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The intensity of illumination of plants in the aquarium – the power of light

First of all, let us dwell on the fact that various plants in our aquarium grow in their native environment under different light conditions. Some grow at some depth, others creep on the surface of the water.

It follows that sufficient light for some plants with an excess may well not be enough for other plants for normal growth. Here is an example of the illumination of some species of aquarium plants:

Weak light (up to 500 lux):

  • Cryptocoryne affins;
  • Cryptocoryne nevillii;
  • Cryptocoryne wendtii;
  • Vesicularia dubyana.

Moderate light (500-1000 lux):

  • Acorus sp;
  • Anubias nana;
  • Aponogeton madagascariensis;
  • Echinodorus sp;
  • Lagenandra sp;
  • Nomaphila stricta;
  • Sagittaria sp.

Bright light (1000-1500 lux):

  • Aponogeton sp;
  • Bacopa caroliniana;
  • Ceratopterus thalictroides;
  • Egeria densa;
  • Ludwigia sp;
  • Marsilea sp;
  • Nymphoides aquatica.

Very bright light (more than 1500 lux);

  • Camomba sp;
  • Heteranthera zosterifolia;
  • Hygrophilia polysperma;
  • Limnobium laevigatum;
  • Limnophilia aquatica;
  • Microsorium pteropus;
  • Myriopyllum sp;
  • Nuphar sagittifolium;
  • Nymphaea maculata;
  • Pistia stratiotes;
  • Riccia fluitans;
  • Salvinia auriculata;
  • Synnema triflorum;
  • Vallinsneria ap.

Thus, when choosing plants for your aquariums, evaluate not only their beauty, but also the light in which they normally grow in natural conditions. Here it is not necessary to take plants from the same group; from two neighboring groups, the plants will develop well with an average (between groups) level of illumination.

Do not forget that the aquarium can be lit with areas, some will have a brighter light, others are weaker, also consider that if you have floating plants spread along the water surface, then “shade-loving” plants can grow under them, well, plus this water itself absorbs light.

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