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The most beautiful aquariums

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The most beautiful aquarium fish: photo video review and description

We also offer you to see our photo selection of the most beautiful freshwater and marine fish over 100 photos.

Perhaps there is not a single person on earth who will be left indifferent by the huge aquarium filled with beautiful fish. Let not everyone decide to start it at home, but everyone will surely enjoy it.

Today we will talk about the most beautiful and unusual inhabitants of the home reservoir – aquarium fish.

  1. Scalar common – rather large fish (with fins can reach up to 20 cm in height), which has long been breaking all records of popularity among owners of home aquariums. The colors of these beauties range from silvery to various shades of red with dark stripes.
  2. Botsiya clown. Another cute whale that lives in the bottom layer of water. The content of this type has its own characteristics. Firstly, they absolutely can not stand loneliness, so you need to keep them in large groups. Secondly, the fighting – the night residents, they are passive during the day, but at night they begin to active. Therefore, you need to feed them in the evening. Thirdly, boats definitely need shelter, so there should be a variety of grottoes and snags in the aquarium.
  3. Gourami Pearl. In the overgrown with various narrow-leaved plants such spotted fish look particularly impressive. Males gourami larger than females and much brighter painted. If we provide the gurus with suitable conditions, then after a while they will delight with their marriage games.
  4. Extraordinarily beautiful and vibrant notobranchus able to decorate any aquarium. These unusual fish can be purchased by mail in the form of “dry caviar”. Notobranchuses come from hot Africa, where they live in small puddles formed after rain, which falls only once or twice a year. The life cycle of the notobranchus is short – until the puddle is dry, they manage to hatch from the eggs, grow, put off the eggs, and die. The roe they set aside is so well protected that it quietly waits in the sand of the next rain. By a strange whim of nature, the fishes living in a muddy puddle have extraordinarily beautiful coloring.
  5. Panak – an unusual representative of the catfish family. The whole appearance of the Panak resembles the most ancient times, when life on Earth was born only on Earth. They feed on plant bloom, which forms on stones and glass, scraping it with the help of a mouth-sucker. When setting up an aquarium for panacs, it should be remembered that there should not be narrow cracks or holes in which panacs could get stuck.
  6. Hybrid parrots – artificially derived type of aquarium fish, which appeared not so long ago in Southeast Asia, but which has already become incredibly popular. Externally, these fish really look like parrots and head shape, and bright unusual colors. But, unfortunately, the offspring of these bright beauties turns out to be colorless.
  7. Lionhead cichlid – Another aquarium resident, distinguished by an unusual shape of the head. It got its name because of a cone-shaped growth on the head, giving it a resemblance to a lion.
  8. Discussion. Bright handsome discus is very quick-witted and friendly, quickly get used to the owner and practically take food from his hands. Although these fish and not cheap, but its beauty and interesting habits more than compensate for the costs of their acquisition.
  9. Tsikhlazoma severum “Red Pearl”, the so-called false discus is an artificially bred fish, very graceful, one might even say majestic. She has a very peaceful disposition, only in the period of breeding progeny showing nervousness and anxiety.
  10. Known to any kid from fairy tales gold fish able to decorate an aquarium of any size. There are so many species and hybrid forms of goldfish that it is impossible to enumerate: comets, orandes, telescopes, shubunkins and lionheads are only a small part of the variety. Goldfish have a peaceful disposition and a good appetite, so they often become victims of overfeeding.


The most beautiful aquariums. Aquascape

Aquaria can be art. Useful and very beautiful. Enthusiastic creators of their own water worlds annually present their work at the IAPLC competition.

The prize fund is more than 50,000 dollars. More than 1000 photos will be sent to the contest.

Aquarists from 50 countries take part.

Wichian Janjira, Thailand, 2013

The author of the competition idea is Takashi Amano. The annual Nature Aquarium competition in Japan has been held since 2001. The judges passed many photos of wonderful aquariums, but it should be noted that the requirements for photos of aquariums are very strict.

If your aquarium is beautiful and the quality of the photo doesn’t satisfy the judges, you will lose. Therefore, many besides looking for amazing and rare plants, stones (for example, tiger eyes), buy expensive equipment and invite professional photographers who can qualitatively convey the natural look of an aquarium.

Yutaka Kanno, Japan, 2013

Timucin Sagel, Turkey, 2012

Xuan Thuy Nguen Thi, Vietnam, 2013

Zhang Jian Feng, Japan, 2013

Pavel Bautin, Russia, winner of the 2010 competition

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