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The cost of a 100-liter aquarium and the difference in price

Often, children ask their parents to start some kind of animal. One of the first options that usually comes to mind is an aquarium. 100 liters of water, some river sand and pebbles, some beautiful fish, colorful algae – and no hassle with walking, wool after shedding, saliva and scratched furniture.

The main thing is silence, which is sometimes lacking. However, choosing a suitable vessel is not an easy task.

The quietest pets you can make at home are fish

If you go to a pet store, it’s better that it specializes in aquatic inhabitants, eyes scatter from the variety of plates for aquarium inhabitants. Such “houses” inhabit not only fish and snails. Many get a transparent tank for reptiles, and someone for hamsters, mice and other animals.

Beetles and worms also prefer to keep a transparent wall.

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For these reasons, there are a huge number of different waterproof tanks. Conventionally, they can be divided into several groups according to the form:

  1. Rectangular narrow. Most in demand because of the compactness and good visibility.
  2. Panoramic. They are very similar to the previous ones, but have a curved front side, which contributes to an even better contemplation of the inhabitants of the aquarium.
  3. Cylindrical. Such a transparent house allows you to observe its tenants from all sides.

Aquariums are different in shape and size, you can make an aquarium to order as large as necessary

  1. Spherical They can serve not only as a refuge for pets, but also as an interior decoration.
  2. Rectangular wide. The most in demand for equipment terrariums or landfill for insects. Create good conditions for observing their lives.
  3. Corner. There are two types of such aquariums: straight and panoramic (oval). Their main advantage is the ability to fill the corner of the room.

Someone prefers to order an aquarium of an unusual form. In this case, first of all, it is worth figuring out the reputation of the company that agreed to the execution of the order: such work is very difficult and requires appropriate qualifications.

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The form is not the only thing that distinguishes transparent homes. Volume matters a lot when choosing. The price of an aquarium of 100 liters is significantly higher than that of a 50-liter.

At production different technologies of assembly are applied. The materials from which the walls are made may also differ.

And, of course, the equipment of a residential complex for fish can greatly influence the cost.

The aquarium of 100 liters is most often bought by lovers of aquatic exotics. This is the best option for middle class aquarists.

Such a tank can be purchased both in pure form and fully equipped. Depending on this, the price can vary from 1500 to 7000 rubles. You can find more expensive items.

For example, a spherical stolitrovy aquarium will cost at least 50 thousand rubles.

The price of an aquarium directly depends on its volume; the larger the aquarium, the higher the price.

Many factors affect how much an aquarium costs per 100 liters. Here are some of them.:

  1. Manufacturing firm. As in any other business, advertised products have a higher cost. Those who want to save on this should be clearly aware that less well-known firms can provide not less quality products than well-known brands, and worthless things. Therefore, before buying from such a seller, you should be sure of its honesty and the merits of the proposed aquariums.
  2. The shape of the tank. Rectangular containers are easier to make than cylindrical and spherical, so the prices are the lowest. Slightly more expensive are panoramic aquariums and corner options.

It is worth considering that the price will be higher if the aquarium is branded, if it is of unusual shape or panoramic

  1. The material of manufacture. Not only the total price, but also the reliability of the structure depends on the quality of the glass, its thickness.
  2. Manufacturing technology. Solid casting is the most reliable and, accordingly, the most valuable. When buying, pay attention to the technology of gluing and sealing the tank. The higher the warranty on the aquarium, the higher the price, the longer it will not cause trouble.
  3. Equipping dwellings for fish and other waterfowl. Some acquire a fully equipped glass house. The price of such purchases is the highest. Someone decides to save money and gets a clean tank, buying the rest separately.

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