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Tsichlazoma severum: content, compatibility, breeding, photo-video review

Cichlisoma severum – one of the brightest and most popular representatives of the family of cichlids. It has a sophisticated structure and a beautiful, diverse body color.

What makes this inhabitant of the aquarium unusually beautiful fish. Interestingly, for the similar beauty and form with the discus, cichlase severum in folk called “false discus”.

By the way, as for the name! With regard to the North, there is a certain confusion with their Latin name. This is due primarily to the fact that true severum is rarely seen in our aquariums, since various color variations and breeding forms of fish with their own names prevail in the zoo market.

In addition, as a result of the reclassification of the severum were attributed to the genus Heros, but many of the “sarinka” call them Cichlasoma.

Well, let’s try to deal with all the nuances of keeping, breeding cychlasoma severum and opening the veil of understatement.

Latin name: formerly Cichlasoma severum, now Heros severus.

Etymology: “Heros” from lat. – “hero”, “severum” from lat. – North, severe, strict. It is assumed that this species was caught north of other species, which gave it the name “north”.

Other names, synonyms, selection variations, color forms: Astronotus severus, Heros efasciatus, Cichla severus, Heros appendiculatus, Golden severum (var. Gold), blue severum (Heros sp. Blau ”), redhead (Heros sp. Rotkeil”), eight-strip (Heros sp. Inirida), turquoise (Heros sp sp. Turqoise Manaus “), red-masked (Heros sp. Santarem”), larvophilic (Heros sp. Mouthbreeder “), also Heros sp. Rotkeil Peru, Heros appendiculatus, Heros sp. Guyana. ”

Foreign names: Pielegnica sewerum, Severum Cichlid, Banded Cichlid, Eye Spot Cichlid, Sedate Cichlid, Augenfleckbuntbarsch, Convict fish.

Russian name: Tsichlazoma severum, false discus.

Order, family: Perciformes (Perciformes), Okunevidnye, Tsikhlovye (Cichlidae).

Comfortable water temperature: 20-28 ° C (optimally 25 ° C).

Ph acidity: 6.8-8.0.

Stiffness dH: 6-20 °

Aggressiveness: 60% are aggressive, on the face intraspecific aggression.

The complexity of the content: easy

Compatible severums: due to the most severe intraspecific aggression, group content is virtually impossible. Perhaps only a huge aquarium and proper zoning will provide an opportunity to keep the fish in schools.

To other species of fish, cichlasoma severum is tolerant. It can be contained with other cichlids of similar size and character, for example, with astronotus.

Crabfish and other som-like fish will also be good neighbors. Keeping severum with small cichlids and other small fish is possible, subject to a comfortable aquarium volume for all residents.

See article Aquarium Fish Compatibility.

Not compatible: severumas are categorically incompatible with goldfish, petsilium, tetra, neon. That is, with slow, small, veiled fish.

How many live: is aquarium long-liver and can live more than 15 years. Find out how much other fish live HERE!

The minimum volume of aquarium for cychlasoma severum: 130-150 liters per pair. Recommended volume from 200 per pair.

Content in the general aquarium from 250 liters. About how much you can keep other fish in the X aquarium, see HERE (at the bottom of the article there are links to aquariums of all volumes).

cichlasoma severum is not whimsical in content. Moreover, it is resistant to diseases and temperature changes.

The most important thing for them is the comfortable volume of the aquarium. It is interesting that if the aquarium is high, then the severum will grow in breadth and will look like a discus, and if there is a narrow fish will be pulled out – grow in length.

Disadvantages can occur only if you decide to breed severums.

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