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What is needed aquarium for the successful maintenance of cockerels

The Cockerel (Betta splendens) is a temperamental fish that loves “fighting without rules”, does not tolerate neighborhoods, can breathe atmospheric air, allows itself to be stroked and hibernates. If you put in the aquarium 2nd and more of these contradictory creatures, will begin merciless battles.

Spectacular action lasts as long as there is not the strongest of Betta. However, if you put the aquarium for a rooster in a cool room, the activity of the fish is sharply reduced. Brief information about the cock allows you to define a comfortable environment for its content.

It is necessary to find out: which aquarium is better to choose, what temperature is optimal, what plants does the cockell “love”, how best to arrange the tank?

If you plan to keep several males, you need to install a partitioned aquarium

Betta – water-loving, mobile fish. She is overtaken by laziness only in cramped, excessively cold tanks. Choosing between a round, square or rectangular aquarium, it is better to opt for one of the last two.

In the round, the size of Betta is distorted, and the cockerel himself feels not the best way, since she also sees everything distorted.

One of the best options for double cockpit aquarium. It is a reservoir divided by a partition.

This design allows you to keep multiple cockerels within the same tank without the risk of losing one of them in battle. In an effort to conquer territory, cockerels will actively show each other their “plumage.”

It is a pleasure to watch them, because without a rival the fish do not actively show their outfit.

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The presence of partitions allows you to keep males and females together. It is worth considering: the females must have shelters in the form of plants, because often the dominant individuals pursue the weaker.

Mini cockpit for a rooster is a real punishment. The most commonly used are the following types: “glasses”, “nano-aquariums”. Some manufacturers claim that the capacity of 1-3 l is ideal for keeping cock.

This is not true. The fish will be under constant stress.

Deprived of the possibility of free movement, she will not show her bright “plumage” and will not live long. Bacteria will quickly accumulate in the water, and the slightest fluctuations in room temperature will affect the temperature in the tank.

It is impossible to install a filter in a small aquarium, to plant plants in which inhabitants like to hide so much, there is a high probability of overfeeding.

In a small aquarium, cockerels feel uncomfortable.

If mini-aquarium is a gift, do not get rid of it. It can restrain fry. Another idea is to create an underwater garden in a glass: put in it fancy figures, snags, plant algae.

Let the plants delight the eye, and the cock floats in a more spacious aquarium.

The required displacement for the comfortable existence of fish

For Betty’s fish, an aquarium volume of 10 or more liters is suitable. The maximum limit is not set.

The more room for the activity of the cock – the better.

In the 15-20-liter capacity, you can not only place the fish, but also “give free rein to the imagination” – plant beautiful plants, put tunnels and miniature castles.

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Looks impressive round aquarium in the form of a glass. Since the cocks are small, a 10 liter vessel will be enough to hold 1 fish. Experts still recommend using small round containers exclusively for quarantine, and there are explanations for that:

  • Round walls are harder to clean from algae with a regular scraper.
  • The bends of the glass reflect the light, objects, so the illusion of movement is created in the tank. In Betta fish, this causes additional stress, damage to vision.
  • In a round aquarium, natural aeration is worse.

If you already put a rooster in an aquarium, let it be the maximum size. At the same time you need to know how to arrange a round aquarium for a rooster. Algae should not fill the entire volume.

It is necessary to give preference to bushy plants, fixed in special containers.

Vision may be impaired in a round fish tank

Since the installation of filters is difficult, an additional change of water by a quarter of the capacity at least every 7-10 days will be required.

In the “glass” it is necessary to use a minimum of decorative elements, to abandon the layer-by-layer design of the bottom. So you can minimize the risk of bacterial contamination of the tank, and the fish will be visible from all sides.

Partitions in cockpit aquariums can be made of plastic, plexiglass or glass. The latter are more durable, their appearance does not disturb the harmony in the tank, cleaning the glass partitions is simple.

Clear glass allows the cock to see the opponent and become more active.

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Plastic dividers usually contain many holes for water circulation. So that the appearance of the grid does not bring dissonance into the harmony of the reservoir, the grids are decorated with plants.

Betta cockerel aquariums do not require serious equipment. A distinctive feature of the cockerel is the ability to breathe not only the gill, but also the labyrinth breathing apparatus.

The latter allows the fish to stay outside the water for a while and breathe atmospheric air, as well as be content with water that is weakly saturated with oxygen. Therefore, aeration equipment is not required.

An aquarium for cockerels need to be further heated.

  • Heater. When the water temperature decreases, the fish will always be at the bottom in an apathetic state.
  • Cover for the aquarium. Sometimes cockerels jump out of the tank. Although this is not typical of them, the dominant females or males, uncomfortable living conditions, can “push” on such an act.
  • Dump for highlighting. On sale there are lamps, the light of which will favorably emphasize the bright “outfit” of the fish.
  • Siphon for reading the bottom and feeder.

In general, the content of the rooster does not require extremely expensive equipment.

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You can do without filtration systems, if you regularly replace the water. However, it is worth remembering: bacteria multiply rapidly in polluted water, so a filter is not necessary but desirable.

Since cockerels live in nature in stagnant or slow-flowing water, it is necessary to establish a minimum flow of water when starting the filter. Over time, it can be strengthened, but only to the extent that the fish can cope with the flow.

Betta fish feel comfortable in a warm aquarium. The water temperature should not be below 18-25˚С, therefore it is necessary to purchase a heater with a thermostat.

It can be executed in the form of a spiral, a mat for an aquarium, a cable that runs in the ground.

To keep the aquarium warm, the tank size should not be less than 10 liters.

Because of the need to maintain the temperature balance, you need to purchase an aquarium from 10 liters. It will not be subject to temperature extremes.

Themselves Betta do not need constant lighting. However, the light is needed for the growth of plants that serve as decorations of the aquarium and a resting place for fish.

Keep the lamp is constantly on there is no need. For plants 8-5 hours of lighting per day will be enough.

Making out the aquarium for the fish-cockerel, should be as close as possible artificial habitat to the natural. Fish love to hide, burrow into stones, plants, so you should choose a smooth scenery with rounded edges.

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