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The largest aquarium in the world: where it is located and its features

Many people have aquariums at home. Fish watching brings relaxation and enjoyment.

But the volumes of such a reservoir are limited, and large individuals cannot be placed in it, so the oceanariums were created – scientific and educational museums. They consist of different pools with marine inhabitants.

The largest aquarium in the world is located near the coastal zone.

The main purpose of oceanariums is to introduce people to marine life.

The main purpose of such a museum is to introduce people to different aquatic inhabitants. In the spacious aquariums live completely different representatives of the marine fauna. It is interesting to watch them.

Experts have the opportunity to conduct research.

In the best aquariums of the world contain not only fish. The exposition often include:

  • invertebrates;
  • pinnipeds;
  • cetaceans;
  • sharks;
  • dolphins;
  • turtles.

The bottom is usually reproduced in accordance with real prototypes. This allows marine life to feel like in a native environment.

In some oceanariums hold a presentation with the participation of dolphins.

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Atlanta (USA) is where the world’s second largest aquarium is located. It includes a large variety of species of living beings. There are five thematic expositions in the building.

TOEach area looks like a long corridor. with glass walls. So visitors can observe the inhabitants of aquariums from an unusual position – from the bottom up.

The first exposition is the rivers and lakes of South America. Here are shown the inhabitants of these waters. There are also exotic fish: piranha, electric eels and others.

Next is a gallery with dolphins. There are only 15 of them, and every day they show a small show. The third exhibition includes inhabitants of Pacific waters, mainly mammals.

Visitors can see belugas, spider crabs and other amazing creatures.

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The largest gallery of the Georgia Aquarium is devoted to the inhabitants of the Mesoamerican barrier reef. In the tank live several thousand fish.

The length of the tunnel reaches 87 meters. The latest exhibition includes a coral reef and its typical inhabitants.

Basically it contains tropical fish. In the hall there are aquariums with amphibians, shrimps, lobsters and others.

The largest oceanariums of the world do not end on Georgia. The Sydney Maritime Museum is Australia’s main attraction.

In 2012 he underwent a major overhaul. Today, expositions include more than hundreds of different species.

A shark tunnel runs along the bottom of the aquariums. Each visitor can closely see the giant predators.

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The largest aquarium in the world is located in Singapore. There are 10 zones in it, which include 49 habitats, which exactly repeat the habitat of different marine inhabitants.

The central aquarium simulates an open ocean and this creates a fantastic panorama.

The largest aquarium in Europe is the park in Valencia (Spain). It includes two large underwater tunnels, which are inhabited by different marine inhabitants. In the museum:

  • reptiles;
  • mammals;
  • birds;
  • invertebrates.

The aquarium in the form of a tunnel allows you to observe the marine inhabitants

In total, there are 9 aquariums in the park. They have a unique shape in the form of a tower. Here are the mangrove jungle and exotic garden.

Tourists can walk through the marshland.

No less a large aquarium located in Portugal. It has four thematic areas., each of which is dedicated to the inhabitants of a particular ocean. Tourists will meet here otters, waterfowl, see the tropical forest of the coast of the Indian Ocean.

In the central aquarium there are jellyfish, stingrays, dolphins and moonfish. For children there are interactive exhibitions.

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In Russia, too, there are several large maritime museums. In 2011, the aquarium was opened in the city of Sochi.

It includes 29 aquariums. In the underwater tunnel you can watch the fish, corals and sharks.

Feature of the place is a waterfall. The exposition includes freshwater fish.

The slopes and sharks are the pride of the Sochi Maritime Museum.

There is a small aquarium in Moscow. It is located in a shopping center on Dmitrovskoye Highway. It has three zones.

Penguins and Kamchatka crabs live in Polaris, in Africa they live in coral and cichlid dwellers. The Amazon zone is inhabited by black pacus, catfish and arapaima.

Large predators live in the tunnels. Dolphin shows and demonstration feeds are regularly held.

In St. Petersburg, too, there is a maritime museum. It is located in the Neptun shopping and entertainment center.

The exposition includes 150 species of fish, various mammals. Collected inhabitants of fresh and salt waters. Themed exhibitions are held regularly.

Educational classes and laboratories are organized for children.

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