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The water in the aquarium quickly becomes cloudy.

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Why does the water in the aquarium with fish quickly become turbid :: should the auto-oil in the frost grow turbid :: Aquarium fish

The aquarium is not only an interior decoration, but first and foremost an ecosystem that lives according to the laws common to all ecosystems. It is stable when there is a biological and chemical equilibrium in it.

An imbalance immediately affects the appearance of the aquarium, and primarily the quality of the water.

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Turbidity in the aquarium is usually caused by the massive development of various bacteria. Where do bacteria come from?

They, like other microbes, enter the aquarium with fish and plants. Their source can also be soil, fish food and even air with which water is in contact.

A certain number of bacteria is always present in each of the elements of the ecosystem. In a certain amount, they are harmless to other inhabitants of the aquarium.

At the same time the water remains clean and clear. With the mass reproduction of bacteria, you will definitely encounter two or three days after filling the aquarium with fresh water.

This is due to the fact that in the absence of a sufficient number of other organisms, bacteria begin to multiply rapidly. Outwardly, it looks like a light whitish or nacreous homogeneous dregs.

The process of reproduction of bacteria goes faster if there are plants and soil in the aquarium.

After another 3-5 days, the clouding disappears. This is due to the appearance of ciliates in the aquarium water, which are intensively eaten by bacteria.

There comes a moment of equilibrium of the ecosystem. From this point on, fish can be settled in the aquarium.

Plants need to be taken from an aquarium with healthy inhabitants.

The clouding of the water in an aquarium where there are already fish can be caused by an organic slurry. The suspension is formed from the waste products of fish and plants, as well as improper feeding and an excess of dry food.

To control the suspension, aquarium filters are used, including biological ones, in which organics are actively absorbed by bacteria living on the filter material. Mandatory measures are also cleaning the bottom, removal of dead parts of plants, dead organisms, excreta.

The rapid turbidity of the water in an aquarium with living fish can be a manifestation of an imbalance and may be the first symptom of the disease of the entire ecosystem. For example, precede the blooming of water.

In this case, the aquarium has a large volume, frequent full change of water in it is impractical. It is easier to restore biological balance by adjusting the light mode and replacing only part of the water.

In large aquariums, biological balance is easier to maintain than in small ones, but it lasts longer. Branching crustaceans (daphnias, moinas, basmins, etc.), which feed on bacteria, are good feeds for fish are good sinkers of dregs. A mandatory equilibrium factor should be considered aeration and filtration of water.

Filters should be cleaned regularly.

Water in an aquarium quickly becomes turbid: what reasons can?

Nothing has such a fascinating effect on humans as the movement of fish in a home aquarium. Yes, you can spend hours enjoying the view of a virtual aquarium, looking at a computer monitor.

You can watch the fish on the TV screen. You can, in extreme cases, go to the aquarium and see the real, living fish.

But the brightest, most impressive observations gets the owner of this home aquarium.
However, the whole impression of the observed spoils the muddy, green water. Why does the water in the aquarium quickly grow cloudy?

The reason for this may be either improper replacement of water, or improper feeding of fish.
Muddy, polluted water sometimes leads to the death of plants or even fish. At the first filling of a new aquarium with water, the so-called “bacterial outbreak” occurs, when single-celled organisms start to multiply very rapidly. Therefore, you can not immediately run the fish into the aquarium.

We must wait until the water is clear, i.e. balance in the water. Water at this time is not necessary to change, because again it will become cloudy.

Fish are settled into the “new house” in six to seven days, and to speed up the restoration of balance, you can add water from the old aquarium.
The water in the aquarium becomes cloudy in the case when the fish are regularly overfed. The little inhabitants of the aquarium eat so funny, so they want to feed them endlessly. But not eaten food settles on the bottom, on the walls of the aquarium and leads to pollution of the water itself.

The situation is further complicated by the falling of the remnants of feed between the stones, in the ground, where it is not visible.
With poor filtration, the water in the aquarium also becomes cloudy and therefore it is important to have a good water purification system, since the decomposition of products can cause poisoning and death of the inhabitants of the aquarium.
If a lot of organic matter has accumulated at the bottom of the aquarium or there is a surplus of sunlight, then microscopic plants grow rapidly and water blooms. You can fight blooming by reducing the illumination of the aquarium with direct sunlight.

And if you move the aquarium to a darker place is impossible, then you just need to temporarily block it from the sun with some transparent material. most often this is done using ordinary tracing paper.
When, on the contrary, light is not enough, the algae begin to die off, rot and become brown in color. When a specific smell of turbid water is heard at the same time, the rapid growth of blue-green algae can be the cause.
When the water in the aquarium becomes cloudy, what to do will prompt you to close observations.
If you have determined that the cause of turbidity is overpopulation of the aquarium, then you need to urgently reduce the number of fish or strengthen water purification.
When the water in the aquarium becomes cloudy because the half-eaten food remains on the bottom, reduce the portions or settle the fish that live on the bottom and feed on food that has settled on the bottom. Feed must be completely eaten in 5 to 10 minutes.
When water blooms, you must either replace the aquarium, or install a new, good lighting system.
To prevent algae from growing in the aquarium, add snails or fish that feed on vegetation. This will save you from decomposition of plants in the water, and, therefore, from clouding.
It must be remembered that a good filtration system is necessary to maintain the aquarium. When the water in the aquarium becomes cloudy, it adds special additives that allow you to clean the water. But this should not be done, because living water is the interaction of microorganisms that live in it.

Create certain conditions and wait a bit, and the correct balance will be restored. And wrong actions can lead to even greater imbalances.

A significant role in maintaining balance in the aquarium and plays the correct replacement of water. Need to change a small amount of water!

With a small volume of aquarium water in the aquarium becomes cloudy and this leads to the death of the inhabitants of your underwater world. First you need to check the quality of the water, the temperature and its acidity, and only then start the replacement.

In a new aquarium, water must be changed three months after establishing balance.
Therefore, it is immediately necessary to acquire the necessary correct equipment for the aquarium, and only then populate the fish.

What to do if the water in the aquarium dimmed :: The water in the aquarium dimmed what to do :: Care and education

Novice aquarists often encounter the phenomenon of clouding the water in an aquarium. This can happen for various reasons and it is important to know how to solve this problem quickly, so as not to harm its inhabitants.

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Some newcomers are in a hurry to equip their first aquarium and populate it with fish. Therefore, after a few hours the water becomes turbid with a whitish tinge.

This is due to the violation of the biological balance – the number of bacteria increases dramatically. Water must first go through a period of “ripening”. To do this, you first need to plant aquarium plants, pour the water that has settled for two days and leave the aquarium for several days.

During this time, the water will become transparent, sometimes slightly greenish. Biological balance will be restored and now you can run the fish.

In some cases, and in a long-functioning aquarium, the mass reproduction of bacteria begins, this happens when there are a lot of fish and the aquarium is not cared for. In this case, you should do a general cleaning.

Sow the fish in another container, clean the soil, remove excess plants, replace the water and wait a few days until the water is clear – the balance will not return to normal.

Sometimes water can become cloudy if you give a lot of dry food. Fish eat it poorly, the remnants begin to rot, which contributes to the proliferation of bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to switch to the use of live food, for example, bloodworms.

It should be given at the rate of up to 5 pieces per medium fish. Also great help in the destruction of uneaten remnants of food provide snails, but their numbers also need to be controlled.

Under the wrong light, the water may turn green, become muddy, and a raid appears on the glasses, plants and decorations. This is due to the rapid increase in the amount of algae. In such cases, make the replacement of the third part of the water 1 time per week, run the fish that eat algae, strengthen or, conversely, reduce the lighting.

Be sure to turn on water filtration. Remove plaque from windows with a special scraper.

The problem of turbidity is easier to prevent than to eliminate. Therefore, follow a few rules:

– do not change the water in the aquarium completely, except for emergency measures;
– adjust the amount of feed, normally it should be eaten with fish for 10-15 minutes;
– watch the number of fish in the aquarium, do not allow overcrowding;
– regularly replace water;
– Do not forget to remove overgrown plants, clean the soil and filter the water.

What to do if the water in the aquarium is turbid :: the water in the aquarium becomes cloudy what to do :: Aquarium fish

Occasionally water at aquarium starts to grow cloudy. There are many reasons why this process occurs.

It can be associated with both the vital activity of fish and the quality of food, as well as with various objects inside the aquarium, including the filter. In itself, the turbidity of water in aquarium harmless, but you still need to identify and eliminate the causes of this phenomenon.

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In most cases, the reason for the turbidity of water becomes the mass reproduction of bacteria. If your aquarium is new, you can not worry – this is a completely normal phenomenon, which will eventually pass.

If your aquarium has “matured” for a long time, be sure to transplant the fish into another container and change the water. Sometimes water begins to cloud due to improper use of chemicals. Therefore, once again carefully re-read the instructions to detect your mistake, and then transplant the fish into another aquarium, as there is a risk of poisoning. fish.

These products include, for example, fresh meat or improperly thawed feed. In this case, change the diet of the inhabitants of the aquarium, using high-quality food.

Sometimes water begins to be painted in different, not at all characteristic tones. In most cases, this is due to the color of the decorations of the aquarium.

For example, peat or wood colors water brown, while pink gravel gives the water a reddish tint. In most cases, this phenomenon is not dangerous for fish.

In order to get rid of strange shades, simply treat the water with the help of tablets of activated carbon, as they are excellent absorbents. Water may become cloudy as a result of lifting substances that have accumulated in the substrate of the aquarium. The release of such a substance can occur as a result of the activities of the fish or the person himself.

On this occasion, do not worry – the mule should get a filtration system. If a water starts to grow cloudy, then be sure to check the filter – it is possible that it is broken or not working sufficiently intensively. Quite often, dead fish cause water pollution.

In big aquarium it is quite difficult to notice a small dead fish that has sunk to the bottom. Therefore, try as often as possible to check the aquarium and its pets.

When a dead fish is found, immediately catch it from the water, as it begins to decompose very quickly.

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