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Review of types of aquariums Aquaplus

AquaPlus aquariums are manufactured by the company of the same name since 1998 and are sold throughout Russia. Technologies are constantly improving, during the entire manufacturing process, quality control of products is carried out.

The development and design of our own equipment allowed us to launch the first AquaPlus aquarium accessories factory in Russia.

AquaPlus Aquariums have been manufactured in Russia since 1998.

The area of ​​the plant exceeds 2 thousand m2, the company employs highly qualified employees. Thanks to new technologies and experience, over 20 thousand reliable and high-quality Aqua Plus aquariums are produced annually. There are several product lines.:

Products line STD are aquariums of small size (up to 90 liters), equipped with lamps. Small dimensions do not reduce the quality, the gluing of parts is carried out using reliable materials according to the technology of “double seams”.

For luminaires used plastic of two components, developed by AquaPlus. Devices withstand sturdily withstand mechanical effects and temperature extremes, retain rich colors and attractive appearance over the years.

There are three lines of AquaPlus aquariums: STD, LUX, PRO

The use of electronic ballasts saves electricity, it is easy to turn on the lamp and use it for a long time. Isolated light fixtures allow installation of lamps with different spectra in aquariums.

Models of this series are compact, lightweight and inexpensive. Well suited for children and beginner fish breeders. Stands are available in different colors:

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LUX Series – Classic AquaPlus Aquarium Models, related to premium class. They are manufactured in accordance with European standards.

Convenience of product maintenance and its design is achieved thanks to the glued lid in which the light box is installed with the ability to move. When the electrical network is unstable, the lamp suppresses flickering and consumes a small amount of energy.

In addition to the basic shades, black and metallic are added to the color solutions.

The PRO line includes unique products assembled according to the recommendations of professional aquarists. The PRO 170 variety was created to participate in the Zoosphere exhibition (2009) and represented the aquarium design with a high luminance index.

This model is suitable for the life and development of light-loving plant species.

The optimal size, stylish appearance and high-quality equipment are the main advantages of the series products. Enhanced lighting has to modeling intricate compositions with whimsical vegetation.

Care for the aquarium is much easier due to the lack of screed. In this line is added and the new color stand – white tree.

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AquaPlus STD P60 is a small-sized type of aquarium. Ideal for keeping barbs and neons.

Size 500x300x460 mm, lighting 1×14 watts. Glass 5 mm thick, the volume of the product – 55 liters, weight – 11 kg.

Price 3526 rubles.

The STD P72 is a 66-l model with a 1×15 W lamp, with dimensions of 600x300x460 mm. The mass of the structure is 12 kg. Usually, this aquarium is populated with specials.

The cost of the acquisition is 3775 rubles.

LUX Series – Classic AquaPlus Premium Aquarium Models

Parameters of the STD P75 aquarium are 500x300x560 mm. It is designed for 68 liters of water. Wall thickness – 6 mm, model weight – 16 kg.

High front glass allows you to decorate space with three-dimensional objects. In such capacity, tropical species of fish of bright colors feel well.

The price is 4035 rubles.

Model LUX P100 with a 2×18 W lamp and a volume of 96 liters. The size of the container is 700x300x560 mm, glass is 6 mm, weight is 23 kg. Product price 8265 rubles.

LUX P120 – a rectangular aquarium without a cover with dimensions of 800x350x430 mm. It fills up to 115 liters, weighs 21.1 kg, has a wall thickness of 6 mm. The model fits well into a small room or studio.

For decoration, you can use live plants and settle cool fish, living in the depths, for example, scalars will do. The product is popular due to the low cost of 2334 rubles.

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The LUX P150 version has a capacity of 150 liters and a 2×25 W lamp. The size is 90x350x560 mm.

The mass of the product reaches 33 kg. Excellent aquarium for mobile and bright fishes, for example, Malawian cichlids.

You can buy a model for 10400 rubles.

The figured type of aquarium class LUX P320 holds up to 270 liters of water. The glass has a thickness of 10 mm. The mass of the model is 45 kg, the size is 1230x500x600 mm.

There is a product of 18,225 rubles.

The aquarium is the main element for keeping different types of fish. But along with it, it is necessary to purchase a range of accessories that will ensure a comfortable life for aquatic creatures and plants.

One of these devices is a filter. It is necessary for all types of fish and may be of the following types:

    Sponge – consists of a pipe, sponges and compressor.

    The porous material filters the solids contained in the water, is a habitat for beneficial bacteria.

The filter is a must-have accessory for any aquarium.

  • Internal – passes liquid through a sponge or other filtering component. Located in the tank itself.
  • External – is similar to the previous one, but is located on the outside of the aquarium.
  • Bottom – a plate buried in the ground that purifies water with a layer of gravel. This type of filter is rarely used, as it has low efficiency and prevents placement of live plants in a container.
  • Samp – a small sectional aquarium, installed under the main. In each sector there is a filtering component with a colony of beneficial microorganisms. The flow of water passes through the device and returns to the aquarium. This option is more suitable for large tanks.
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    For regular cleaning of the aquarium will need buckets. One will be for fish, and the other will be filled with replaceable water.

    It is possible to pump out dirty liquid from capacity with a tube with a siphon, in addition using the pump. Remove dirt from gravel allows the grinder, which is installed on the tube.

    Heavy metals or chlorine particles are eliminated with a dechlorinator.

    The content of some fish species, especially tropical, requires a heater. Its power is determined by the dimensions of the aquarium and the overall temperature in the room. It is better to use two heaters of a small size, so the heat will spread evenly.

    Do not do without nets for fishing, which will avoid increased stress and injuries in aquatic creatures during transplantation.

    A wide range of products Aquaplus allows you to choose a model of the aquarium, suitable for any premises, fish species and conditions. Due to the variety of colors, the product will perfectly fit into the interior.

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