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The use of reverse osmosis in an aquarium – the pros and cons

The first and perhaps the most important requirement for the maintenance of life in an aquarium is the creation and observance of all the most necessary conditions for the possibility of its existence.
If the filtration is organized correctly, then it is likely to completely avoid the appearance of any harmful or toxic impurities that are characteristic of polluted water. This may be ammonia and nitrates, as well as other chemical elements.

Usually, to avoid the accumulation of all this, and at the same time clean the aquarium, they simply change the water.

However, it is quite tedious, it can take a lot of time, and you have to change it quite often. Moreover, frequent changes of water can negatively affect the inhabitants of the aquarium, as its quality changes from time to time, sometimes not to the best. And the use of water, worse in quality than the previous one, is a very negative factor for the microworld, sometimes leading to the death of some inhabitants or the destruction of certain substances.

As an alternative, you can apply special filters that perform denitrifying work, that is, remove nitrates from water.

You can also create an improvised system of water circulation, when the old is gradually evacuated and a new one is poured in without disturbing the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the aquarium. If the first method can be used in any large aquarium, for example, installed in public places, then the second is more suitable for private use.

However, the benefit of such a campaign is doubtful, since in the first case a considerable amount will be spent on the purchase of special solutions, in the second – unacceptable bills for water consumption.

And so, the German developers have found a more convenient way, which is offered to aquarium lovers, this is an osmosis filter. The whole process, in this case, is quite simply implemented, which should only be at the hands of many aquarium lovers.

He is able to get rid of many problems or simply reduce their routine in the daily life of an aquarium lover.

In principle, about the existence of reverse osmosis, people involved in aquariums, have known each other for quite some time. Such plants are usually used where you need to get distilled water, instead of the usual water exchange columns or distillers operating on an electrical basis. It can also be used to soften water, in order to increase comfort for the inhabitants of the aquarium world, since tap water is not the softest for this.

However, for some reason, almost no one uses this method for filtering.

German developers just the same and offered to use such a system when creating a filter. This system has the following objectives: it is to reduce the cost required for water consumption, if a circulation system is installed.

Further, this will improve the stability and quality of living conditions of the inhabitants of the aquarium, as well as for their breeding. To a greater extent, this applies to those organisms that need soft water for life.

And finally, the use of this technology can reduce the amount of time spent on cleaning the aquarium. But we all remember how sometimes it is too lazy to even think about what you need to clean the aquarium, drain the water, and clean it for a long time.

For the successful operation of such a system, it is necessary that fresh water is supplied to the aquarium, and the old one is discharged. However, on a fresh day, very little is needed, approximately one percent of the total volume of the aquarium.

Usually for this purpose I use some capacity where water and concentrate are fed, and also excess water is drawn from the aquarium itself. To protect the pump pumping water, it is necessary to use a special prefilter. It will protect the entrance of the pumping hole from debris, small stones and organic remains.

The filter should also be flushed regularly to increase pump efficiency. Other filters downstream of the pump may also be used.

This is done in order to extend the life of some of the most expensive parts of it, which is quite justified.

Next, you should take care of the acquisition of pressure gauges. This will allow you to control the pressure throughout the area responsible for the water supply.

In case of deviations, check the pump or replace the filters. It is advisable to glance at the manometer readings more often, since pressure is a rather important parameter, in the absence of which at least water stagnation in the aquarium can form, and maybe something more serious.

So, if the design is already available and assembled, you should pay attention to the following points. First of all, you need to check whether the main line was filled with water.

This is necessary to check due to the fact that idle pump operation leads to rapid wear of some of its parts, and not the cheapest. Further, during the operation of the osmosis filter, it is necessary to take care of the timely change of water in the tank from which it directly takes water and concentrate. The degree of mineralization of water is also important, since if it is high, it is a threat to the membrane.

To normal operation, such a filter usually comes out in ten or twenty days. The main thing is to take care of all the above all this time and then everything will be fine.

If the question arises of controlling the hardness of water in an aquarium, then this parameter is influenced by two parameters: the performance of the filter itself and the amount of water that is fed into the aquarium. The more productive the filter is, the softer the water will be, since it will be able to fully process all that volume that will be fed into the aquarium.

Further, it should be remembered that the most vulnerable point of such a design is a pump that holds pressure on the entire line. Although it all depends on which of the pumps is used, for example, diaphragm pumps do not work for too long, it’s better to install a timer along with them.

If there is a desire to get rid of a headache in the form of pump reliability, it is best to purchase a rotation-slide type pump. It will cost more, but the filter will last longer.

In any case, if you are thinking about installing a filter of this type, you should get acquainted with all the nuances and possible difficulties in advance.

In general, the use of such a filter is fully justified, since it can quite significantly reduce the amount of water consumed, and various solutions, impurities, and more expensive filters. It is not clear why so far this filtration method has not been widely used here, because sometimes the use of reverse osmosis is the most profitable and simple compared to other options.

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