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The largest aquarium in Russia: where to find and what to see

In our country there are many expositions devoted to the seas and their inhabitants. They are located in large cities. The largest oceanarium in Russia can be found on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

This is the Sochi Discovery World Aquarium, opened in 2011 and deserving the title of the most unusual and beautiful among similar institutions in the Russian Federation.

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium is a real museum, showing to its guests the inhabitants of both freshwater bodies of water (they have the second floor), and the depths of the sea – their aquariums are located on the first floor. The size of the aquarium is impressive:

  • the territory occupies six thousand square meters;
  • the number of aquariums is twenty nine;
  • The total volume of water in all tanks is five million liters.

By name it is easy to guess where the largest aquarium in Russia. Its address: the city of Sochi, Resort town, Lenin Street, 219a / 4.

It is ideal for visiting with children (it will be interesting for small guests to look at bright fish), but adults will find plenty of entertainment to their liking.

From the very beginning of the inspection, visitors meet with stingrays and the most formidable predator of the sea depths – the shark, and then by escalators get to the second floor. People with disabilities can use a special elevator.

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The first part of the exhibition is the world of freshwater inhabitants. The creators of the aquarium, obviously, specifically developed such a design that will help guests explore all the water inhabitants and not lose the ability to be surprised.

On the second floor there are not only aquariums, but also four open reservoirs where bright carp koi, pacu and aravan swim, which can be fed. In addition to koi, there are other rare fish, for example, shell pike and African cyclids.

In this part of the oceanarium, visitors are introduced to the real giants of fresh water. The first worth mentioning are sturgeons, sometimes reaching a length of six meters, and they can weigh a ton.

Despite the fact that now sturgeon is under threat of complete extinction, several representatives of this species of fish can be seen in the aquarium.

Catfish also reach an impressive size, but with sturgeon it is difficult for them to compare. However, in the collection of the aquarium there are quite interesting and beautiful individuals, for example, glass catfish.

True, their length is only ten centimeters.

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Great interest to the guests is always the formidable inhabitants of the Amazon – piranhas. Despite its small size, this fish is very voracious and is capable of grabbing its sharp teeth even with birds sinking to the surface of the water.

There are also stingrays living in fresh water. Incredibly looks a collection of a variety of goldfish, among which you can find the bubble of the eye, orange and black telescope.

And besides fish, in this part of the exposition there are representatives of ichthyofauna, for example, turtles.

One of the most remarkable places that has become the hallmark of the best oceanarium in Russia is a real waterfall located in a hot forest. A bridge leads to it, which spreads across the lake. Next you should definitely visit the area where, although there are no living fish, but there are many frescoes and three-dimensional models.

3D holograms showing the shark in all its glory and labyrinth fish look very impressive.

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After the first part of the exhibition goes down, and it looks like a real dive into the depths of the sea, filled with life. The main treasure of the second part of the exhibition is a long tunnel surrounded on all sides by water.

Once there, people easily forget that they are in the aquarium, and not somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, stretching thousands of kilometers.

Traveling through the tunnel really captures and can frighten, because right behind its strikingly transparent glass, which is seven centimeters thick, sharks of different species swim. It is not surprising that when visitors enter the tunnel, it seems to them that predators can swim directly to them.

Impressive nanny sharks, reef sharks and feline sharks are always accompanied by yellow pilots who clean the skin of their owners.

It is curious that the water for aquariums is not extracted from the sea, but is artificially made by adding it to fresh sea salt. The optimum salinity is selected so that the marine inhabitants can comfortably live in such an environment, and specially trained experienced divers and aquarists monitor the cleanliness of the bottom, maintain a healthy microclimate necessary for fish.

In addition to the tunnel, in this part of the best oceanarium in Russia there is a hall with thirteen mini-aquariums. Here are the most strange inhabitants of the sea waters. These include:

When visiting the aquarium it is worth remembering that many of the living exhibits represented in it are quite dangerous if they are found in the wild. First of all, we are talking about jellyfish.

For example, a jellyfish poison with the saying name “sea wasp” is deadly to humans.

It will not be out of place to get acquainted with the representatives of the fauna of the Red Sea, especially before going there, and to remember what dangers a favorite entertainment of tourists conceals in danger – snorkeling and scuba diving. In the collection of the Sochi Oceanarium you can examine in detail these dangerous sea inhabitants:

The tour ends in a lagoon with small stingrays and sharks. There is also an open aquarium, inhabited by sea urchins and horseshoe crabs.

A visit to the Sochi aquarium is not at all expensive. An adult ticket costs six hundred rubles, a child ticket costs four hundred, and a ticket for privileged categories of citizens costs three hundred fifty.

Photo and video filming is paid separately, but cost only a hundred rubles, this is quite an acceptable price in order to capture all the beauty.

Diving enthusiasts do not have to just look at the underwater world – for three hundred rubles they can dive themselves under water and spend half an hour there.

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