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The most necessary accessories for the aquarium

Good day, dear readers. In today’s article we will touch on the topic of auxiliary equipment for the aquarium. As you know, aquarium equipment is divided into main and auxiliary.

The main factors include heater, lamp, filter and compressor. And what concerns auxiliary, we will consider below.

The first in line for consideration is the sprayer, which is used in aeration of the aquarium. Sprayers come in many forms and shapes, but for yourself you have to figure out one thing. The more bubbles it produces and the smaller their diameter, the greater their total area, and accordingly, the aquarium water will be better saturated with oxygen.

Of all the variety of existing sprayers, only wooden can release the smallest bubbles. In addition, wooden sprayers have the lowest pressure drop.

However, such devices serve only a month or two.

Another thing is spraying their ceramics, they will serve you much longer. But like all consumables, they will also have to be changed, because their pores will become clogged with time and the amount of air blown will regularly decrease.

Why is it only the tree that has the ability to spray more small bubbles? The fact is that the wood structure is homogeneous and porous, while for other materials it is strongly sintered.

The second significant reason is that the tree is moistened more easily with water. If you do not want to buy wooden sprays in the store, do it yourself. You only need to take a wooden knot and insert it into the tube.

Only the knot first needs to be cut diagonally. From the tree you can take dried reeds, grapevine, rowan, bird cherry and birch.

Thermometers are alcoholic, which are attached inside the aquarium to one of the walls, or they can be in the form of plates that are glued outside the aquarium and have a display. The only minus of alcohol thermometers is that they can, at one point, detach themselves from the wall, or some large fish can help them.

The minus of a liquid crystal thermometer is that if an aquarist wants to transfer it to another aquarium without damaging it is almost impossible, but the usual alcoholic is easy.

If you give preference to an alcohol thermometer, then you should not take a glass one, since it can break and the liquid will flow out of it. Buy a plastic thermometer, there will be no problems with it.

Not so long ago, electronic water temperature meters in the aquarium appeared on the market, only their price is much higher than alcohol. If you set limit values ​​on electronic thermometers, they can trigger alarms.

From the school course of physics, we know that if we take several measuring devices, they will show different values, so it’s better to use two thermometers.

Another useful thing for our aquariums, which smart people have invented is a feeding trough. It can you both float on the surface of the water, and is attached to the front wall with suction cups. Floating feeder usually has a round or rectangular shape, but the second is more suitable for aquariums, as it repeats the aquarium shape.

On sale, you can also find foam troughs, but I would not advise you to use them, because they will clog up very quickly and you just throw it away, since they are not cleanable.

Glass feeders can be an excellent solution, which are additionally equipped with a strainer through which you can serve both dry food and live food. If you fork a little, then you can buy an automatic feeder, which, according to the preset mode, will fill up dry food in your tank. This is especially true if you go on a business trip or vacation.

How to leave the aquarium if you go on vacation can be found in this article.

Otsadniki and partitions are just as important in modern aquarism. With the help of an outrigger, you can isolate the fry in the general aquarium from other fish. Hoppers are attached to one of the walls of the tank using suction cups or special brackets.

Also on sale you can find the bails, which have a partition for keeping incompatible fish. About the compatibility of aquarium fish can read here.

With the help of partitions, you can divide your aquarium into parts, this is especially true if you need to isolate the sick fish from the rest of the neighbors, or to isolate aggressive fish from the more calm ones. If you do not see the point of buying a partition, then take a piece of silicate glass or plexiglass.

I do not advise you to mount them on silicone, since this is a temporary measure.

Tests aquarists use in cases where it is necessary to periodically monitor the chemical composition of aquarium water. You can buy tests in any pet stores, if there are any.

Tests usually have the form of a box with a set of chemicals and measuring tanks for aquarium water. You collect a little water in the tank and add reagent to it.

How accurately you followed the recommendations of the instructions, so accurate you get the result.

Recently, reagents in the form of powders, tablets and indicator paper began to appear more frequently. In addition to the above attributes, a color chart is also included in the test suite. Based on this, you will compare the results obtained with samples or indicator paper.

Of course, the accuracy of these tests will be different. To ensure that the tests are of higher quality, always pay attention to the shelf life. This is especially true for tests on nitrates, because they have a short shelf life.

If after the test you received a zero value, then it indicates the doubtful origin of the tests.

In the set to control the chemical parameters of water there are reagents that are toxic for both fish and humans, keep this in mind. A competent aquarist must have tests to control the level of nitrites, nitrates, ammonia, acidity and hardness.

The test to control the content in the aquarium water of chlorine, carbon dioxide and copper will be useful in rare cases.

Special tools for the chemical treatment of aquarium water

These include neutralizers of harmful and poisonous substances, dechlorinators, copper removal agents, pH adjusting agents, fertilizers for aquarium plants, and various tonic preparations. Some you really need, and some you can replace the usual machining. The fact is that in some highly intelligent aquarium publications it is written that without a heap of tests and water treatment with special means, the fish will not live in it.

But this is all utter nonsense, since aquarium fish lived a thousand years ago without tests and did not know about them.

You must understand for yourself that using various chemicals in an aquarium you risk irreparable damage to both individual inhabitants and the entire ecosystem. But if you still need to use chemicals for water treatment appeared, do it carefully, do not take products from different manufacturers.

The fact is that funds from different manufacturers can lead to an unpredictable chemical reaction in an aquarium, which will lead to fish intoxication.

That’s basically all that I wanted to touch on in this material. There are a lot of tools and gadgets, but I’ve only touched on the main ones that you may encounter in daily care.

Thank you for your time and all the best to you!

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