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Proper care of aquarium fish at home

For those who wish to create in their apartment a small living area, an aquarium with marine life is an excellent choice, as it will look spectacular and beautiful. But for your beloved pets to be healthy and to give aesthetic pleasure, you need careful care for aquarium fish.

To take care of them not to be burdensome, but to bring pleasure and joy, it is worth exploring some of the subtleties and features of this process.

Caring for fish in an aquarium begins already from the moment of choosing a habitat for them. The duration and quality of life of pets depends on it.

In order for the marine animals to be comfortable, it is important to take into account the shape, size and volume of the future vessel.

When purchasing an aquarium The following points should be considered:

  • Before you go shopping, you must first determine the size and number of future inhabitants themselves. The larger the fish size, the more voluminous the vessel should be. For example, pets up to 5 cm will need about five liters of liquid for vital activity.
  • Deciding on the choice of the shape of the aquarium, it is necessary to consider the moments of cleaning and maintenance. Most preferred is the standard rectangular shape of the vessel.
  • Landscape design is also important, it should be given due attention. Many species of marine life will need shelters in the form of thickets or stones. Others prefer open space. This point should also be considered.

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Keeping aquarium fish at home is not difficult. One of the main factors for the safe living of marine life is water, which must be defended.

It is necessary to defend the water for about two or three days. During this time bleach has time to disappear and the liquid takes the proper level of purity.

In order not to lose this amount of time, water can be heated to seventy degrees and cooled to room temperature. It also helps to get rid of excess oxygen, which is harmful to aquarium inhabitants.

Preventive cleaning of the aquarium should be carried out no more than once a week and not in full. It is forbidden to change the fluid often and completely.

Fresh water must be poured little by little and only after the bottom of the vessel has been cleaned.

In the event that the liquid in the aquarium began to cloud, you should not panic instantly, as in some cases this is due to the remnants of dry food, and not due to the multiplication of bacteria.

In such cases do the following:

  • clean the bottom of the vessel from contamination;
  • do not feed fish with dry food for some time;
  • do evacuate marine animals until habitat restoration.

If after some time the turbidity does not pass, it is worth doing a comprehensive cleaning of the vessel.

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Keeping fish in an aquarium is not that difficult; they do not need excessive care, but they require some daily care and attention. In the daily care manual The following points are included:

  1. Feeding.
  2. Maintain the required water temperature.
  3. Checking the status of the filter, compressor, lighting.
  4. Tracking the level of fluid in the vessel.
  5. Supervision over soil and cleaning of pollution.

Feed fish should be twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. It must be remembered that they are prone to overeating, because of which they can easily die.

For this reason, it is forbidden to sprinkle food in excess. And after the feeding is completed, it is necessary to catch the net floating on the surface of the water with a net.

Depending on the type of fish, Every day you need to monitor the temperature of the liquid in the aquarium, as most species of marine life need warm water. It is not recommended to place individuals with different temperature preferences in one tank.

It is necessary to maintain all the parameters of the environment to which pets are accustomed. Checking the condition of the filter is also carried out daily with a cleaning if it is clogged.

If the room where the aquarium, dark, then you need to turn on the backlight. Do not forget about maintaining a constant level of liquid in the vessel.

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Do not forget to properly care for the fish in the aquarium. The choice of lighting is also included in the mandatory care for its inhabitants.

Most of the fish do not require much additional light, while others are not able to do without illumination, even in daytime. In the event that the aquarium is located in a dark corner of the room, then additional lighting should be around the clock.

The most suitable lighting option – 0.5 W per liter of fluid. But it should also take into account the depth of the aquarium and the habitat of its inhabitants.

It is possible to determine the redundancy or insufficiency of illumination experimentally. If the aquarium is excessively lit, the water will begin to bloom, if there is a lack of light, brownish spots may appear on the walls of the vessel, and the fish will have difficulty breathing.

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