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Saltwater Aquarium – Glamor Attraction

You are attracted by the beauty of the inhabitants of the sea kingdom, attracted by the secrets of the depths? – It is not necessary to dive into the abyss of the seas. Technical developments of today allow you to create at home a real living underwater reef.

The marine aquarium will help to transfer you to the alluring life of the tropical seas.

Almost all the inhabitants of saltwater aquariums can be attributed to those creatures that have a rather bright color. Sea fishes that shimmer with almost all the colors of the rainbow are unlikely to be replaced by the inhabitants of freshwater aquariums (except for some cichlid).

In our time, at home it is possible to contain a large variety of marine fish. Many coral reef fish are popular with aquarists such as butterfly fish, angel fish, clown fish, bristle-tooth, lionfish, moray eels.

There are reef sharks, sea sponges, octopus, stingrays, mollusks, as well as jellyfish. And this is not a complete list!

The desires and abilities of the owners have no boundaries.

The network of specialty stores has low-cost marine aquariums (60-120 liters), which simply contain and they may well be carried away by teenagers. And for an adult lover an aquarium with corals that do not form a calcareous skeleton will be acceptable.

As a rule, these weigh a ton and more, and are equipped with sophisticated equipment. Plan the placement of such an aquarium at the time of construction or repair of housing.

An aquarium with hard corals should be serviced by a professional — a specialist in an aquarium salon or an experienced hydrobiologist.

By types of inhabitants, marine aquariums can be divided into the following groups:

  • Aquariums with fish only: These aquariums contain only fish that live together. It is very simple in terms of creating and maintaining a group of aquariums. As well as a great opportunity to contain relatively large marine fish;
  • Invertebrate Aquariums: These aquariums are colonized by plants and invertebrates. The created reef is a complex system, non-predatory fish and soft corals live, but they have no bright colors;
  • Mixed aquarium: correctly selected fish, invertebrates and plants. This method requires constant monitoring and maintenance costs. But a fascinating picture like in a 3D movie. The bright colors of shades of red, blue, yellow will repeat the colors of this coral reef.

Designing a marine aquarium is a huge field of activity for a person with fantasy and developed artistic taste. Aquarists agree that this is an expensive exercise that requires both knowledge and time. But an amazing miracle of nature can unimaginably please the eye with its unusual colors.

The marine aquarium is special. Therefore, in its design it is necessary to strictly follow the established rules.

It is recommended to buy a marine aquarium, equipment and living organisms exclusively in specialized stores and trust the selection of professionals. All purchased goods must have a warranty period.

You should not save on the source water. It is difficult to call clean water from a plumbing: chlorine content, harmful impurities: phosphates, nitrates, heavy metals – all this can harm future inhabitants of the aquarium.

Also, professionals advise not to save on sea salt and trace elements, because most corals and invertebrates actively consume iodine, calcium, strontium and other substances. These elements must be saturated with water. And in the process of preparing water, you need to use only a special salt – synthetic, which is produced industrially.

Buy this salt now is not difficult. Categorically it is impossible to use usual table salt.

Three main rules will be the key to successful maintenance of the marine aquarium:

  • lighting;
  • special feed;
  • compatibility of the inhabitants.

Properly organized lighting is directly related to the well-being of pets, as their life depends on high-quality light. The inhabitants of the aquarium are not ordinary fish, so the food should be special, pay special attention to this.

It is necessary to acquire all inhabitants only after passing through quarantine. Populate carefully.

And for the full maturation of the marine aquarium requires almost a year.

Equipment for marine aquarium, it is important to select a special. That is designed specifically for marine aquariums.

You should never drop items that are not resistant to salt water in such an aquarium. Purchase ready-made integrated systems designed specifically for saltwater aquariums, which are undoubtedly very convenient to use.

If you follow the advice of professionals, to study the literature on this topic, then you can enjoy for many years the pleasure of contemplating the bright beauties of the underwater world in the interior of your home or office. Anyone can recreate a small piece of the marine ecosystem. One will be enough small volume with small fish, others will create a real underwater reef in a large marine aquarium.

The main desire. A saltwater aquarium can be a pride, living salt water and healthy inhabitants living in this reservoir will be a reward for the effort.

Make a bold decision – and you will succeed!

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