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Microfertilizers for aquarium

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A very important condition for the growth and life of aquatic plants is the presence of natural nutrients in the aquatic environment. Consider how at home you can independently prepare fertilizers that allow plants in an aquarium to extract micro and macro elements necessary for life from the aquatic environment.

We will use the following fertilizer recipe for aquarium plants:

  • Fe – 2.67 g / l;
  • K – 4 g / l;
  • Mg – 1.1 g / l;
  • Mn – 0.3 g / l;
  • Сu – 0.05 g / l;
  • Zn — 0.17 g / l;
  • Mo – 0.02 g / l;
  • B – 0.1 g / l;
  • Co– 0.012 g / l.

In order for our future fertilizer to contain all the necessary substances in the right concentration, take 700 ml of distilled water and dissolve the following reagents in it:

  1. Lemon acid – 30 g. This organic acid has complexing properties, it is necessary to prevent the transition of a metal ion into an indigestible form. It is sold in any food store.
  2. Ferrous sulfate (iron vitriol) – 10 g. Source of bivalent iron. You can buy in stores for gardeners and chemical stores.
  3. Manganese sulphate – 0.5 g. Source of manganese. You can buy in the agro and chemical stores.
  4. Copper sulphate (copper sulphate) – 0.05 g. Source of copper. You can buy in the agro and chemical stores.
  5. Zinc sulphate – 0.6 g. Source of zinc. You can buy wagro shops and chemical stores.
  6. Magnesium sulfate – 10.54 g. Source of magnesium. You can buy in the agro shops chemical stores.

Here when adding it is necessary to pause at 1 o’clock.

  • Boric acid – 0.3 g. Source of boron. You can buy in agro-shops, pharmacies and chemical stores.
  • Potassium sulfate – 8.6 g. It is possible to buy in agro-shops of chemical retailers.
  • Tsitovit– 4 ampoules. Complex fertilizer with micro and macro elements. You can buy in stores for gardeners.
  • Ferovit– 4 ampoules. Ferrous fertilizer. You can buy in agro shops.
  • Vitamin B12 – 2 ampoules. Biologically active substance, which is a source of cobalt. You can buy at the pharmacy.
  • Sulphuric acid – 20 ml. An acid regulator that prevents changes in the valence of manganese and iron, resists the destruction of citrates and the development of fungi and microorganisms in the resulting solution with fertilizers. Sold usually in auto parts stores.
  • To make fertilizer for aquarium plants with your own hands, you only need to consistently dissolve all these substances in the water, waiting for the complete dissolution of each previous chemical.

    Sticks Tetra ActiveGround Sticks update the old depleted soil, providing it with essential nutrients.

    – Restoration of the nutritional properties of the soil.

    – Energy for the growth of luxurious aquarium plants due to iron and magnesium.

    – Transformation of gravel into fertilized soil for a long time.

    – Natural ingredients such as algae and humic acid.

    – Simple application in well-established aquariums.

    – Instant effect and long action.

    – Target fertilizer fertilization.

    – Without phosphates and nitrates.

    – For all freshwater aquariums.

    More about Tetra ActiveGround Sticks.

    We offer to visit the official website of the company Tetra – http://www.tetra.net/ru/ru/, where you can find out more information, as well as get expert advice, through the feedback forum.

    Video about launching a plant aquarium

    from Terta

    Tetra Fertilizer Layout

    for aquarium with plants

    about preparations for aquarium plants
    (photo can be downloaded, enlarge, print)

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