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Waterfall on glass: wall, home and street options

Undoubtedly, the waterfall on the glass – a great addition to the interior. The streams of water flowing down the glass have a beneficial effect on the human consciousness, pacifying the emotions and calming the mind.

Moreover, it has a beneficial effect on the indoor climate, making the air humidified. Another good news: this waterfall can be created personally at home.

You should consider a method of making an artificial waterfall on glass, which will be installed on the street. This design resembles a real waterfall with the only difference that water in such a waterfall flows over a glass surface.

To create such a waterfall yourself, you need:

  • timber;
  • wooden boards;
  • veneer;
  • paraffin paste;
  • masking tape;
  • tempered glass of the right size;
  • thin sediment for water circulation;
  • plastic pipe;
  • brackets with fasteners;
  • decorative stones.

With the help of wooden boards it is necessary to make a box suitable for the size of the glass. The inner part of this design should be treated with paraffin paste. This will save the wood from contact with water.

Besides, wood treatment with antiseptic agents is necessary.

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The basis can be taken part of the frame. To make it, you need a bar.

The internal dimensions of the structure itself should allow the box to fit inside the frame and take a stable position.

When the box has already been placed inside, its bottom and walls are lined with plastic wrap, preferably of a dark color, opaque. The film is used to completely seal the structure.

For this purpose, it is possible to peel the film in several layers.

Then you will need to cut 2 boards of the same size as the height of the glass. Their function – fixing the glass wall on the box.

Veneer will be needed as a finish. Wooden lining may also be suitable for this purpose.

In the center of the box is mounted tempered glass, above which is installed the board for fixing the glass. When this work has been completed, you can proceed to the installation of the pump and the connection of plastic pipes through which water will circulate.

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To attach the pipes to the side posts, you need to use special rings that are sold in the plumbing shop. The top tube is additionally equipped with a hole so that the outflowing liquid enters the top of the glass. The size of the hole can be arbitrary.

For a start, a small one is usually done, and then, if necessary, it can be increased.

After that, the frame must be sheathed with special material intended for these purposes, and then painted. Wooden construction components covered with a transparent water-repellent lacquer.

As a decor, stones are placed inside the box, after which water is poured into its lower part and the pump is turned on.

After connecting the pump to the electrical network should check the operation of the fountain. As an additional decoration, you can create color effects using LED backlighting.

You can also do your own hands to create a home waterfall, which will organically look in the bedroom or living room.

To create this masterpiece you will need the following materials:

  • organic glass (the size is selected individually);
  • bulbs and other materials to create a backlight;
  • compressor (least noisy);
  • vinyl hose;
  • check valve.

Before starting work, you should make a drawing of the future waterfall. It is necessary to take into account such qualities as compactness and convenience of location.

The width and height of the product should be calculated based on the parameters of the room.

The upper part of the structure should be equipped with an additional cover to protect the product from dirt and dust.

To give the waterfall not only aesthetics, but also functionality, you can install lighting in it. Neon waterproof lamps should be used for this purpose., which are sold in hardware stores.

Their characteristic feature is a bright light that water is not able to drown out. The location of these lamps is also chosen at its own discretion.

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To create a home waterfall on glass, it is necessary to develop a scheme in which its size and parameters, the materials for each part, the installation location of the lighting and the overhead, the nature of the finish will be specified.

The very first to build a foundation for the future of the glass waterfall. The main requirements for it – good strength and tightness. Its dimensions should allow the glass wall to easily fit in it.

Then you need to install a check valve, power supply elements and an air supply system.

Do not forget that the valve turns off the water supply, as well as its full freezing. Moreover, you should pre-organize the backlight.

For this you can use both neon and LED lamps. After installation, you should definitely check their work.

This is followed by the installation of organic glass, after which the backlight operation is additionally checked.

At the bottom of the pallet is placed a glass container with water. It is imperative to maintain the same water level in order to ensure proper operation of the system. Oxygen bubbles supplied with water should have the same shape and size.

To achieve this effect, you need an acrylic sprayer with additional holes. By adjusting them, you can achieve excellent results during the supply of water.

Then you need to decide where the water tank will be located. It can be mounted in the upper part of the structure or in the junction of the floor and the foundation. First, wash the glass surface using window cleaner.

It should also be borne in mind that for such a structure should be used only distilled water that has been cleaned.

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To make a wall waterfall on the glass, you need to know some of the nuances. This waterfall will be installed on the wall, and the cost of the hand-made product will be 3-4 times cheaper than the one purchased at the store.

Waterfall decor can be thought of based on your own taste. However, the principle of creating such a product will always be the same.

For work you will need:

  • pump;
  • pipes;
  • fittings, gutters, plugs;
  • transparent hose;
  • plastic pipe plugs;
  • polyurethane adhesive;
  • gloves.

Using glue, fasten together the separate parts of the future structure. To give a more aesthetic appearance, you can use colored glass, as well as varnish with stain.

In addition, you will need tin, wood veneer, waterproof plywood, wood, rags, wires and lamps.

It should acquire sandpaper, antiseptic for wooden surfaces, sealant, LEDs, as well as various screws for fastening parts.

As in the previous case, first of all it will be necessary to build a wooden box using plywood or planks. Its dimensions depend on the size of the mounted glass. The joints of the elements of wood are attached to each other with adhesive tape.

Internal joints are treated with paraffin paste.

Before starting work, you need to put paraffin resin and an accelerator in a plastic vessel, and then mix the composition well. Then a previously diluted resin is poured into the box, evenly distributed over the entire surface with a spatula. After this procedure, the product is left to dry.

Then, after the final drying, this process is repeated again in order to achieve complete watertightness of the surface.

It should be noted that even before drying, small glass pieces are dipped into the resin to create a decor.

When the last layer of resin has frozen, the wood form is disassembled, resulting in the formation of a resin structure, which will serve as the bottom. From the top of the structure should retreat 2.5 centimeters and make a hole, a similar hole must be made from the opposite side.

It is necessary to prepare the boards, which will serve as a framework for the maintenance of glass. Using them, you need to make 2 boxes, one of which will be located at the top, and the other – at the bottom.

Boards should be pre-treated with an antiseptic substance. Applying the veneer, you can decorate the slats, which serve as partitions.

To the veneer had time to dry, you should wait about twelve hours.

Then you need to level the surface with sandpaper and open it with a stain. When the latter is completely dry, you need to remove the dust from the surface layer and open it with varnish.

To combine the 2 boxes, you need nails. Roofing material for waterproofing is laid over these boxes.

A hole is made in the back wall for a hose through which water will flow. The top of the box supplied with screws in the form of hooks, the distance between which should be identical. Set the bar, which divides the structure in half.

It is set backlight.

Next, you need to prepare a PVC pipe, in which 6 holes are made, the distance between which should be 5 cm. On one side there is a plug attached to the pipe, and on the second – an L-shaped adapter.

The pipe is secured with staples on the bar for distribution purposes.

Mounting of tin is made with galvanized coated screws. The pipe is fixed so that during the operation of the structure it is evenly poured water.

The LED lamps are mounted on the distribution bar, and the extension is mounted on the upper part of the body, where the pump and the hose will also be located.

After that, secure the front plate on the bottom box. The plastic pipe is used to make the gutter, on both sides of which you need to fasten the plugs. The container is filled with water and placed inside the box, and the hose is placed in the water and attached to the pump.

After the work done, it is necessary to turn on the pump and the lighting in order to check their work.

Boxes are mounted on the wall with brackets that can be toned to match the color of the walls. The hose through which the water supply will be carried out must be fixed to the wall.

If necessary, you can make more holes on the hose or increase their diameter.

Watching water flow through the glass is a soothing and pleasant sight. Interior decoration using a waterfall is very popular in various types of premises. This design is suitable for apartments, offices, hotels, supermarkets, shopping centers and other places.

In the winter and summer periods, the air in the room becomes too dry, which negatively affects the health of people in that room.

An artificial waterfall will help humidify the air, banish fatigue and lift your spirits. In addition, it can be made by hand, given your own taste and preferences.

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