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Restart aquarium with plants

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It was acquired: 250 ml. Tetra AquaSafe, 100ml. Tetra Vital, Teta NitratMinus Perls (granules), Tetra NitatMinus (liquid), Bactozym.

Along the way, hydrogen peroxide was bought at the pharmacy, and baking soda was on the market.

Upon arrival home, the total cleaning and disinfection of the aquarium began. Since the aquarium did not enter the bathroom, I had to wash it in the hallway, since I took the hose from the yacht home with me.

The aquarium was rubbed twice with soda and washed away. Then washed twice with hydrogen peroxide.

Blow-dry, taped in weak places with silicone.

In the meantime, the fish have completely lost their body, especially turncoats, which have finally inflated, and the body has started to become covered either with a fungus or a bacterial infection.

It was decided to total treatment in buckets. Fortunately, the sicklinglings were planted separately from the cichlids and the latter felt better.

Nevertheless, a good dose was infused in both. Methylenky, Kontraktal, and also tsiprolet solution (antibiotic).

Somewhere after lunch, hands reached the installation of the bollard and aquarium. Everything was extinct with a level.

Additionally, the litter was cut from the remnants of the laminate substrate.

After, urgently began washing the eerie green soil. Manually, twenty times rubbed and washed it with a domestos.

The first five water discharges from under the ground were of black-black color, be. Then brown … baa! Then green!

By the twentieth time, the water finally became light, but I turned green, because hands and backs did not feel.

After, apart from wild fatigue, pleasant moments of anticipation began for the aquarium to start soon. At the bottom of the aquarium was filled with soil, in the course went Tetra NitratMinus Perls granules, which were scattered and evenly mixed with the soil. The Bactozem capsule was also spread to the bottom.

Then, a decorated and recently washed decor (two braces and shells) was placed, a lock was taken out of the bins and an amphora was installed. Planted a couple of vallisneria bushes and cryptocorynes.

It turned out that design))) But, what can you do, the cichlids need to hide somewhere in the first place.

Meanwhile, the fish began to float. As a matter of urgency, water began to fill the aquarium. Schlag was connected to the faucet, and the other end was put into the aquarium.

The readings of the water meter. The water is started up!

When I took the aquarium, the “experts” said that it was an aquarium for 200 l., I did not argue with them, although it was obvious to my eyes that this was not the case. And now Tadam.

When the water was poured into the aquarium to the brim, the water meter showed – 400 liters. The whole bath)))

As soon as the water filled the mega-aquarium in it, Tetra AquaSafe and Tetra Vital conditioners (conditioners: vitamins, iodine, etc.) and Tetra NitratMinus (liquid) were added. In the installed filter, in the compartment with ceramics was placed the capsule of Bakotozy.

Benefit took just a margin, enough for 400 liters.

Well, now, a little sadness. Changeers did not live up to a happy bright future.

Swollen, rummaged white bloom and alas, reclined. Fearing for the Christmas trees cichlids and scalar, I decided to transfer them to the just-launched aquarium. I know you can not!

He was afraid and worked himself … but he waited three hours (so that the chemistry would somehow improve the water) and transplanted the cichlid into a new “tattered dwelling”.

The night passed – all survived! The second day – all alive, no signs of the disease!



To quickly and immediately restart the aquarium, you will need:









for the treatment of primary drugs for protozoa, bacteria and fungi




Before restarting, you should think carefully about everything, as well as organize acquaintances and friends, because their help pro100 is not replaceable.
I express my deep gratitude to my spouse and my cat, who helped me in every possible way in emergency fish transplant.

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