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Running, design aquarium 20 liters, fish for the aquarium

Not everyone has a place to put an aquarium or time to devote to caring for them. The best way out is to have an aquarium of 20 liters, which can decorate a desktop or a small table.

In any case, he will give the room some zest, if properly kept clean and organize the space for the little inhabitants.

It is not uncommon for small aquariums that they organize spring-water filters, which make the reservoir interesting. The meaning of the spring is to create a fancy bundle for the sand, which looks very much like fancy stones.

This can be achieved through carbon dioxide, which precipitates and binds the sand between them.

A special find for the aquarist is sandstone, which for such a small volume does not need much. This decorative material allows you to create unique compositions that advantageously emphasize the beauty of the aquarium in the photo and live.

For small aquariums suitable plates, which successfully disguise servicing devices, in large – create a unique relief.

Twenty-liter aquariums have a wide variety of shapes, for example, rectangular or cubic. You can buy a tall, narrow, classic rectangular or non-standard shape aquarium. Aquariums of different shapes need different maintenance.

But we will consider in this article the main points of launching a classic rectangular aquarium.

Soil is used to create an ecosystem. Algae are planted in it and the scenery is strengthened. It is easier to purchase ready-made primer, which is sold in various colors and materials.

It is allowed to collect the soil independently, but this option is more suitable for already experienced aquarists.

Filling begins directly with the laying of the soil. Before placing, the soil should be treated. If the soil is made from natural materials, it should be filtered and calcined to destroy the bacteria that cause harm to the fish.

The optimum soil thickness for a 20-liter aquarium is 3-4 cm.

When you design an aquarium, you must bear in mind that the scenery takes space from the inhabitants of the aquarium, so the design of the aquarium must be well thought out 20 liters.

For registration it is necessary to select:

  • small stones (with a neutral reaction!), snags;
  • Plants: Hornpole, Javanese Moss, Echinodorus Tennelus, Elodieus, Nayas, Anubias Nana, etc.
  • placement of decorations similar to large aquariums.

Step 4. Additional equipment for an aquarium of 20 liters

Having an aquarium of 20 liters, you definitely need to acquire additional equipment necessary for its normal functioning.

In the first place – this is lighting, as the most necessary source of livelihood for fish. Light is needed for a regular change of time of day, and for photosynthesis. The hinged outdoor lamp will illuminate the aquarium through the walls slightly to the side or it will need to be attached to the wall so that it shines into the aquarium at a right angle from above.

In combination with the heater and thermostat, the water can heat up to high temperatures, and the fish will feel very bad in it.

The best choice is energy-saving lamps or fluorescent lamps. It is harmful for the inhabitants of the aquarium to be both permanently without light, and with bright light not turning off.

You need to monitor the light, for example, turn it on during the day and turn it off at night, or equip the light source with a timer that will turn the lights on and off at certain intervals.

Specialized stores offer a variety of filters for small aquariums:

  • internal (BL CristalProfi i60, 10 – 40 liters; Sunsun HJ-311B, 5 – 35 liters; Sunsun HJ-611B for an aquarium 20 – 80 liters);
  • mounted (Sunsun HBL-30, 3 – 50 l., etc.)

In most of the internal filters built oxygen enrichment. Water is enriched with oxygen and waterfall filters (mounted).

The compressor is no less important than the filter device. It fills the water with additional oxygen necessary for its inhabitants and plants.

In choosing a compressor, as well as with a filter, you need to take into account its size. For a small aquarium does not fit a large compressor, because excess oxygen can cause harm to underwater inhabitants, as well as its lack.

In our version of the aquarium, the ideal water temperature should not be above +27 degrees and not below +24. In such an environment, it will be convenient and comfortable to exist for small fish, plants, snails, and frogs. The heater in such an aquarium can be installed, practically, any, since they are released quite compact.

The heater must be, like the filter, completely lowered into the water, otherwise it will deteriorate. It is important to remember that for a 20-liter aquarium it is impossible to leave the heater turned on permanently, as the water in it will quickly overheat, so it is better to purchase a heater with a thermostat that monitors and regulates the temperature of the water in the aquarium.

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