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Round aquarium decoration and care

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Round aquarium – design care design photo video.

The round-shaped aquarium and the goldfish floating in it is a constant attribute of the interior of a small apartment from the last century. But the size of the vessel and its shape impose a lot of unpleasant restrictions on the process of keeping the fish.

For example, it will be extremely difficult to place special equipment in it, so people do without it. And the cons of the vessel are too obvious:

  • The standard diameter of the aquarium is about 25 cm with a volume of 15 liters. In such dishes can not put a filter and water can quickly become dirty. In order to solve this problem, you will have to change the water every day. This procedure causes stress in fish, and its implementation is rather troublesome;
  • the area of ​​the water surface is small due to the narrowing of the capacity upwards. This leads to a decrease in the amount of oxygen dissolved in water and the appearance of oxygen starvation in fish;
  • small volume and lack of space for the heater leads to a significant fluctuation of temperatures, and this in turn causes stress in the fish;
  • the size of the vessel does not allow to put in it plants and shelters for fish, which would allow them to feel safe;
  • also, a small volume makes it impossible to place in the tank more than three small fish that would not be comfortable in such conditions;
  • because of the curved walls, the free movement of the fish will be impossible. And because of the refraction of light and shadows in them, there will be an illusion of constant extraneous movement outside the vessel, which will also become an additional reason for stress.
  • Due to these factors and many other stresses, the immunity can be significantly reduced, diseases can occur and even the death of fish that will be placed in a small aquarium. After all, a vessel containing less than fifteen liters is absolutely not suitable for the maintenance of living beings. And such a goldfish common among lovers needs a minimum of fifty liters of water. Some countries, including Austria and Germany, have banned the use of round aquariums, and the fact of keeping fish in them may fall under the article KK “Cruel treatment of animals”.
  • Therefore, before you buy a round-shaped aquarium, you should think twice. After all, few people will want to deliberately torture the unfortunate fish in a tiny vase. Yes, and the very content of this punishment cell clean every day will require a serious investment of effort and time. So it would be wiser to save more money and get a good rectangular copy with a volume of at least 160 liters. In this vessel, in addition to fish, you can place beautiful underwater plants, various decorations and equipment necessary for the maintenance of aquatic inhabitants.


The specific shape and small volume do not allow creating thematic landscapes with large-scale decoration in the form of fragments of a ship or ruins of a castle. However, when designing a round aquarium, you can use other design techniques.

For example, among the stones you can place a miniature model of a chest from a pirate ship.

Or lay out a few fragments of ethnic pottery. The main principle on which the decor of the aquarium space of this form is based is minimalism.

Otherwise, for all the elements you will not be able to see the underwater inhabitants.

The cover for a round aquarium performs several functions: it prevents fish from jumping out, getting into non-typical objects, protects animals from children and cats, and also serves as a place for mounting the backlight. Therefore, it is better to purchase an aquarium immediately with a lid than to search for the desired model.

The cover for a round aquarium can be purchased only in specialized stores. It is more difficult to find a cover only for a semicircular aquarium.

Round aquarium – features of care and maintenance of fish

Among amateur aquarists popular round aquarium. It is easy to install, does not take up much space and effectively fits into any interior.

But since living creatures live in an aquarium, it is necessary to think about their proper maintenance and care. A round aquarium has some specific features and requires the right approach.

Round Aquariums became popular due to the fact that this form fits to the design of almost any interior. Moreover, aquarium in the form of a ball or glass can be installed in almost any part of the room or office, and later without problems move to other places. But in fact, when choosing a round aquarium will have to face some difficulties in its content.

It is problematic to choose and decorate equipment for fish care. With a small volume is very limited choice of species of fish, plants and jewelry. And in order to maintain a balance in such an aquarium, you will need certain knowledge and experience in aquarism.

Just do not forget that the fish that live in round aquariums, are in a state of constant stress. The reason for this is the lens effect that occurs in round-shaped aquariums. Of course, this condition adversely affects the health and life expectancy of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

It is also a big misconception that that a small round aquarium is suitable for a goldfish, which actually needs a very large amount of water.

Because of the problems that arise when maintaining a round aquarium, novice aquarists should refrain from choosing this shape. For beginners better if the aquarium has the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped, Since such an aquarium is easier to care for, and the fish will be much more comfortable. And if the rectangular aquarium does not fit the interior of the room, then before you buy a round aquarium, you should take a closer look, what else there are unusual forms of aquariums.

With the modern variety of forms of aquariums it is quite possible to choose the best option, simple in content and at the same time corresponding to the interior. If, after all, the choice is made in favor of a round-shaped aquarium, then you need to be well prepared.

Before you buy a round aquarium, you need to carefully plan its design and settlement. Despite the fact that unusual aquariums themselves look original, it is important to be able to combine the decorative elements and equipment necessary to care for the fish.

The choice of fish also plays a big role. Only a few species can be found in such aquariums, for example, guppies, catfish corridors, cockerels, lyalius, neons.

Depending on the displacement and the characteristics of the selected fish, you need to calculate their number. In an overpopulated aquarium, maintaining biological balance is extremely difficult.

But to settle the small fish in small numbers is also not worth it.

The design and design of a round aquarium depends largely on the displacement and equipment. The soil should be at least 4-5 cm, while it is necessary to place and decorate the compressor, filter, heater and lighting system. To help in the design can view photos of round aquariums for fish.

You can adopt the most successful ideas of decor and use them when decorating your aquarium.

Prices for round aquariums depend not only on the quality and volume, but also on the equipment included in the package. To date, commercially available aquariums, already equipped with all the necessary devices.

This option is convenient because the equipment is designed for and the displacement of the aquarium, therefore, problems at registration will be much less.

Despite the fact that aquariums are most often used as design elements, do not forget that living creatures live in it, which need proper care. And if the contents of a round aquarium will not be fun, then, most likely, over time it will not look very impressive.

In this case, the aquarium of the usual form, requiring minimal time and effort, will bring more joy, and will be a better decoration than a round aquarium that requires constant care to maintain biological balance.

Of course, aquarium fish can not live in a glass of water or a 1.5-liter jar. The size of the cockerels is 5-6 cm on average, so they need at least a little open space, but with space for free movement.

If you can’t get an aquarium, you can put your pet in a 3-5-liter jar of infused water for a while. In it, oddly enough, you can put some decorations or plants. However, the cockerel is not a Spartan, so the best conditions for him are special aquariums for cockerels.

Through the decorative tank it will be pleasant to watch the fish, there it will be able to quickly get used to it, and even produce offspring.

Look at what aquariums are for keeping cockerels.

An aquarium of 20 liters of a rectangular shape is probably simple in appearance, but is better suited for a fish than a glass jar. The fighting fish can calmly turn around in it, enjoy the scenery, in such a tank it is possible to maintain stable water parameters.

It will not overheat much, maintaining a stable biobalance. In a 20-liter aquarium, it is easy to create an aquascape with decorations, plants, snags and stones.

It can even run not one, but two fish.

10-liter rectangular shape – if you do not have the opportunity to buy an aquarium of 20 liters, take a smaller tank. This is the minimum allowable amount for keeping one adult cock.

However, it is much more difficult to maintain the equilibrium of the aquatic environment, it will quickly become dirty and warm.

A circular cockpit aquarium – there is a perception that in cockpits many cockerels have finished their best years, but this is not quite so. In round tanks it is not bad to keep a pet in quarantine until she gets used to the new environment. Round containers serve as a good carrying for the fish, they can be installed small decorations, and even a filter.

It is more difficult to clean this design – the usual scraper can not cope with algae settled on the glass. The brush will not help. It is believed that such forms of tanks badly affect the eyes of the males, they distort its appearance from an optical point of view.

Of course, you can choose such an aquarium, but rectangular shapes are much better and more practical. They are easier to maintain.

Look at the original idea of ​​the content of cockerels.

Today, I must say, a round aquarium is very fashionable. Let’s try to figure out whether such a purchase would be reasonable?


A round aquarium is an unusual and eye-catching piece of furniture. It is remarkable due to its unusual shape. And, if it is beautifully designed, it can become a real highlight of any room.

However, there is another side to the coin.

The disadvantages of a round aquarium

The form. In a round aquarium it is quite difficult to install heating, lighting and a filter.

The size. As a rule, a round aquarium is small in volume, which means that it can be called not practical.

Due to the form to clean such an aquarium will not be easy.

Of course, there are disadvantages to a round aquarium. However, if this does not stop you, and you want to fulfill your desire, then you need, first of all, to understand the technical side of this matter. Today, of course, you can find heating, and lighting, and a filter, and a compressor, which are designed specifically for an aquarium of this shape.

However, please note that you need to buy all these attributes in the kit. Kit price starts from $ 35.

Who to settle in a round aquarium?

After equipping the aquarium with everything you need, you should proceed to the selection of “tenants”. The classic version is a goldfish, it is worth sweeping away immediately.

She needs space, so a volume of at least 40-50 liters is needed for one individual.

Before you buy fish, you need to calculate how many people fit in the aquarium, taking into account its volume and features.

Small fishes that can live in a round aquarium: petsilia, gupi, neons, molines, swordtails, cockerels, daneo, corridor, lyalius, ampoule.

The most ideal option is cherry shrimp. They only need lighting from the equipment, and oxygen and a filter are not necessary for them.

If you decide to settle cherry shrimps in the aquarium, place the ground, crown, moss clump on the bottom. Note that you have to change the water every 2-3 weeks.

Plants in the round aquarium

As for plants, it is better to choose live in a round aquarium, since in the absence of equipment they will be a source of oxygen. For example, many fish, including molines will die without living algae.

Artificial plants have their advantages: they do not need special care, so they stay beautiful longer; it is easier to lay eggs on them when spawning. Therefore, a pair of artificial branches in a round aquarium does not hurt.

Here are the plants that can be purchased for a round aquarium: elodey, piste, cryptocoryn, nyas, rovolnik, valisneriya spiral.

The third stage in the “habitability” of a round aquarium is its design. Equipment for the aquarium as much as possible to hide the plants.

Pebbles also need to pick wisely. It must be remembered that in the round aquarium all the details look more convex.

Therefore, any, even the smallest defect will immediately be noticeable.

In specialized stores you can buy a special color primer. If your aquarium is large, you can put a snag or artificial house on the bottom, writes Comfort in the House.

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