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Pseudomore style aquarium

Before the beauty of the aquarium in the style of “Psevdomore” is difficult to resist, this is a piece of sea depth, as if forever frozen in glass. However, in order for the aquarium to be truly harmonious, you will have to work hard: every pebble, every grain of sand should take its place.

Photo: Psevdomore Aquarium

Sea of ​​colors and shapes. Strangely enough, but in choosing colors, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the glance simply cannot focus on one thing.

Imagine the depths of the sea, with what colors do you associate it? – blue, silver-gray, white, dark green – this is the perfect background for bright plants and fish. If you want to focus on the color of the fish, then the decor should be more faded, if you want to highlight the relief of the aquarium – the inhabitants need to be chosen carefully.

As for the shape of the aquarium, in addition to the standard rectangle, you can choose something unusual: a ball, a panorama, a “delta”, a corner aquarium — the choice is great.

Priming. Unlike a usual aquarium in a pseudo-sea reservoir, the soil performs more aesthetic than practical function.

It should be the backdrop for elegant shelters, corals and, of course, fish. Most often they choose gray, white or beige tint, it is better to choose the soil of different fractions: marble pebbles, coral chips, quartzite.

Treat the products painted in unusual colors with caution: under the action of water they can release toxins, this will lead to poisoning of fish.

photo: In a Pseudomore-style aquarium, the ground is usually white.

Lighting. Marine entourage will be incomplete if the viewer does not create a sense of depth and relief. In stores you can find spectral lamps of a cold blue tint, which, in combination with ultraviolet light (for example, light from reptile lamps such as Reptil Glo, sera, JBL and others) give a stunning effect of sea depth.

If you fix the ultraviolet lamp clearly above the water, the shadows will be slightly blurred, but the contours of algae, corals and fish look clearer. Light day should be no more than 8 hours, because in the aquarium there may appear algae, which will not be easy to get rid of.

photo: In the aquarium in the style of Pseudomore it is better to use lamps of the blue spectrum

Plants and algae. Since the algae intended for the marine aquarium cannot live in fresh water, it will be necessary to give preference to artificial plants.

They are made of inert materials to water: plastics, silicone, so they are safe for the inhabitants of the tank. Do not forget about the coral – it is better to buy raw, matte.

Gorgonians in a freshwater aquarium is not placed – they will begin to rot.

Photo: Pseudomore style aquariums use artificial sea plants.

Scenery. It would be better if you conditionally divide the pseudo-marine aquarium into several zones: place a large stone, coral or shell in the main central zone, around it randomly build hills and lowlands from other decorative elements – seashells, small stones, run-in colored glass, corals.

If you brought a shell as a souvenir from the sea, you need to boil it thoroughly and wash it with a brush under running water. It is worth remembering that the shells, corals, limestone make the water more rigid, which can adversely affect the health of the inhabitants.

Be sure to provide some shelters and secluded places where they can hide fish: large shells, grottoes, terraces will fit just right. Do not place them symmetrically, and it will be better if the stones are not round, and the shape is irregular.

The best scenery looks on a blue or dark green background.

Photo: Decorating with corals – the basis of the Pseudomore style

Equipment. Since there are no live plants in the pseudo-sea aquarium, natural filtration processes are also minimized. Aquarist should take care to purchase a powerful filter (the most popular are Eheim, JBL, Aquael, SOBO, Tetra, Sera, AquaSys and others).

The filter should create a sufficiently strong flow to avoid the growth of algae. You also need to buy an aerator, heater, thermometer for control.

After all the elements are fixed, and the decor is set, you can cover the ground and the scenery with a film and pour water in a small stream. When a third of the aquarium is typed, the film can be carefully removed – so you do not disturb the original idea.

Inhabitants. Basically, people tend to fill their aquarium with bright inhabitants: cichlids, mollies, swordtails, synodontis, aulonocars, labidochromis, pseudotropheus, monodactyls, lamprologusy and other types will fit perfectly.

Photo: Cichlids look good in a Pseudomore style aquarium

It is important to regularly change the water, siphon the soil, observe the temperature regime. Do not overfeed the fish, because the remnants of food will settle on the scenery (from the pores of the corals it is very difficult to wash the crumbs).

In general, taking care of a pseudo-sea aquarium is simple – this is a matter of habit, but this mini-sea will be a wonderful decoration and pride of your home.

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