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My first acquaintance with the company DIAMIX and its product for aquariums

Good day, dear colleagues. In today’s article I would like to tell you how I found a unique aquatic soil that I plan to use in the future. Surfing the English-language Internet on aquarium topics, I found an interesting site where filter materials are offered for pools, oceanariums and reverse osmosis systems.

Having studied the resource in more detail, I saw that in addition to filter materials, the company sells aquarium soil.

Interested in the substrate, I decided to get in touch with the project manager to get more detailed information on the product. In response to my requests, Nikita sent me a lot of information on a product called DIAMIX Aqua Substrate.

I was also sent samples to study the product.

What he really is? Aqua Substrate is a granular aquarium primer that can be used in the design of saltwater and freshwater aquariums. This substrate is a natural material that is formed from sedimentary seaweed diatomies.

The lion’s share of the composition is allocated under the silicon (up to 90%). Aqua Substrate has the appearance of burned granular diatomite at temperatures of more than a thousand degrees Celsius. This product does not contain any fungi and spores of harmful microorganisms.

The toxicity of the product is zero, so you can not be afraid to use it in your underwater gardens. It can even be used in a multi-version, combining your aquarium substrate from decorative soil and Diamix Aqua.

Studying the information obtained and the results of the tests, I concluded that DIAMIX Aqua Substrate does not undergo biofouling during a long stay in the aquatic environment, and it does not matter whether the material is in the filter or in the aquarium as a soil. This unique property is the product of the amorphousness of silicon, which kills at its root any protozoa activity (spores of fungi, black, blue and green algae). But do not think that if you put this soil in your aquarium, you will get rid of the green deposits on the walls of the aquarium or on aquarium equipment.

It will all remain as it was, only the ground itself will be clean of the raid.

Impact of DIAMIX Aqua Substrate on aquarium life

Fish and other aquarium inhabitants. As I mentioned above, the product is non-toxic and completely harmless to aquarium animals.

With a long stay of the product in your aquarium, a water-soluble form of silicon in the amount of 0.0005% will begin to be released into the water, which is quite enough for the wounds and cuts in the fish to heal faster. In addition, such a concentration of silicon prevents the appearance of inflammation of the outer integuments of the fish, and also provides accelerated healing of wounds. Have you heard of the “living water effect”?

So this effect is achieved by the available form of silicon.

Impact on plants. The high silicon content provides the plants with the necessary dose of silicon, which is necessary so that aquarium plants can absorb phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. In addition, the formation of the outer protective layer of the plant is bound to silicon.

Thanks to the protective layer, the plant can resist the effects of external aggressive factors. High porosity DIAMIX Aqua Substrate provides high-quality aeration of the soil, that is, it will not sour and rot.

Microbiological processes. The product is detrimental to pathogenic anaerobic microorganisms and E. coli.

The porous structure of the substrate ensures accelerated development of nitro bacteria and probiotics in the aquarium. In fact, Aqua Substrate is able to stabilize the microbiology of the aquarium environment, which allows maintaining biological balance in the aquarium with the help of beneficial microflora.

And as you know, biobalance promotes enhanced growth of plants that receive all micro and macronutrients directly from the aquarium soil.

Properties DIAMIX Aqua Substrate when using substrate in filtering installations

  • neutralizes phenols, radionuclides, iron and manganese;
  • removes suspended particles and other mechanical impurities;
  • able to reduce the turbidity of water and its color;
  • able to regenerate due to backwash with water;
  • reduces energy consumption during operation of filters;
  • reduces the amount of flushing water.

Advantages over other types of aquarium soils

Material is sold in four particle sizes: 0.5 – 0.9 mm; 0.8 – 2.0 mm; 1 – 4 mm and 3 – 6 mm. For an aquarium, I would recommend using a substrate with a fraction size of 3 to 6 mm.

But who likes a shallow soil, you can use it, problems with souring was not observed.

Use in spawning aquariums:

  • Studies have shown that DIAMIX Aqua Substrate is ideal for spawning, as it will not allow pathogenic microorganisms to develop in an aquarium and toxins that can destroy fry;
  • If you are breeding live food for aquarium fish, the substrate is perfect for growing daphnia, rotifers and artemia;

The use of the product for fertilizing plants with fertilizers

  • Before placing the substrate in the aquarium, rinse it thoroughly and add a half dose of fertilizer to the moist soil, and then dry it a little. After that, place the mixture in the aquarium and wait for the results. Such an operation will allow aquarium plants to adapt to new conditions of keeping much faster and more quickly obtain all the necessary micro and macro elements from the ground.

The effect of the substrate on the rigidity of the aquarium water

  • Due to its “buffer properties”, diatomite is able to neutralize the pH of aquarium water. If expressed more clearly, the substrate maintains the active reaction rate of the medium within 7 pH, and its active range is limited to 0.4 units. That is, if your pH in your tank has risen to 7.8, then Diamix Aqua Substrate will lower it to 7.4, but on the condition that the thickness of the aquarium soil will be 7 centimeters. If you add a pH stabilizer to water, DIAMIX will not allow it to drop below 7. That is, this product is ideal for novice aquarists who can tolerate small errors in servicing the aquarium when adjusting the pH of aquarium water.

Who is interested in this product, write me an email, I will give you more complete information. You can also go directly to the website diamix.eu and get acquainted with the full list of the company’s products.

Unfortunately, the distribution of this product in Ukraine is not yet developed, but if an impressive order is made, it will be possible to arrange delivery to us. For residents of Russia, there will be no problems with receiving the parcel with the ground.

This is how the label for the finished product for sale looks like:

Included with the packaged product is a special information insert, in which you can find all the necessary information on this product.

But the photo from my friend from the city of Odessa, who bought Diamix Aqua Substrate for their aquariums:

Who will want to purchase this product, write to me, I will reduce you with the manager of the company, who will provide you with more comprehensive information on the substrate. My version of the article looks like an introductory version with my impressions.

Perhaps this product can be safely put on a par with the products of popular manufacturers of useful substrates such as ADA, JBL and Dennerle.

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