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Water aquarium pumps and pumps: features of work

In order to bring the aquatic environment in the aquarium to the natural conditions, aquarists use special equipment. It is impossible to achieve this without an aquarium pump: a compressor and a filter at the same time. It can create current, make waterfalls and streams in an aquarium, pump water into water sterilizers or filtration systems.

The pump in the aquarium is needed to maintain the water level in the tank, and if the model is equipped with a foam sponge, it helps to remove organic matter from the water.

Today, manufacturers produce aquarium pumps and pumps of various models. To choose the right device, various factors need to be considered. Particular attention should be paid to the technical characteristics of the equipment:

  1. View device. Based on the conditions of use, they are external, submersible and universal. The first are fixed outside the aquarium, the second are under water and are more often used by aquarists. Universal devices can stand on both sides.
  2. Performance. It should be at least 3 times and a maximum of 5 times the volume of the tank. The capacity of the device is indicated in the technical documentation of the manufacturer.
  3. Power. It is more economical to choose a water pump for an aquarium with a small capacity, as it works continuously, but it should be enough for the aquatic environment in the tank to be comfortable.
  4. Material. All types of devices have a plastic case. The only difference is in the raw materials from which the engine axis is made. In freshwater aquariums, the axis is metal, and in salt water tanks it is ceramic.
  5. Noise Unlike a compressor, pumps are less noisy. The level of this indicator is indicated in the passport of the device.

Need to pay attention to device manufacturers. Do not buy cheap appliances unknown brands.

As a rule, they are low-power, noisy, quickly fail and do not have a warranty period.

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Pumps can perform various functions. – create current, purify water, work on water replacement.

Pump-flow – a device that was originally created for saltwater aquariums, but has found wide application for fresh water. With its help, the layers of liquid are mixed and create the effect of flow, which some animals like so much.

The advantage of the device in a wide and diffused stream of water expelled and silent operation.

The pomp-filter for an aquarium cleans the liquid from mechanical impurities, driving it through a special sponge. From the reservoir, water is captured through a sponge, cleaned there and returned to the aquarium. In the upgraded models, coal is added to the bowl of the device for chemical reaction.

This device requires special care, it and the aquarium should be cleaned regularly.

Pump for pumping liquid is used to replace water in aquariums with a large volume. It is enough to pick up a hose that is attached at one end to the device, and at the other end to the discharge point, in order to quickly drain the liquid and replace it with a new one.

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Aquarium should be maintained systematically, including the equipment used. A simple pump consists of a plastic cup in which a sponge filter is placed, tubes for fluid and a motor.

Before cleaning any kind of devices it must be turned off.

Aquarists recommend that the external device be completely cleaned no more than once every 6 months and in case of emergency when the liquid pressure drops sharply. Cleaning steps:

  • disassemble the device;
  • wash the tubes with running water;
  • Wash the filter with aquarium water.

Internal pump service as needed. The plastic case is cleaned of plaque with brushes, and the filter material is washed with aquarium water.

To keep the sponges of the device clean longer, you should turn off the device while feeding the fish, then the food will not get on the filter. As soon as the animals eat, the device turns on again.

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With the help of the pump you can maintain the necessary microflora in the aquarium. When choosing equipment should be given preference to leading manufacturers, specializing in aquarium equipment:

  1. Eheim. German manufacturer of devices for aquariums. He is the world leader in instruments that are renowned for their durability and reliability. The manufacturer provides the buyer with a warranty for 3 years.
  2. Resum. The pumps of this company meet all the necessary requirements. They are highly efficient and virtually silent. The advantage of devices in the economical consumption of electricity.
  3. Hailea. The company manufactures devices with low pressure water supply. For easy control of fluid flow, instruments are equipped with a switching regulator. With the help of rubber suction cups, the device is easily attached to the aquarium.
  4. Aquael. The ease of maintenance differ apparatus of the Polish manufacturer. Their high efficiency is ideal for aerating water. All models are equipped with a continuously variable control system, which makes it possible to regulate the flow of liquid in any volume.
  5. Tunze. The manufacturer relies on accurate reproduction of the flow pattern by the pump. They are characterized by good performance, compactness and quiet speed.

Modern devices are able to eliminate pollution, move water layers, maintain temperature balance, the amount of oxygen needed and a constant flow of microorganisms and beneficial bacteria.

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To prevent injury during operation of the device, you should follow safety precautions. Before using the device, you need to read the safety instructions drawn up by the manufacturer.

The danger of using the device is that it works in water and improper operation can lead to electric shock. Mandatory rules include the following:

  1. If water gets on the electrical components or they become wet, you need to disconnect the device from the power source and wipe it dry thoroughly.
  2. Do not turn on the pump if the cable is damaged, it is malfunctioning, or there are other problems.
  3. It is necessary to turn off the device before cleaning, disassembling, starting.
  4. Do not allow the pump to run dry.

In any case, it is better not to try, if there are problems in the operation of electrical equipment, to troubleshoot the problem yourself, you must contact the customer service.

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