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Vacation and aquarium

We want to dispel doubts from people who want to buy aquarium, However, they are hesitant to do so due to fairly frequent business trips. Also, the article will be able to explain how what to do with the aquarium when you go on vacation, business trip, etc.

And so, you are going on a business trip / vacation / fishing. You come to the aquarium and you are perplexedly thinking, considering how much feed to pour aquarium fish, so that they do not die of hunger (after all, no one will be at home). And also about where, after returning, to buy a friend a batch of fish and a gas mask, since last time they found fish in an aquarium, swimming belly up, and the smell was as if the sewer had burst.

In general, “cheerful” and “funny”, and I want to jump for joy. Let’s try to break such a course of events and deprive the pet shop seller and gas distributor of the next profit.

Where to begin? – soil cleaning
First, let’s clean the ground. It is advisable to do a soil siphon in stages, so that the soil can be cleaned as much as possible, so you need to start preparing for departure a few days or a week.

For example, siphoning on Monday is 30 percent of the bottom, on Wednesday – also 30, on Friday (if you leave on Friday or Saturday) – the remaining 40 percent. If you siphon the ground more than two times a week, then skips should be skipped.

As a result, the siphon schedule will be as follows: 30 percent of the area of ​​the aquarium – Wednesday-Thursday, the remaining 40 percent – Friday. The last siphon is performed on the day of departure or on the day of departure.

The second – the replacement of water in the aquarium
Before you leave, the frequency of water changes must be doubled, for example, if you changed water twice a week at 30 percent, then you need to do them every other day, starting a few days before departure, in this case two or four changes every other day. It is necessary to adjust the substitution so as to finish the last day before departure or on the day of departure, of course, if there is such an opportunity, as with the bottom siphon.

Third – cleaning aquarium filters
The day before departure or on the day of departure you need to rinse and clean the aquarium filter.

Fourth – food plants and fish
Again, three to five days before departure, it is necessary to transfer the aquatic inhabitants to a lightweight ration. Slightly reduce the amount of feed and remove from the diet feed, which greatly spoil the water.

Before leaving the plants should not be given bait, which are made on an organic basis to preserve water in maximum purity.

Fifth – cleaning glasses, plants, decorations
It is better to clean it, especially if there are Vietnamese or other illegal migrants in the aquarium, and there are few and no vegetarian fish.

The sixth is the temperature
Before leaving, it is better to set the water temperature one or two degrees lower than usual, this will allow you to slow down all biological processes in the aquarium. But if you keep the fish at the lower thresholds of temperature, then no longer need to lower the temperature.

This is the whole list of necessary actions when leaving and in the absence of the opportunity to care for the aquarium. Such thorough preparation is enough for a month’s absence. In principle, many fish tolerate a painless hunger strike without much damage.

The only disadvantage is an increase in aggressiveness towards juveniles and relatives, when there is no food, they are considered as lunch, and after a long hunger strike, habits are preserved. If the trip lasts less, then you can prepare the aquarium less carefully.

Quite an important detail. If you want to leave and trust untrained people to your aquarium and its inhabitants, having received the promise to feed the fish, then these people should certainly replace the water.

This is necessary so that the harmful substances for the fish do not accumulate harmful substances, which are formed as the feed that has got into the aquarium is processed. If you do not change, then it is better not to feed the fish. And one more rather important detail on the account of feeding fish by untrained people – many people overfeed fish.

In order not to spoil the water and avoid the consequences of overfeeding, it is necessary to pack food for portions – 1 portion – 1 feeding.

In general, after returning from vacation, your fish are safe and sound. The first desire to give poor fellows food (if they did not take care of the aquarium), otherwise they were completely starved. A logical rush … but wrong.

First you need to rinse the filter, siphon the soil and change about 20 percent of the water, and then feed it a little. The transition to the normal mode of feeding is carried out smoothly within a week.

It is worth considering that it is necessary to perform all actions gradually, a sharp change for the better environment for fish is destructive as well as a sharp deterioration.

Warning. It should be ready for outbreaks of various diseases during the procedure and for several weeks after their termination. Fish that are weakened by changes in water parameters, starvation and backward changes are sensitive to different infections.

It is better to refrain from sharing in the aquarium novices for a given time.

And yet, it is a very common practice among aquarists to add some salt to the water, with fish being affected, this is considered to be a very good preventive and therapeutic agent. In particular, they like to salt the live beetle, they are generally recommended to salt water in a prosperous aquarium.

Here it is necessary to take into account the following fact: if the water has not changed for a long time, and the biofilter operation proceeded normally, then after arrival in the aquarium, high concentrations of nitrate can be detected (the opposite situation can occur with a sufficient number of plants), and nitrate toxicity increases in salt water, therefore it is worthwhile to salt water in such aquariums until you are sure that the concentration of nitrate is low. And in general, due to the fact that the fish is weakened during this period, treatment with various potent drugs must be approached very carefully.

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