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What is a nano-aquarium and what is it for?

Greetings to you, dear colleagues, on your aquarium blog. If you remember my last post in which I told what and how it grows in an aquarium, great.

Today will be an easy article about the nano-aquarium. I think everyone has heard about such a miracle of nature and not many novice aquarists know what it is.

In today’s publication, I will try to shed light on this matter as much as I can. Let’s get started!)

There are cases in life when a person wants an aquarium with fish, but the space in his apartment or house is not enough to install a large volume of water. You shouldn’t be upset in this case, since there is a way out – to get yourself a small aquarium, or the so-called nano-aquarium.

Nano-aquariums are small tanks of no more than 40 liters, or even less than two or three times. Why such aquariums have gained widespread popularity?

The fact is that in a small volume aquarium you can concentrate all the beauty of the underwater world of the aquarium.

Most nano-aquariums have the appearance of a cube, but you can find a lot of other options. Only by these parameters does a nano-bank stand on a link above any cups, glasses and balls made of glass. If you have chosen the right aquarium plants, picked up aquarium fish and other representatives of the underwater world, then such a body of water can deliver maximum enthusiasm and pleasure just like banks of large volumes.

Only the arrangement of a nano-aquarium will take you significantly less money and space in your home.

I would also like to note the following point: in order for you to change the design in a large bank, you will need to perform a bunch of operations. But in the nano-aquarium change the design will be much easier.

Due to the low weight, size and compactness, nano-banks are easier to fit into our Khrushchev small spaces. For the installation of such an aquarium, a bedside table and one uncluttered corner of a desk and a shelf in the kitchen will be suitable.

Aquariums of this nature are easier to transfer from one place to another and transported when moving. The only thing that is required at the new place is the socket, since all aquariums need electrical equipment.

When choosing a place to install a nano-aquarium, try to choose a dark place where direct sunlight does not penetrate. The main disadvantage of such aquariums is that their biological equilibrium is disturbed very, very quickly, which often leads to tragic consequences.

As a rule, the problems that have arisen cannot be eliminated and the fish die. There were cases when the chemical composition of water in a nano-aquarium changed dramatically in a couple of hours. Therefore, if you decide to nano-can, try as often as possible to monitor the condition of the aquarium water.

With infrequent replacement, the level of toxins in the biological system will start to increase dramatically, which can be very dangerous for aquatic inhabitants.

It is important for an aquarist to understand that such an aquarium and ordinary home banks are not just a decoration for the house, but a real biocenosis with its own rules, living conditions and interaction between hydrobionts and hydrophytes. The main problem of nano-cans is that it is rather difficult to maintain a constant composition of water and temperature.

And in fact, the aquarist has only one way to go: fork out properly for high-quality aquarium equipment and a company aquarium.

You can choose from small filters, carbon dioxide supply systems and a diffuser for a 10-30 liter can. If you don’t want some sophisticated equipment, you can choose the external filter, aerator, lamp and heater with a thermostat.

Another big minus is the small amount of aqua – it is quickly polluted with waste products and under-eaten food, and in addition to all this, all aquarium equipment will take some of the space away from a small volume.

Since all aquariums are inconceivable without aquatic plants, properly chosen lighting is considered a key factor in nano-aquarism. There is the option of using industrial models, where the lamp is built into the cover.

However, most of the nano-aquariums are illuminated with simple office lighting. The ideal option would be if you can install fluorescent lamps in these lamps. At this stage in the development of aquarium, you can find different heaters for your aquarium.

Many manufacturers have included in their range of automatic heaters with a capacity of 10-25 watts. There are times when thermo floor mats are installed in the nano-jar.

And if the temperature of the room where the water is located is high enough, then the jar with unpretentious fish can not be heated at all.

As you know, there are plenty of ways to filter aquarium water, but the best solution for beginner nano aquarists is to use some kind of filter. To great happiness, the choice we have now is great. Over the past few years, the list of equipment has increased significantly.

One of the most inexpensive filter solutions is to use an air-lift filter that will run on an air compressor. The only disadvantage of this solution is the noise generated by the filter during its operation.

In addition to equipment, in the market of aquarium pribombas offer a variety of decorations. It can be soils of various fractions in small packs, volumetric backgrounds, stones and snags of natural and artificial origin.

Based on this, the aquarist is offered a lot of design options for every taste, the main thing is that there is enough money for everything.

Buy nano-aquariums, try it, and you will be happy in a tiny jar of unprecedented beauty!) With you, as always, Andrei Selitsky! I was glad to talk with you) See you soon)

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