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Review of aquariums ZelenAkva Zelenograd company

ZelAqua is a Russian company that is a leader in the manufacture of terrariums and aquariums. The quality of its products meets all certificates and standards.

The manual process of assembling aquariums ZelAKva allows achieving outstanding product characteristics. Own equipment for the procurement of glass and other components ensures high quality and process control at all stages of assembly.

ZelAqua is a Russian company that is a leader in the manufacture of terrariums and aquariums.

Panoramic aquariums ZelAKVA recreate the effect of the underwater world in room conditions and can be an excellent interior decoration. For an apartment, the best choice would be a rectangular option with a cabinet in which it is convenient to store accessories for fish care. This space can also be occupied with books, household trifles, etc.

There are also angular, small and commercial models of aquariums.

The advantages of products include:

  1. High quality score. When creating aquariums used German sealant and glass of English production.
  2. Maximum transparency of glass, which allows a detailed study of aquatic inhabitants.
  3. Guaranteed leakage protection. Tightness of a design is provided with high-quality sealant and optimum assembly technology.

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Karon 70 has the parameters 60x30x46 cm, the size of the pedestal – 60x30x73 cm. Holds 70 liters of water.

It can be completed with a T8 lamp for 1×15 W or a LED lamp with a power of 26.4 W. The cost of the model is 3600 rubles. and 4,600 rubles. respectively. Sealant German brand Chemlux will last without shrinkage for more than 20 years.

Glass Pilkington English assembly conforms to the standard M1, has a thickness of 6 mm.

The molded base with a substrate of soft material is firmly connected to the walls of the aquarium and distributes the pressure evenly over the entire bottom surface. Polystyrene cover is protected from moisture, equipped with holes for easy installation of equipment.

Stiffeners in the cabinet design allow it to withstand the weight of the filled aquarium with inhabitants.

Model 400-600 liters aquariums has a wall thickness of up to 10 mm

Color options:

Aquarium ZelAqua Karon 100 is equipped with T8 lamps (2×18 W) and LED (30.8 W), has dimensions of 70x30x56 cm. Glass 6 mm thick. Price 4900-5900 p.

Karon 190 with 8 mm glass and a size of 90x35x66 cm costs 7500–8500 p. Tumba can be bought for 4700 p.

Model 400-600 l has a wall thickness of up to 10 mm. At the back of the cover are holes for condensate.

Slots in the light block allow you to install the cover vertically.

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Zelenograd panoramic aquariums differ in convex glass. This structure allows you to visually increase the internal area.

Curved glass gives a good overview to study the behavior of fish. The illusion of depth creates a beautiful decorative effect.

The front wall is a magnifying glass, detailing the filling of the aquarium. M1 glass conveys the image as clearly as possible without distorting it.

It is easy to look after a product, it is possible to install additional devices for lighting in it.

Panoramic Zelenograd aquariums are characterized by convex glass.

The Patong 80 model has dimensions 60x36x46 cm, assembled from 6 mm thick glass. It is completed with illumination 2×15 W and 25.6 W.

Price – 5600–6600 rubles.

Air product is designed for 500 liters, has dimensions of 150x52x73 cm and glass thickness of 10 mm. 2.66 W or 4×36 W lamps are installed in the model.

The cost of the purchase is 21800—25800 rubles.

Elba 600 with a panoramic view and parameters 150x62x73 cm is sold for 24,700 rubles.

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Aquariums with a small capacity (15-60 l) can be installed on a table or shelf. Products are made of polished silicate glass with a thickness of 1 mm.

The substrate protects the integrity of the base of the structure and distributes the load.

Affordable price is ensured by reducing the cost of their own products. All components are made of high quality materials.

Models can have a simple design or designer decoration.

The product Lanta 15 is a rectangular aquarium with the parameters of 35x20x40 cm. It can be purchased for 1300 rubles.

Lanta 40 with dimensions of 50x25x40 cm is sold for 2700 rubles, it is designed for 40 liters of water. The choice of colors is similar to other models of aquariums.

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Trade Line Aquariums designed to implement live fish and crayfish. Forms of designs are maximally simplified and devoid of decorative elements. They also have a hole for draining water.

Glass for commercial products has a thickness of 8-10 mm. The products use the same materials and components as in other models of ZelAkva.

High quality and reasonable price is a good opportunity to open your own business for the sale of aquatic inhabitants. Transparent glass allows buyers to examine poultry in fine details, to evaluate its characteristics and dimensions.

Available models of aquariums from 290 to 500 l volume

Available in models from 290 to 500 liters in volume. Dimensions are 120x40x60 cm, wall thickness – 8 mm.

The cost of aquariums varies from 9 to 14 thousand rubles.

Having decided on the location of the aquarium and the purpose of its acquisition, you can choose the appropriate option from the ZelAqua product catalog. Their cost depends on a complete set of models.

You can purchase both a budget desktop option and an expensive product with a panoramic view for a large room.

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