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Silent DIY Aquarium Compressor

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Most experienced aquarists sooner or later begin to look for new aspects of their hobby. Initially, it is interesting to buy new equipment, the excitement is gradually born to make it your own.

This time we will touch on the topic of how to make a compressor for the aquarium with your own hands.

Before you make a compressor for the aquarium with your own hands, we will prepare the following materials and tools: a cover from a plastic bottle, a piece of rubber, a base in the form of a wooden board, a plastic tube, a small motor and an old battery for it, as well as hot glue and the usual balloon, still need an old plastic card.

To make an aquarium compressor with our own hands, we remove the seal from the plastic cover and apply space for the holes under the marker. We make holes with scissors.

The plastic tube should fit there.

Next, we cut a piece of a horseshoe from a piece of rubber seal, which we glue to the inside of the cover.

The next stage in the manufacture of an aquarium compressor with your own hands is to build a structure like a drum. This part will pump the air.

We stretch a piece of the ball onto the lid, then fix it all with scotch tape.

With a plastic card with your own hands you need to make a detail of an aquarium compressor in the form of a circle, a little smaller cover.

To one part of the plastic with a hot glue we fix a small stick from the candy, with the other side glue everything to the rubber part of the drum.

Cut off a small piece of glue for the gun. We make two holes with an awl: one in the center, the second closer to the edge.

In the central insert the motor in the side of a small piece of wire.

Next, we fix on the basis of the first motor. Then we try on the position of the second part, cut off the excess and combine everything into one.

It remains only to connect the tube and the motor, and the aquarium compressor is ready with your own hands.

The main requirements that must be placed on the device when choosing it

Often the aquarium is in the same room where people relax. Therefore, for the aquarium it is better to choose a silent compressor. This device operates continuously.

To reduce the noise level of the device, you can remove it into the cabinet. But then you need too long duct.

Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully before making the compressor silent, by isolating it. It is better to purchase a silent device at once.

The air compressor for the aquarium is the most silent.

Compressors should have a smooth adjustment of the air flow. Such a device can be easily adjusted to a different number of filters and nozzles. Compressor capacity is calculated on the basis of the following parameters: 0.5 l / h per 1 l of water.

This is the way to solve the question of which compressor is better suited for a specific tank capacity. For a large aquarium (over 100 liters) use a piston compressor.

For such an aquarium, it is better to take a device with low-voltage power (12 volts). In the event of a power outage, it can be connected even with a car battery.

You can make a quiet compressor using old equipment by yourself. So, in order for a home-made device to work as quietly as possible, you will need a wooden box and a box from under the film. In this case, a quiet compressor is obtained by compensating the shock wave with a jar.

The very same homemade compressor hides in a wooden box.

Installing a compressor in an aquarium is a fairly simple task. Before you install the device in the aquarium, you must determine the place in which it will be located.

The device can be placed both in the aquarium itself (above the water) and in the lid or pedestal.

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