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Tips for making a cabinets under the aquarium do it yourself

Underwater world and its inhabitants for creatures of the land like a fairy tale. The play of light in the water, the glare on the scales, the rapid strokes of fish of different colors and shapes – all this is fascinating and captivating.

But the more such tanks, the more difficult they are to operate. This applies not only to the artificial house, but also to the furniture around it.

In particular, thumbs for an aquarium require particularly careful selection.

If the cabinet under the aquarium takes up a lot of space – it should be functional

It is not always possible to buy a suitable bedside table, because there are a great many aquariums from very small for 10–15 liters to giants for 1000 and more liters. If you plan to keep more than one fish, but several species, but there is a problem where to place the tank, a volume within 100 liters would be a good option.

The larger the size of the future aquarium, the more possible forms he may have:

  • cylinders;
  • cubes and forms close to them;
  • parallelepipeds;
  • prisms with different bases;
  • crescent.

Types of tables or pedestals will differ depending on the selected configuration of the aquarium. For example, angular supports are well suited for a triangular prism, and round or square for a cylindrical bulb with a side equal to or slightly larger than the diameter of the tank.

Manufacturers of aquariums do not always provide a stand with it. Therefore, lovers of the underwater world have to make aquarium pedestals with their own hands or order them in a carpentry workshop, since not all furniture will be able to withstand this increased load.

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There are a number of characteristics that distinguish aquarium stand from a simple dresser. If the capacity is small, then the aquarium can be put on a regular shelf, without wasting time and effort on a homemade nightstand.

In the absence of factory-made options, the do-it-yourself cabinet for the aquarium may be a bit cheaper. But the main thing – it will be performed under a certain tank and will easily fit into the interior of the apartment.

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It is worth starting preparation with the choice and development of the drawing. The cabinet for the aquarium must withstand considerable loads, i.e. it must have a good margin of safety.

Do not forget about the convenient compartments, which have banks with food, various care products and so on. There are some general tips:

  1. Design for containers over 100 liters must be reinforced with a metal frame. For small aquariums suitable bars with a cross section of 50 to 50 mm.
  2. The main load falls on the back wall of the cabinet, so when installing it is recommended to fix it between the side walls.
  3. Additional stiffeners are installed for every 30-50 cm length of the tabletop to avoid sagging. The slightest unevenness or imbalance of the whole bedside table can lead to the appearance of cracks at the bottom of the container.
  4. The thickness of the table top and the back wall should be at least 22 mm, the side racks and additional edges 18 mm.
  1. Wheels legs are extremely undesirable for this type of construction. They have the smallest margin of safety, but to move such a colossus anyway will not work.
  2. When choosing the legs focus on their strength. It should be metal, but not made of thin aluminum, adjustable feet. The optimal number is twice that of the total number of partitions and side walls.
  3. The best option would be to install the cabinet directly on a carefully leveled floor. This will minimize distortions when installing the aquarium.
  4. An important question – the choice of height. As a rule, the aquarium is located in the recreational zone, which means that they will look at it from a sitting position. In this case, the height of the table for the aquarium ranges from 60 to 70 cm.

The last item is easy to check. You need a comfortable chair, a three-liter canister filled with water, and an assistant. One person sits in a chair or on a sofa, and the second changes the position of the jar, to which several balls are added for clarity.

When the contemplation of the balls will be most comfortable, measure the height from the floor to the bottom of the tank.

Drawing cabinets will help avoid errors in its assembly

Creating a drawing cabinets under the aquarium, it is worth thinking about her appointment. As a rule, it houses external pumping equipment and filters, as well as food that does not require special storage conditions.

This means that when designing, it is necessary to lay holes for communications, and when choosing a place, make sure that there is a power outlet nearby.

As a rule, in the extreme side compartments behind the doors external filters are hidden, and in the middle part open shelves are made. However, if there is little communication with the aquarium, then you can consider the option of installing additional shelves and even drawers.

The final stage in the development of the drawing will be the choice of the external facade. These can be special panels corresponding to the overall design of the room, or simple overhead slats.

The latter are particularly suitable for country style, dominated by wood.

Externally, the aquarium should fit into the overall interior of the room

Knowing the design features and the purpose of this piece of furniture, it is with great responsibility to approach the choice of material from which the table for the aquarium will be made. With your own hands make it easy, If all elements are harmoniously combined with each other:

  1. Materials must be moisture resistant. When choosing chipboard or MDF, you should make sure that their coating is not afraid of water, and the ends are treated with PVC edge. When wet, these plates swell and lose strength, which can lead to damage to the aquarium itself.
  2. Solid wood is treated with linseed oil and varnished, before installing capacity.
  3. It is not necessary to carry out the cabinet entirely of metal, as it is also exposed to water, and during corrosion it loses substantially in bearing capacity. In addition, rust does not improve the appearance of the stand.

With tools and experience, cutting and chroming can be done at home. However, it is better to contact a furniture factory.

Here the sheets will be cut exactly according to the drawings with the alignment of the corners and gaps, and the edge will be held without bubbles and lumps of glue.

Screws, confirmators, shkanty – all this should be enough so that in the midst of the assembly did not have to run to the store, looking for missing fittings. Do not forget about the hinges and door handles.

From tools, at least, you need a screwdriver or screwdriver. When assembled on screws, a simple drill will suffice, but with confirmatics (euro screws) it is more difficult. Here you will have to either buy a special drill or drill a hole in two steps using drills of different diameters.

In addition, the holes for the euro screw are always necessary, otherwise they will tear the part in the place of assembly, and then all efforts will go down the drain.

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