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The most common mistakes novice aquarists

Good day, dear colleagues! I am glad to see you on the blog and I want to talk today about the most common mistakes of beginning aquarists.

We are far from ideal in all areas of our business, so we must constantly evolve. I decided to write a post for novice aquarists, so that they do not repeat the most common mistakes.

And so, let’s go!

  • If the water in the aquarium is clear and transparent, it does not mean that everything is good there and there is no sense in caring for the jar. In the water, problems invisible to the eye can form, for example, the level of nitrates will be off-scale. Everything will be fine for the time being, and then the aquarium will turn into a swamp and become overgrown with green rubbish.
  • Do not allow overeating fish! You need to feed the inhabitants and not sprinkle food with water actively, which can lead to the transformation of the aquarium into biomass. A lot of fish show their “hunger” in order for generous owners to give something tasty to eat, but you shouldn’t be led by them, as it only hurts. Not removed remnants of food not eaten poison the water and the water does not have time to neutralize toxins before the next overfeeding.
  • When you buy new fish, it is not recommended to immediately place them in the general aquarium so as not to cause various sores. Better put in new individuals in quarantine. On new fish, there may be causative agents of columnaria, bone disease, and other diseases. Very often, such a negligent attitude is the cause of the death of many aquatic inhabitants. To completely treat the aquarium sometimes it takes a decent time. Therefore, it is better to keep new individuals in quarantine for three weeks and protect your bank from unwanted problems.
  • Very often, novice aquarists take care of their aquarium so insatiably that they buy new individuals every week and put them in a common aquarium. Inhabitants are becoming more and more, and for fish comfort from the overpowered is not added. Quite often, because of the overpopulation of the aquarium, the fish die and die, and the bank is not rubber, and for each fish you need about 5-10 liters of free space.
  • Alternatively, a similar problem can be partially solved by installing an additional filter, an aerator. But the problem will disappear only partially. It is better to take not the most favorite fish and give it to a friend, acquaintance or kindergarten. This way you can defuse the situation in your tank and the fish will feel more comfortable.
  • Plants look very nice in an aquarium, no doubt. However, not all fish can coexist with grass peacefully. Large fish like to eat aquarium plants, some damage the root system, while others take them out of the ground with meat. This must be taken into account when choosing aquarium fish for your future aquarium. For aquarium plants, aquariums with a depth of more than 55 centimeters are not suitable, as there will not be enough light at the bottom, as the light propagates worse in water than in the air.
  • When choosing aquarium fish, it is important to take into account the fact that many species are competitors in terms of food, zealous defenders of the habitat or even predators. Therefore, when choosing fish or add new ones, consider their habits and territorial inclinations. If you are not aware of the principles of behavior of selected individuals, do not hesitate to ask sellers of aquarium animals about this. If you are modest, then there is a risk to buy a real wolf in the aquarium, which is on the drum, expensive or cheap fish.

Well, that’s all, see you soon and all the best to you!

06/02/2014 | 4:15 pm

Wow, it turns out the fish like any domestic animal – “just to devour”, sly ass. In general, I, too, noticed for my own, how they begged for food – they begin to rub against the front wall of the aquarium.

And you really want to feed them their fill.

06/03/2014 | 10:33 dp

Very informative article, now I will definitely start with the proper care of the fish. I have long wanted to get a fish but did not know how to take care and what to do with them, now I am sure that I will succeed. I read all the articles and they are very interesting.

I advise you to read the entire blog will not regret.

06/03/2014 | 10:38 dp

I have long wanted to make fish and now having read this informative article I will get them. I learned a lot of useful and interesting.

ADVICE READ ALL BLOG. He is very informative.

06/03/2014 | 4:42 pm

Thanks for the valuable information! I never would have thought that the fish could put pressure on pity, begging for food from the owner)) The article found answers to their questions, in particular about why my aquarium is quickly turning into a green swamp.

And often I run into the problem of not taking root plants. Now I know where to look for the extreme.

06/04/2014 | 11:46 pm

Thanks for the article, very useful! Here I have a problem: I launched a new aquarium with 140 liters, planted the back and middle plan with plants without any problems, and I don’t know what to plant for the foreground and didn’t find anything in the internet to read (((.

Can you tell me something, or post a post on this topic). thank you in advance!

06/05/2014 | 7:27 pm

A very interesting article, I didn’t think that old ones could die because of new fish. Now I understood why my dead. I didn’t think that new ones could have sores. Next time I’ll quarantine.

06/05/2014 | 7:33 pm

I read the article and understood why my fish died. I bought new ones and did not think that they were infected. I didn’t put in quarantine. Because of them, all of them died. I think next time I will do as the author said. Thank you for the article.

06/12/2014 | 2:58 pm

Hello))) I have a question. can fish die because of music. because I do not overfeed them, I keep quarantine. I noticed that they usually die in 1-2 days as I drove music.

07/05/2014 | 9:11 pm

Thanks to the author for the article. Very interesting and informative!) At the very aquarium fish) Truth as if it didn’t sound strange, but it’s a crucian car) Now I’ll know how my crucian will live better, I thought that it wasn’t necessary to install an aerator, but it turned out wrong.

I will run for the aerator! I advise everyone to read)

07/12/2014 | 12:47 dp

Thank you very much for the intelligible interpretation of the above material. He helped me with the first steps of arranging my new aquarium.

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