of their species.

Regardless of the type, the equipment must be manufactured taking into account all the necessary parameters for a favorable content of living organisms in it. So, this is what we need for a home aquarium.

In the aquarium must be installed filter, for the continuous purification of water from the waste products of fish and plants.

Compressor for additional enrichment of water mass with oxygen is necessary only in case of overpopulation of the aquarium.

Very useful when equipping an aquarium are heaters and lights.

All these technical tools used for the arrangement ensure that the home aquarium is in immaculate condition. After all, for fish and vegetation, both the purity of the water and the soil, and the temperature of the water maintained at the same level, and sufficient illumination for the photosynthesis process, are necessary.

Regular maintenance of the aquarium in the home is an integral part of its content. Every day, you should check the work of the equipment and make a visual inspection of fish and plants, it is better to do this during feeding.

Weekly care requires a full or partial replacement of water, cleaning the glass from dirt and algae, the soil from food debris and vital activity; all plants should be inspected and, if necessary, parts of the leaves rotted or gnawed by fish should be removed.

For a person who decides to start an aquarium for the first time, the question arises – what is needed for a home aquarium? What equipment?

In the article you will learn what equipment for the aquarium happens, what types of filters, heaters, etc., and how do they differ? Heaters, filters, and lighting are important parts of a modern tropical aquarium and are now a large selection of different equipment.

Choosing the right way without knowing anything about him is quite difficult, and it’s not cheap and should work long and efficiently.

Some types of aquariums immediately contain everything you need, including a lamp, a filter, etc., but they are quite expensive.

And besides filters and other large equipment there are a lot of necessary trifles – nets, cables for cleaning the filter hoses, glass cleaners and various trifles. However, it is the filter, the lamp and the heater that are the most expensive and important parts of the equipment.

So, what equipment do you need for an aquarium?

There are many different brands with very little difference between them. More expensive heaters are slightly more reliable and are suitable for large aquariums.

Cheap – have a smaller warranty period, which does not affect the efficiency. The heater consists of a heating element and a thermostat, which are located inside a sealed tube and are designed for use under water.

The thermostat is set to the desired value, and is turned on only if the temperature drops below the mark. Most heaters maintain temperature with an accuracy of + – degree.

For larger aquariums, more powerful heaters are needed. As a rule, the difference in price between a more and less powerful heater is small. But here it is important not to make a mistake with the power; a more powerful one can overheat the water, and a low-power one will not heat it to the required temperature.

Determining the power you need is very simple – the box indicates which displacement of the heater is calculated.

Although there are many different types of fixtures, fluorescent lighting is the best choice for beginners. Fluorescent lamps in an aquarium are not at all the same as in a house.

They are specially designed to make the lighting as close as possible to the sun.

Lamp consists of a starter or ballast to start the lamps and the lamps themselves. The lamps are waterproof and the water from the aquarium will not close.

The advantage of fluorescent lamps for the aquarium is that they heat up significantly less. For example, 90cm lamp consumes 25 watts, while the usual about 60.

In such lamps, the important part is the spectrum, that is, the difference in it, some are suitable for saltwater aquariums, others for herbalists, and others well emphasize the color of the fish. You can make your choice by asking the seller.

Or take the most simple, with time you will understand what you really need.

Luminaire with fluorescent lamps

What you need for the aquarium, what to consider when choosing it and what kind of fish to have?


What to consider when choosing an aquarium and what kind of fish to have?

Tips for novice aquarists

A well-kept and beautiful aquarium is not only beautiful, but also cozy. Colored fish, which are measured in it swim, fascinate the eye and calm.

But before you choose an aquarium, be sure to calculate its size and choose the fish that live without problems together.

Now aquariums sell for every taste: square, rectangular, round. Volumes are also different – from 10 liters to one and a half tons.

The most popular – from 30 to 100 liters. They are not only convenient, they can be placed anywhere in an apartment or house, they do not require thorough care and expensive equipment.

What you need to consider when choosing an aquarium?

– In large aquariums, water is less often polluted than in small ones.
– Its size should correspond to the size of the fish and their number. The more fish there will inhabit the aquarium, the greater the aquarium should be.
– The shape of the aquarium should be convenient for you, so that it is easy to care for (change water, clean). Therefore, from the bizarre forms of the aquarium is better to refuse.

What should I think about when buying an aquarium?

Most aquarists do not just launch fish into an aquarium, but decorate it with algae, sculptures, grottoes, stones and aquarium soil. The latter is not mandatory if there are no live plants in the aquarium.
Aquarium soil is gravel, marble crumb, sea pebbles, laterite, clay mixed with sand and gravel, etc. When buying soil, please note that the soil layer must be at least 5 centimeters in order for the roots of aquarium plants to gain a foothold.

It is desirable that the soil was without sharp edges.
For most fish, it is imperative to install a filter and aeration in the aquarium, which will pump the air and clean it.

Who gets along with whom, and who should not be settled together?

Aquarium fish, as in nature, are divided into peaceful and predators. Therefore, before the acquisition must take into account this nuance.

For example, cichlids, African, piranhas are predatory fish. But nevertheless the majority of fresh-water aquarium fishes are peaceful, they perfectly coexist in one aquarium.

Only some of them require individual space. In particular, the bar of Sumatra can not be kept together with guppies or cockerels.

They barb can nibble on the fins. It is also very important to consider the size of the fish. Even a peaceful, but big-sized fish can eat its little neighbor.

So do goldfish, which eat everything that they put in their mouths.

Aquarium fish are divided into viviparous and those that lay eggs.

Viviparsing fish breed in an artificial reservoir much faster and easier. For example, guppies, swordtails, ameca, petsilia often give birth to many fry.

But the female should be removed from other fish in time, or the young fish should be quickly removed from the aquarium until other fish have eaten them.

In fish that lay their eggs, everything is much more complicated. For this process, they require a special temperature and power.

Most often, if people are engaged in fish unprofessionally, the latter do not lay eggs in the aquarium. In general, each fish lays its eggs in different ways and cares for its offspring. Some females, such as cichlids, carry eggs in their mouths.

In nature, during this period (2-3 weeks) they do not eat anything. If the female is fertilized in an aquarium, then it is better to pull the eggs out of her mouth and put them into another container, otherwise the fish will die of starvation.

Some fish lay their eggs on the surface of the water, making a nest of foam.

With that said, answering the question of what kind of fish to start with, for starters, start my advice with a viviparous, and then we’ll see. Of course, this advice is not a dogma, but in any case, before you buy fish, study all the information about it – conditions of detention, water parameters, and compatibility.

And then you start and buy.

How to care for the aquarium?

Caring for an aquarium is not only its timely cleaning, but also the use of the correct feed.
one. It is advisable not to feed the fish with live moths, as it is possible to bring an infection into the aquarium.

The alternative is frozen bloodworm or dry. It is better to feed the fish twice a day and in any case not to overfeed.

Excess feed decomposes and quickly spoils the water.
2 It is necessary to clean the aquarium once in 7-10 days.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the size of the aquarium, the number of fish, plants, equipment, etc.
3 During cleaning, clean the filters.

four. In no case do not drain all the aquarium water. It is worth pouring only 1/3 of the liquid.

If you drain all the water, the biobalance that exists in the aquarium will be disturbed.

five. Wipe bloom from the walls of the aquarium, and then add fresh water.

If necessary, add preparations to soften and purify water.

Tap water for aquarium is better not to use. It contains chlorine and heavy metals, which can be deadly to fish.

Therefore, you need to clean the impurities with special conditioners.

Diseases of aquarium fish.

The most common disease among fish is ichthyoftoriosis. People call this disease “semolina”.

The body of the fish is covered with white small grains. The fish can be cured, the main thing is to do it in time. There are special preparations for ichthyoftoriosis, which are poured into the aquarium.

At the same time it is necessary to remove filters from the aquarium.

TIP: Do not breed fish with frogs and turtles in the same aquarium. The latter are predators, so they can eat fish. In addition, the conditions of detention are different.

So, for most fish a comfortable temperature of 24-26 degrees. For turtles – 28.

Prices for the most common types of fish (young):

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